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Starfire by Arthur Adams

Adams Starfire

Starfire by Art Adams! What else is there to say?  Let me know in the comments section!

Model Muse: The Joy Of Jolie, The Passion of Pitt

jolie face

I am an avid fan of models, dolls and those in between.  In this new feature (which will appear every now and then as the Muse strikes) I take a look at models in whom I find inspiration.  I have always had a special place in my heart for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt as the two of them are simply amazing actors and I love to keep up with their work on and off the movie screen.  In July of 2005, W magazine and photographer Steven Klein featured Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in a portfolio entitled, “Domestic Bliss.”  Though they are from a few years ago, the results are quite amazing and I thought they deserved another look.  Allow me to share my favorite three images from that shoot with you, dear reader.

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Spotlight on Bill Sienkiewicz

Doctor Strange by Bill Sienkiewicz

Did Doctor Strange just summon Bunnicula or something far worse?  I’d sure like him to make that rabbit go back in his hat, stat!  In today’s post we take a look at some art of the legendary Bill Sienkiewicz from the back pages of an issue of Marvel Fanfare!   Feast your eyes on graphic portraits of Dazzler, Shanna the She-Devil, Thor and the Hulk!

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Wolverine by Brent Anderson

Wolverine by Brent Anderson

Wolverine is the best there is at what he does, and what he does is kill people. This image by Brent Anderson from an old issue of Marvel Fanfare (I am not sure of the number, sorry) portrays Wolverine as a harbinger of death, with his trademark claws cross-hatching his face. I love the shadowy specter behind Logan and I am partial to seeing our ‘ol Canuck in his brown and orange costume (designed by John Byrne). Simply splendid splash page.

Eye of the STORM: Endings & Beginnings

All Seeing Eye of the Flaming Flying Heart

Greetings, dear reader!  Tomorrow morning I leave for Tennessee to attend a Radical Faerie gathering.  It has been three years since I have made it to the Mountain and I am so very ecstatic about returning.  This Sanctuary allowed me to be my authentic self in a safe space for a total of eight amazing years.  It was there that I evolved into expressing my Princess Witch Boy self.  Heroic Tarot was born there as well as countless friendships and connections that I am so grateful for today.  This place is so sacred to me, and its residents so special that I must be coy as to its exact whereabouts for privacy and safety reasons.

I will be on the Mountain for two weeks and then I travel to Portland and have room for two Heroic Tarot readings on May 11th.  Then I will be in Eugene and will be giving Heroic Tarot readings on Saturday, May 14 at the World Cafe from 12-7. Email to make an appointment.

I have a few posts that will go up in the next couple of days, but I will most likely be unable to post again until I return to San Francisco.

Bright blessings to you all on this upcoming May Day!  I hope you all have a chance to revel in the growth and beauty of Spring time!






Marvel Fanfare Portfolio by Carl Potts

The Hulk by Carl Potts

We recently celebrated the amazing Thor illustrations by Charles Vess from Marvel Fanfare #20. That same issue also contains some gorgeous artwork by Carl Potts featuring the luminaries of the Marvel Universe of 1985 such as The New Defenders, Doctor Strange, and Power Pack!  That’s his rendition of the Hulk above.  Run, puny humans, run!  Let’s take a look at the rest of the “Pottspouri”, shall we?

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Storm Sunday: Arthur Adams, Part VII


Art Adams is one of my favorite artists and he certainly shaped my opinions about how certain Marvel mutants ought to be represented on the page.  If you do a search for “Arthur Adams” on this blog you will come up with many posts celebrating his work.  The fact that we’re on part seven of a series of posts featuring him ought to let you know how much we love his work here at stormantic.  The above image of the poster he created featuring the 80s rosters of the X-Men and X-Factor is simply awe-inspiring.  Click on the link to see more original art by a modern master.

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Hela by Charles Vess

Hela by Charles Vess

In my excitement to share the Thor images by Charles Vess from Marvel Fanfare #20, I neglected to include this otherworldly image of Hela, Asgardian goddess of death! Let us feast upon her beauty and decay as she makes plans to enslave all of the living into her underworld realm of darkness!  The gnarled tree behind our lady in green serves as a metaphor for her twisted designs! Lovely!

STORM Presents: Princess Witch Boy #2

Princess Witch Boy is a fantasy memoir by STORM, weaving together true tales of one boy’s story with the adventures of three different women from his imagination.  The first issue debuted in November of 2009 at the Alternative Press Expo  in San Francisco.  The second issue debuted at Swankety Swank’s Team Valor event and features the shape-shifting super-spy Replica!  Enjoy! Click on images to make them larger in Flickr.  Feel free to leave your thoughts and reflections in the comments section!Princess Witch Boy #2 (Cover) by STORM

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A Mighty Thor Portfolio by Charles Vess

Heimdall by Charles Vess

In honor of the upcoming Thor movie starring the hunky Chris Hemsworth (for which I am salivating in a fashion most unbecoming), I am ecstatic to share these amazing images of the gods of Asgard by Charles Vess with you, dear reader!  These beauties come to us from the back pages of Marvel Fanfare #20 from the ancient year of 1985!  Above, we view the greatness that is Heimdall, guardian of the Rainbow Bridge Bifrost.  Heimdall is played by Idris Elba in the movie, a casting move that caused a tiny l’il tempest in a teapot.  Check out the rest of Vess’ amazing artwork after the jump.

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