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Storm Sunday: Marc Silvestri, Part IV


This Storm Sunday we continue our look at the X-Men artwork of Marc Silvestri where everyone is a beautiful supermodel!  Above, Master Mold threatens to destroy Rogue while he holds Psylocke in his robotic clutches on this cover of The Uncanny X-Men #246!  I am a huge fan of Rogue’s opera gloves, bathing suit and thigh high boots over her black body stocking.  Never cared for Psylocke’s armored outfit with the cape, but I know it has its fans.  Today we’ve got sexy new wave Dazzler, butterfly effect Betsy, impetuous Havok, ‘roided Lorna, lovers Destiny and Mystique, and X-Men lineups from the Australian Outback X-Men and Messiah Complex.

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Schedule Your Heroic Tarot Appointment Now!

Heroic Tarot in the window of Swankety Swank

The news is out that I will be departing our fair city by the Bay to embark on an epic adventure!  That means if you would like a Heroic Tarot consultation, you have less than two months to make an appointment!  Below you will find a listing of currently available times for February and March at Swankety Swank.  

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STORM Takes Heroic Tarot On The Road!

ORORO License Plate

Greetings, Dear Reader!

Yours Truly is leaving San Francisco to go on a year long road trip!  I will be following in the tradition of fortune tellers of yore in bringing my unique brand of divination to cities and communities across the country.  The goal of this odyssey is develop and expand my psychic abilities.  I have never done anything like this before and I am excited about the possibilities!

Heroic Tarot was born January 1, 2010 and I have learned so much from my clients since then.  I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had to ply my trade.  I have adored working my weekly hours and at parties at Swankety Swank.  Every encounter has been a privilege to inspire folks to embrace and express their inner super-hero.  I have also had the pleasure of reading cards at many different events around the Bay Area from Z’s Cocktail Lounge in Alameda to LucasArts in San Francisco’s Presidio.  Now it is time to take the show on the road!

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White Queen Wednesday: OHOTMU

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel

White Queen OHOTMU

It is once again White Queen Wednesday, gentle reader. Today I would like to share with you Emma Frost’s profile from the original Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. We’ve seen what Steve Rogers had to say about the White Queen as a hero in his assessment and follow-up, but these pages offer a less opinionated and more thorough exploration of Emma’s history and powers when she was still a villain with the Hellfire Club.

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