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Month: February 2010

Storm Sunday: Superstar Roundup!

Happy Sunday, dear reader!  Last night’s Dark heARTs opening was a spectacular array of amazing people, art and fashion!  I love the way folks really got into the spirit of the show and came dressed to the nines.  There were a lot of photographers at the event, so I expect to see images come trickling in the next couple of days and I will be sure to share them with you!

I was very happy to exhibit six of my new art pieces and a plethora of new Sacred Superhero candles, but the thing I was most excited about was the debut of Swankety Swank’s brand new ‘zine, SwankSpeak! In this issue, I have a full page comic of Galaxy Runway (spinning out of Princess Witch Boy), a column and an interview with gibbous fashion house!  There’s also great photography by Earth L. Goodwin, and a fun and informative article by Oliver Lowe on Steampunk!  Consider ordering an issue or a subscription. I think you’ll find it a great read!

Now regarding Ororo Munroe, an installment of Brian Cronin’s  Comic Book Legends Revealed (#246 on Comic Book Resources) was brought to my attention because it features Barry Windsor-Smith and Storm Anyone who claims to be a Storm fan needs to check this out!

Ok, so you read that CBR article, right?  Wasn’t that artwork simply awesome?!  Marvel was foolish to turn down that story.  I think it would have been great to have a Lifedeath trilogy.  What a shame.  At least BWS was able to get it published under a different character and we can buy the comic as Adastra in Africa.  But we all really know it’s Storm.

Barry Windsor-Smith X-Men 214 p20Page 20 of Uncanny X-Men #20 showcases Barry Windsor-Smith’s depiction of Storm, Dazzler, Rogue and even Psylocke.  This was around the time that the entity Malice (of the Marauders) was a threat.

lee weeks gambit klaus janson

I have no idea which issue of Uncanny X-Men this is from, but I wanted to share this art by Lee Weeks and Klaus Janson.  It’s a funny page to me because it seems like Storm and Wolverine’s dialogue has been reversed.  Usually it’s Logan that wants to be push people to their limits and Storm is more likely to give folks a break.  It’s also humorous to see Logan smoking before Joe Quesada’s smoking ban.  Lee Weeks is a great artist (as if you didn’t know).


I found this Munroe family tree on, which is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the X-Men.  Originally, Storm was simply an orphan whose parents died in the Suez Canal war (this was later retconned because placing the attack on a specific date made Storm too old for sliding Marvel time).  Most of this family tree was created by Reginald Hudlin when he took over Black Panther and shoehorned Storm into the title.  I preferred Storm not having all of these relatives all of a sudden.  It seems forced and heavy-handed (much like her marriage to Black Panther), and takes away her orphan status which I believe is a core component to the character.

Storm's Origin by John Romita

This is Storm’s origin.  This is the tragedy that is at the core of the character, the incident that will always haunt her and is the cause of her claustrophobia.  Adding long lost relatives simply cheapens this story.  Artwork by legend John Romita.

DAZZLER #1, PG 9  X-MEN by John Romita, Jr.

This page is from Dazzler #1, page 9 and is drawn by John Romita, Jr.  Many comics showed the X-Men in the Danger Room when they guest-starred.  It was the most expedient way to show the characters’ personalities and powers before they interacted with the titular character.

X-Men First Class: Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

One might think that as much as I spotlight the “All-New, All-Different” X-Men that I don’t have any love for the Original 5!  However, that simply isn’t true!  I am a big fan of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s X-Men!  What a quirky team with visually unique characters!  As you can see below (click on the image for a larger version), our mutant heroes were significantly different to how we know them now.

XMEN1P1Professor Xavier looks a bit creepy in this image if I may say so.  He’s just sitting there, rigid as a corpse, eyes forward, not paying attention to any of the X-Men as they come bursting into the room.  Gotta love Iceman’s fireman’s pole and Beast swinging in through the window.


Of course, as soon as the boys get together, they have to start bickering.  What other way to give the reader a taste of their personalities?  That’s so Stan Lee.


Cyclops tries to make friends with the military while Jean Grey, oops, I mean, Marvel Girl, makes her costumed debut in on this page!  Love how she’s just telekinetically lifting army men out of her way.


Magneto serves up a heavy helping of self righteous indignation.  What a diva!  The X-Men sure have come a long way from these times, but there’s a lot that’s still the same.  It’s fun to compare and contrast the different eras of adventure!

Spotlight on John Bolton

Angel versus Wolverine:  Two totally disparate characters who come from completely different backgrounds.  And who are they fighting about?  Jean Grey.  That girl must have pheromone powers that nobody knows about.  Bet you didn’t know that adamantium claws across a telekinetic shield = KREEEK! (Click on images to view them larger).

I’ve already talked elsewhere on this blog about how much I love John Bolton’s realistic style for the X-Men so this time let’s focus on his composition.  He lets the characters define the panel shapes he creates and he isn’t afraid to break the panels for extra dynamism.  The conflict practically bursts from the pages!
Great use of font as part of the action!  Storm shows up to create some distance between the silly boys.  If she hadn’t, Wolverine would have sliced Angel up like a Thanksgiving turkey.  I mean, I love me some Angel (more than any other male Marvel character) but versus Wolvie?  No way he could win.  Side Note:  I like the simple approach Bolton uses to depict rain.
Colossus in the Savage Land!  Even in his unarmored form, he’s a force with which to be reckoned!  Run, dinosaur, run!   As many times as the X-Men have been to the Savage Land, you’d think they’d have built a residence there by now.
A Mesmero mind-controlled Phoenix drops the telepathic whammy on Nightcrawler and Banshee.
Havok and Polaris enjoy a drive with Phoenix flying overheard.  This image and all of those above are from Classic X-Men with their respective issue numbers hand written on their pages.bolton
I’m not sure if this is meant to be Conan or if John Bolton drew another barbarian, but I had to share this image, especially with the tiger in the background!  Breathtakingly epic!

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