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Rapping X-Men & Legion Voting

I have never been to New York Comic Con, but it sounds like a lot of fun.  I assumed that the cosplay there might rival the costume craziness at San Diego Comic Con, but I had no idea that New York cosplayers totally thinks outside of the box!  I almost fell out of my seat when I watched G4’s clip of cosplayers dressed as X-Men dancing and rapping!  Yes, I said rapping!  Bishop’s gun contains a boombox full of Beastie Boys tunes,  Colossus dances like a robot and Iceman does the worm (and the moonwalk)!  Awesome!

It’s time to vote for a new leader of the Legion of Super-Heroes!  Having their readers choose who will be in charge of the 31st Century super team is an DC Comics tradition!  There’s 25 characters to choose from so make your voice heard!

Heroic Tarot at Cartoon Art Museum’s Ghoultide Gathering!


Come visit the Cartoon Art Museum this Sunday October 24, 2010, from 1pm to 4pm for their 1st Annual Ghoultide Gathering!

The day is dedicated to comics, cartoons, haunted house memories and tarot readings!

Artists will be drawing all 22 cards of the Tarot. The drawings will be scanned on the spot and used for limited edition poster that shows all the cards and will be sold as a fundraiser for the museum.

WATCH: the Tarot Card Comic Art Jam -all day Watch as local artist draw the cards of the Tarot for a special fundraiser art print for the museum.LEARN: Try your hand at drawing creepy creatures at our in-gallery art table.

EXPERIENCE: STORM of “Heroic Tarot” doing X-Men Tarot readings all day. STORM was voted SF Weekly Best Of Award and is the author of the comic “Princess Witch Boy”.

MEET: Jeff Baham signing his book “An Unofficial History of Disney’s Haunted Mansion” Jeff is founder of Doombuggies.comand co-host of Mousetalgia podcast (

DELIGHT in Johnny Dismal’s cute and creepy creations he will be selling as prints and stuffies. (

WOW: There will be treats, tricks and prizes! Don’t miss this devilishly good time!

Comics Jam! Live Comic Drawing with Six Bay Area Comic Creators!

Six Bay Area Comic Artists! Six Pages With Six Panels! Six Wildly Unique Stories!

Come on down to Flax this Saturday, October 23rd from 3 – 5 pm as Flax hosts their first ever Comic Jam Event!
Watch as Bay Area comic creators Jamaica Dyer, Kane Lynch, Nicky Nargesian, Doctor Popular, STORM & Sophie Yanow collaborate on six different comics, rotating pages and panels every 15 minutes!

At the session’s conclusion, the resulting comics will be put on display for everyone to enjoy!

Be sure to stop by the Comics Jam merchandise booth, where each artist will have a sampling of their works on sale for the duration of the event!  There will definitely be copies of STORM’s Princess Witch Boy #2 on hand!

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to see live comic drawing and pick up a few great books by some of the Bay Area’s best indie creators!

Princess Witch Boy Press: APE 2010

Alternative Press Expo 2010 was great fun!  I saw great folks from years past and met lots of new people!  Many issues of Princess Witch Boy #2 were sold and many Heroic Tarot readings were given!  Writers Old Fashioned had all new banners this year, hosted a comics demo and had our first panel!

Speaking on the panel was a great experience!  Everyone spoke from the heart, sharing their perspectives and process on creating comics.  Justin Hall was a great moderator, briskly moving us along from one topic to another.  His questions were poignant and he gave us all an opportunity to talk about our individual comics.

In addition to being the first stop for JK Parkin (from Robot 6 at Comic Book Resources), he also penned a lovely writeup of the Writers Old Fashioned panel and shares artwork from our current and upcoming projects.  I am so happy that PWB2 made it into his take home pile of comics!

White Queen Wednesday: Psylocke, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel

Salutations, gentle reader. In the first hard-hitting issue of the all-new all-different Uncanny X-Force, Psylocke has seemingly borrowed Emma Frost’s brutal take no prisoners tactics and appears deadset on reclaiming her crown as mutantdom’s reigning sexy telepath. But I have bad news for Psylocke, Emma is not ready to relinquish that crown just yet. There are several striking similarities between the two lady telepaths. But while I dearly love Psylocke, Emma is still better. Let me count the ways.

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Storm Sunday: Jim Lee, Part VI

xmen270pag18 copy

Uncanny X-Men #270, page 18

I miss Jean Grey.  I miss her a lot.  There is no doubt in my mind that Ororo does too.  It would be great to see a word balloon here or there that reminds the reader that Jean was the first real friend that Storm had outside of her celebrated goddess role in Kenya.  Jean represents serenity to me.  Since the onset of her telepathic powers, she’s had to find her center and keep it so as not to go crazy from the thoughts of everyone else.  Beginner’s mind?  She’s got it.  And I’m not just saying that because she’s had to rebuild her life countless times from death, clones and cosmic entities.  Jean understands that in order to find peace with the world, one has to have it first within one’s self.  Jean also represents compassion to me.  She does not judge, she is kind.  Jean is ethically and morally forthright and her inner compass guides and inspires those around her.  That’s why half the male X-Men from the First Class to the All-New, All-Different team have fallen for her.  When I read Heroic Tarot with my X-Men deck, I see Jean Grey as embodying the Empress.  She simply is love.

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Thor: For Asgard by Robert Rodi & Simone Bianchi

thor bianchi 0

One of my favorite comics I am currently reading is Thor: For Asgard, written by Robert Rodi and lavishly illustrated by Simone Bianchi.  This six issue mini-series is part of the Marvel Knights imprint (Most Marvel Knights titles are meant for ages 15 and up and usually deal with more mature themes).  Thor:  For Asgard deals with a status quo much grimmer than is usual for Thor and his cast:  Odin has departed Asgard, Thor cannot lift his mighty hammer Mjolnir and someone is causing havoc from within the city of the gods.  

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White Queen Wednesday: 30 Rock

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel


Welcome to White Queen Wednesday, gentle reader. I imagine you might be wondering what Emma Frost has to do with the NBC television series 30 Rock. Well keep reading and the answer will become clear.

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Princess Witch Boy #2 Debuts at Alternative Press Expo 2010!


Princess Witch Boy is a fantasy memoir, weaving together true tales of one boy’s story with the adventures of three different women from his imagination.  The second issue focuses on Replica, a shape-changing super-spy from a distant planet.  As Replica searches for clues pertaining to her identity, the young boy learns startling revelations about his family.  By pretending to be Replica, he finds the means to survive in less than ideal situations.  This story examines the places in which fantasy and reality intersect, creating new ways to think and to believe.  

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Writers Old Fashioned at Alternative Press Expo 2010

Writers Old Fashioned at Alternative Press Expo 2010

Headed to this year’s Alternative Press Expo?

You are? Excellent!

Then you are invited to stop by the Writers Old Fashioned table to say hi to some old friends, pick up some amazing comics, check out our feature panel and comic making workshop on Saturday, and book a time for your Heroic Tarot reading with STORM!

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