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Month: May 2011

Eye of the STORM: Havok, Heroic Tarot & Holding Hands

jim lee 270

That’s Alex Summers, aka Havok, exploding with energy on the cover to The Uncanny X-Men #270.  He’s holding onto a ponytailed Storm who was de-aged to tween status at the time (Ah, comics).  Havok’s powers are energy based and he has to be incrediby careful with how he uses them.  When they first manifested, a special suit was constructed to help him metabolize the plasma bursts.  He’s the youger brother of Scott Summers, known better as Cyclops, with whom he has a rather prickly relationship.  Havok’s personal narrative has primarily revolved around making a name for himself out from under his brother’s shadow.  Havok never wanted to be a superhero.  He and longtime girlfriend Lorna Dane, aka Polaris, aka Magneto’s Daughter, just wanted to live their lives as archeologists.  Alas, that was not their destiny.  Perhaps in a parallel universe, readers can thrill to the pages of Marvel’s X-Cavators, featuring the archeological exploits of Alex Summers and Lorna Dane! 

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Clea and Doctor Strange by Arthur Adams

clea & doctor strange

Clea and Doctor Strange are out of this world (literally) in this illustration by Arthur Adams.  Love Clea’s tights and the use of stars.  And who else draws stalagmites this cool? Or, rather, who actually draws stalagmites at all?  Pretty cool.

Eye of the STORM: Faerieland , Portland & Eugene


Since my first Eye of the STORM post, I have danced Beltaine in the mountains of Tennessee, basked in Doom Patrol art in Portland, and been called a “warlock” in the shopping malls of Springfield.  This mini-whirlwind tour was rife with advanced experiential life lessons and I hope to share some of them as I process.  I have so much more to do to prepare for this trip.  It’s like the Ultimate To Do List has taken me over as I tie up loose ends.  I am definitely more focused on my upcoming trip with Rio.  I have been thinking about how I still need to pare it down.  I totally over-packed the amount of clothes I needed for the last couple of weeks.  However, my Beltaine drag was fierce and I never ran out of clean socks!  However, I do indulge myself by packing too many baby doll tees.  Even I will admit that’s kinda silly since all the climates I have been visiting are so cold and rainy that the t-shirt never gets seen anyway under all of my layers.  *shakes head*  Why am I telling you all of this? Am I high?

The important thing to know is that I return to San Francisco this week. 

I have Heroic Tarot appointments available at Swankety Swank this weekend:

Saturday the 21st:  12, 1, 2, 3, 4pm

Sunday the 22nd: 12, 1, 2, 3, 4pm

Email me at HeroicTarot(at)gmail(dot)com to make an appointment or call Swankety Swank at 415.932.6615.

I enjoyed the festivities of May 1st so much even though I rough-housed two days before and bruised my ribs.  It seems that I have a tendency to injure my ‘cage whenever I go camping or maybe I just love the hourglass shape that my Ace bandage gives me.  Tennessee was good to me and I would like to shout out mad props to my Project X homies Nebula, Nova, Hawk and the ever generous Zel.

In Portland I dreamed surrounded by the Doom Patrol artwork of Mathew Clark at Sequential Art Gallery.  Many thanks to Kaebel Hashitani for his hospitality.  I definitely recommend checking out the exhibit while you can!

As for Eugene, I have to say that the best part of visiting Eugene is that I am visiting Eugene.  There seems to be a distinct lack of any individualized culture distinct o Eugene.  I felt like I might as well have been in Greensboro, NC for the outlet malls, SUVs and rows of identical apartment buildings.  My brief foray into smaller neighbor Springfield led me to the local shopping mall.  When he walked past, a grey-haired mill worker clutched his children to his side and gasped, “That there’s a warlock!’  His eyes and that of his overall-clad children stared down on me in wide-eyed disbelief.  Granted, my face was glam-warior painted for Beltaine and I was layered in my black wool cloak and silver velvet skirt.  But seriously, warlock? On second thought, you know what? I’ll take it.

I am super excited to share more of my experiences with you, dear reader! Perhaps I will be able to recollect the rest of my memories when I download the photos I took.  That usually does the trick.



Medusa by Art Adams

medusa by arthur adams

Medusa of the Inhumans is held aloft by her tensile tresses in this portrait by Arthur Adams.  What I wouldn’t do for a pair of those shoes in my size!

Big Barda by Arthur Adams

Big Barda by Arthur Adams

Art Adams captures a rare moment of zen for Big Barda and her draconic friend in this awesome drawing.

Storm Sunday: Arthur Adams, Part VIII

Storm by Arthur Adams

Once again, I am on an Art Adams kick and I hope you enjoy looking a the art of one of my favorite artists, dear reader!  Above, we have a rather top heavy rendition of Storm in her classic Dave Cockrum costume, and below we have seven more amazing illustrations from the mutant master!

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Wolverine by John Bolton

John Bolton 86

John Bolton draws an amazing Wolverine!  This image is from 1986 and is reminiscent of Bolton’s style used in the Classic X-Men backup stories written by Chris Claremont.  I like the liberties Bolton takes with Logan’s strange mask.  The use of shadow is also strong, making the short in stature mutant look even more imposing.

X-Men Montage by John Byrne


John Byrne’s X-Men legacy is forever and this amazing montage filled with the characters he helped make famous is proof positive!  Click on the image to make it larger.  Can you name everyone?


X-Men by Bill Sienkiewicz


Now I am not usually one to celebrate the celluloid versions of Marvel’s mutants, yet I had to share this portrait by Bill Sienkiewicz with you, dear reader.  The painterly style of Sienkiewicz really brings out the dynamic appeal of Jean Grey, Wolverine, Storm and Cyclops.  I am loving the lightning overhead and the chiaroscuro effect it adds.  Simply breathtaking.

Emma Frost by Arthur Adams

Emma Frost the White Queen by Arthur Adams

Some time ago, White Queen Wednesday writer Ken Kneisel bemoaned the lack of Arthur Adams drawn images of his favorite mutant telepath in this post and this one.  I have been saving this image as a special treat for him and you, dear reader, ever since I stumbled upon it in one of Adams’ recent Art Samplers.  I am interested in what he and you will have to say about this particular rendition of Emma from Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s New X-Men run.  Personally, I love the stacks and the long hair, especially with half of it covering her face.   Adams’ Frost is appropriately icy and reserved on one hand, and steaming and sultry on the other.  Feel free to leave your comments below! Cheers!

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