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White Queen Wednesday: Think Kink

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel

kink 1

Art by Kaare Andrews.

Greetings, gentle reader. This past Sunday marked the 27th annual Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, the largest fetish street fair in the world. Like most every year since moving to San Francisco, I attended the fair and had an amazing time exploring a variety of kinks and fetishes, which I will refrain from discussing in too much sordid detail because stormantic is an all ages blog. But we are free to examine what is printed on the page of Marvel comics, so this week I will talk about a few notable references to Emma Frost’s interest in various fetishes and S&M.

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Anole by David Yardin

David Yardin Anole

Artist David Yardin always brings his best to the characters he draws and this portrait of young mutant Anole is no exception!  Anole’s Wikipedia entry is an interesting read because it covers in continuity stories as well as behind the scenes information.  Although he is known as one of the few openly gay characters in the Marvel Universe, his creators (Christina Weir and Nunzio DeFilippis)  intended to have him commit suicide after not finding acceptance.  Editorial nixed the idea and had them rewrite the issues.

I’m so glad that that old trope was discarded because popular culture needs more positive role models for gay teens, not less.   Subsequent writers and artists have made Anole’s sexuality just one more aspect of a multi-faceted character, although they have not shied away from incorporating it into the narrative.  In an interesting twist, Anole’s community (before he came to the X-Men) had no problem with him being gay or a mutant until anti-mutant hysteria spreads to his town, creating problems for the young man.

Just as the writers have invested in making Anole multi-dimensional, David Yardin’s artwork depicts a realistic look at the character.  Make sure you check out David Yardin’s artwork on his Deviant Art account!

Cosmic Boy by Joe Phillips

cosmic boy by joe phillips

Cosmic Boy is out of this world as drawn by Joe Phillips in this 2008 Comic Con illustration.  A native of Braal (in the 31st century), Rokk Krin (yes, that is his real name) has magnetic powers (like everyone else on his planet) and is a founding member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

X-Factor by Dan Panosian

x-factor dan panosian

Did you ever read X-Factor starring the original X-Men? Recently, Marvel published a mini-series entitled X-Factor Forever picking up from where writer Louise Simonson left the series. It was a great read and artist Dan Panosian redesigned the characters in a fun fresh way. The designs are presented above.  From left to right, Cyclops, Archangel, Iceman, Jean Grey and Beast.

The costumes are infused with a modern sensibility, (the most noticeable change being that Iceman is wearing pants) and it seems a shame that these designs are confined forever to what basically amounts to an imaginary continuity.  Cyclops’ jacket looks great with one of the lines of the “X” thinner than the other and it’s nice to actually see heels on his shoes.  Jean looks like a fashion model on vacation and Beast has always looked great in as minimal a costume as possible.  His interpretation of the classic Archangel costume is spot on as well.  His clean linework and contemporary designs are bolstered by his take on these characters personalities.  Cyclops comes across as stoic, Iceman a bit miffed, Archangel disagreeable, Jean placid and Beast determined.

I hope we see more from Dan Panosian on Marvel’s mutants in the future!  Until then, check out these pages!  In addition to his blog, and his Deviant Art page, Dan is also a regular contributor to Comic Twart and you can see his awesome take on some great characters there!  Keep up with him on Twitter!

Storm Sunday Extra Extra: Adam Hughes, Part IV


I had to share this amazing marker (!) sketch of Storm by the renowned Adam Hughes as soon as possible!  Next week would just have been too late! I find it to be an almost picture perfect rendition of Ororo and I hope you enjoy it, dear reader!

Storm Sunday Extra: Origins of Marvel Comics (X-Men)


X-Men: Legacy writer Mike Carey pens the Storm origin story for the X-Men edition of Origins of Marvel Comics.  It is a testament to his writing skill, fluid style and uncanny understanding of continuity that he is able to summarize Ororo’s entire history into a single page.  The captions above and below the first panel immediately illustrate the initial abandonment and subsequent glorification that is the core of Storm’s story.  I’m glad the battle for leadership against Cyclops is represented and I appreciate the almost meta textual commentary on the wedding to Black Panther (“Some feared it might mark a decisive split”).  In that moment, it seems like he’s talking about/to the comics internet community.

Husband and wife penciller and inker team,Terry and Rachel Dodson do a great job illustrating key moments of Storm’s life and end the story with a stunning mid-air pose.  The tiara is spot on although I would have liked her ruby to be drawn a bit larger (and she has no earrings which makes kinda sad).  The vinyl shine effect on her costume is amazing.  This origin story is definitely one of my favorites in recent memory.

Storm Sunday: George Pérez, Part II

Perez X-Men Specialty Piece

X-Men drawn by George Pérez?  Yes, please!  This piece is an amazing assortment of mutants, most of which are in their Jim Lee era costumes.  Storm, however, is sporting her 70s look which at first was a bit disconcerting for me.  Was that a specific request of the person who commissioned this piece or is it just George’s favorite look for our weather maven?  Regardless, I love the way George draws her.  She’s totally dominating the upper half of the composition with the power of her presence.

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Colossus by Dave Cockrum


This Colossus is made of rage!  I love this headshot by character creator Dave Cockrum.  Here’s a fun interview with Dave in which he talks about how he came up with Nightcrawler and Colossus.

Superheroes File Card: Northstar

Because someone asked very politely (instead of demanding), here’s Northstar’s file card from the recent Superheroes comic (with file cards “written” by former Captain America Steve Rogers):

Yes! Make Northstar an Avenger!  I would love to see him teaching at Avengers Academy too!  What if Northstar and Aurora became the Heroic Age equivalent to Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch?  The possibilities are staggering!

Superheroes File Cards: Psylocke, Rogue, Dazzler, & Kitty Pryde

We’ve recently presented the file cards of Storm and Emma Frost (from the recent  Superheroes comic), but every X-Woman is someone’s favorite, so today I present to you the file cards of the rest of the prominently featured female members of the team!  First up, the lovely telepathic ninja Psylocke!


Psylocke’s file card is written from the perspective of Steve Rogers (former Captain America) and now Super Soldier of the Marvel Universe.  I like how Steve mentions that her “multiple deaths and resurrections have caused identity crises and shifts in her power sets.”  It would be nice to read a file card from the X-Men’s perspective that gives us some specifics on who Betsy thinks she is now and the limits of her powers.

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