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Month: January 2010

Storm Sunday: Dave Cockrum, Part II

Storm by Dave Cockrum
I was so happy to come across this amazing image of Storm in repose by Dave Cockrum! I think we’re to assume that Dennis Knowles inked it? I love it. It’s more how Storm looked in her first appearances and it’s a look she’s since lost a long time ago.  It’s this iteration of Storm that makes me think of Iman every time I think of Storm.


Dave Cockrum crams as many X-Men as he can in this awesome splash page of Marvel’s Merry Mutants.  I am loving Angel and Banshee’s depictions and the intensity of energy that is flying in all directions from each character.  Click on the images in this post for larger versions.


Storm takes center stage in this page from Marvel Fanfare #3.  Love how Colossus is totally flirting with Ororo in panel 3.  Or at least that’s how it seems to me.  Perhaps your reading elicited a different response.   Storm is totally take charge here, from her first word balloon in the first panel: “Both of you, Relax!”  Love it.  She tells Wolverine to shut up in the most compassionate manner in panel 4.   In the last 2 panels she does her thing and boy is it gorgeous!  I need more scenes like this of Storm in stories being told now.

Black Widow Ongoing Title Starts In April!

Black Widow 1 (Ongoing)
I couldn’t be more thrilled after reading Comic Book Resources’ article about Black Widow getting her own ongoing series in April!  Just look at the above image by Daniel Acuna (the title’s regular artist)!  Frankly, I could do without the add ons of Iron Man and Wolverine, but I understand Marvel’s using them to push sales and it’s not like they don’t have ties to Natasha.  I’d just like the cover of her first ongoing to just feature her.  And the zipper in her catsuit is bit too low in my humble (prudish) opinion, but at least she’s in her full bodysuit and not wearing butt floss like Ms. Marvel or Storm.

Of course, the push for an ongoing now is due to the Iron Man II movie, but the business reasons don’t matter to me.  It’s time for Natasha to move on up to the ranks of Ms. Marvel and Spider-Woman and show what she’s made of in her own monthly title!  I have good faith in Marjorie Liu’s ability as a writer and she seems to understand what it takes to write complicated characters.  Have you been reading Dark Wolverine?  Amazing stuff.  I also think Daniel Acuña will do a great job based on his recent work on X-Men: Legacy.

Black Widow #1 Variant

This gorgeous Variant Cover of Black Widow #1 was illustrated by the talented Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic.

Thor Thursday: Walt Simonson

Here’s an amazing piece of artwork by Walt Simonson of Marvel Comics’ Beta Ray Bill and Thor mixing it up with some giants!  Click on the image to view it larger!  Happy Thor’s Day!

Princess Witch Boy: Galaxy Runway Painting!


I recently took a break from penciling Princess Witch Boy #2 to create this 12 x 12 acrylic painting of Galaxy Runway, Supermodel Sorceress of the Spaceways (known as Gigi to her friends)!  Galaxy Runway is one of the three spirits whose adventures Princess Witch Boy channels.  It is awesome to reveal how Gigi looks in color to readers of the black and white Princess Witch Boy mini-comic !   Work on the next issue is coming along and I’ve been waking up at all hours of the night with ideas (which I promptly write down, natch!) If you don’t write your ideas down when you get them, you don’t deserve to keep them!

You can purchase this painting at my Etsy shop.

Storm Sunday: Arthur Adams, Part VI


What’s this?  Another post about Arthur Adams?  It’s hardly a surprise that I chose to feature him once again.  Regular readers know that it was an issue of Classic X-Men that turned me on to Storm in the first place, so when I find more artwork from that era, I can hardly wait to share it with you, dear reader.  And when you see what we have to today, I think you’ll permit me the indulgence of including his his amazing artwork once again.  You may click on each image to see them in a larger format.

Simply feast your eyes on Adams’ renderings of the international X-team in black and white and then compare it with its colored version!  Magnificent, yes?  Well, you cannot convince me otherwise.  From the detail on Thunderbird’s fringe (that would be the Native American member, natch) to the explosion of Nightcrawler’s teleportation, Adams’ art is topnotch!  Storm’s cape has real dimensionality to it and Colossus looks solid as organic steel should.  Let’s keep going.


Here we have the original team (with latecomers Havok & Polaris) striking a fierce pose (especially Marvel Girl who is working those hips).  I am a big geek about seeing original artwork with the page notes and the pasted on lettering.  Arthur Adams gives these characters a sense of menace because in this issue the international team has to fight the original team.  In comics, this is a traditional coming of age event.  New versus old to prove their worth.  Too bad the original guys aren’t what they seem, so they aren’t really fighting the real McCoys (pun intended for Beast).  That’s no matter though, as the X-Men versus X-Men trope will be trotted out many, many times more (especially by Chris Claremont).  I have to admit, it’s not a trope that gets old for me.  I enjoy seeing superheroes fight amongst each other every now and again.


So this is what I’m especially excited about sharing with you, dear reader!  I found this preliminary sketch that Arthur Adams used to get to his final artwork for the cover of Classic X-Men #1.  I was two months behind even knowing about this image when I found this title on the spinner rack (Yes, that was a different time, indeed), but I scrambled to find it and when I did, I was blown away by how cool Adams made everybody look!

large x-men classic 1

This is the result of all those rough lines!  Awesome, right?  And to think, this was all the members of the X-Men at that time (Yes, I know Professor X, Mimic and Changeling aren’t shown, but their was no precedent yet for Charles going in the field with his “students” and the Changeling was dead and the Mimic too, I believe).  Still, even though I love many of the characters who followed in the fine footsteps of these folks, I have a soft spot in my heart for each and every one of these X-Men (even you, Sunfire).


These are the pencils for the cover to Classic X-Men #2.  The note at the top of the page that calls attention to “Bug-Girl” is referring to Dragonfly, a character I always thought had a striking visual with her antennae, red skin and magenta hair.  I love the slanted perspective of this cover and how it adds energy to the impending battle.

classic x-men 12

This cover of Classic X-Men #12 is an homage to X-Men #1 when the original five members fought Magneto (the villain most associated with Marvel’s Merry Mutants).  I love how Angel is swapped out for Banshee, Colossus is extra (and no help due to his metal form against the Master of Magnetism), Nightcrawler subs for Beast, Storm for Marvel Girl and Wolverine for Iceman (probably the funnier swap, although snowballs and metal claws are equally useless against Magneto).  I like the “Kirby Crackles” around Storm’s hands, which was a stylistic device mostly used by her creator, Dave Cockrum and later abandoned by subsequent artists.

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