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Barry Windsor-Smith Week: Deathmate

Barry Windsor-Smith - Valiant Original ART Deathmate Card 34 Solar
Let’s look beyond the history and final product of the misfired and misconceived project known as Deathmate.  Instead, let us celebrate Barry Windsor-Smith’s artistic involvement with these amazing images of Void and Solar.

I remember being super excited when this project came out because Void (that’s the lady in silver above) was (and still is) my favorite WildC.A.T.  She’s shiny like the Silver Surfer, Russian like the Black Widow and she can teleport.  I was in love (still am).  She also had a really cool (in)action figure and a foil cover.


Barry Windsor-Smith Week: Tales of the Teen Titans

talesoftheteentitans68coverHow To Get My Exhusband Back Very Fast width=”329″ height=”500″ />

I love to see behind the scenes of an artist’s creative process!  Sketches, thumbnails, doodles, what have you, anything that gives a glimpse into what happens before the final product is highly appreciated.  I find it fascinating.  So, when I found this Tales of the Teen Titans cover complete with original artwork and pencil sketch, I had to share!  Enjoy!


Kole takes center stage in this image, somehow knocking Wonder Girl seriously off-balance.


Compare this image to the final drawing to see how BWS decided to alter the drawing’s final composition.


A relaxed take on the team “photo,” featuring Wonder Girl, Jericho, Nightwing, Cyborg, Changeling and Starfire.

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Barry Windsor-Smith Week: Doctor Strange


This is one of the most understated, and therefore eloquent, images of Doctor Strange that I have had the good fortune to appreciate.  Unlike the usual artwork I’ve seen, where Stephen is combating chthonic forces, this drawing captures the good Doctor in repose.  It seems to be referencing classical portraiture, rather than a superheroic pose.  There’s a sense of gravitas implied about how the responsibilities of being the universe’s Sorcerer Supreme can weigh one down.  Magnificent!

Barry Windsor-Smith Week: Prime8


Prime 8 is apparently a  Barry Windsor-Smith creation, but I cannot seem to find any information on when he appeared and in what comics.  However, I love the emotions that BWS evokes in his depiction and I wonder if he was an inspiration for Promethea‘s Weeping Gorilla?  If he wasn’t, then I daresay these two sentimental simians are long lost brothers of another mother.  Beautiful.

Barry Windsor-Smith Week: Batman 3-D


Batman is looking a bit scattered, er maybe shattered is the better word.  Is that Bruce under the cowl or is it the Joker?!  Is it both?  You can learn a bit more about Batman in 3-D here.

Barry Windsor-Smith Week: Hulk

UKCAC 1986 Portfolio

Hulk broods menacingly in this economical drawing by Barry Windsor-Smith from 1986.

Barry Windsor-Smith Week: Fantastic Fanzine Pin-Ups!

bwsfantasticfanzine8y9More gems from when BWS was creating artwork for Fantastic Comics.  Above, a Jack Kirby influenced Daredevil springs into action!
bwsfantasticfanzinespecial2 Silver Surfer glides into the unknown!

Barry Windsor-Smith Week: Power Comics Pin-Ups!

Power Comics Angel Pin-Up   <a href=How To Make Up Get Back Together by BWS” width=”345″ height=”500″ />
Around 1967 or 1968, a young Barry Windsor-Smith drew these pin-ups for Power Comics, an imprint of Odhams Press that reprinted Marvel comics.  Artists were not given any credit for their work.  One can clearly see how BWS is channeling Jack Kirby’s style in these drawings, a practice that was highly encouraged.  Above, the high flying Angel soars into action (Click on images to see them larger).
Power Comics Pin-Up of Cyclops by BWS

Cyclops practices his eye beams in the Danger Room.
Power Comics Pin-Up of Doctor Strange by BWS
A psychedelic Dr. Strange splits into four separate beings as Clea and the Ancient One look on.
Power Comics Pin-Up of The Magician by BWS
The Magician in this image looks a lot like the Ringmaster from the Circus of Crime.  If he is indeed a different character, I could find no references of him to explain otherwise.
Power Comics Pin-Up of Baldur the Brave by JMS
Baldur the Brave rides his horse, brandishing his horse with battle ready zeal!
Power Comics Pin-Up of The Mimic by BWS
The Mimic possesses all of the powers of the original X-Men:  Angel, Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Iceman & Beast!

How To Make Up Get Back Together

Barry Windsor-Smith Week: Vampirella Presents: The Boy Who Loved Trees!

Vampirella 009 - 48

We continue Barry Windsor-Smith Week with this terrific tale of “The Boy Who Loved Trees,” as presented by that campy coquette Vampirella!  The story was written by the legendary Gardner Fox and BWS!  Art by BWS (Click on images to see them larger).

Vampirella 009 - 49

Vampirella 009 - 50

Vampirella 009 - 51

Vampirella 009 - 52

Vampirella 009 - 53

Storm Sunday Extra: Barry Windsor Smith, Part II


I’ve already written about my first interaction with the groundbreaking, genre-bending artwork of Barry Windsor-Smith in a previous Storm Sunday.  However, I recently came across the original artwork for Uncanny X-Men #186 and wanted to share it during Barry Windsor-Smith Week!  This seminal story still stands the test of time today!

This is the artwork from the cover of Uncanny X-Men #198, uncluttered from text and title.  Too bad the UPC Code square has been placed on the image.  Super gorgeous!

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