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Building A Better Doll: Doll Shaman 101

Starting in November I will be teaching a doll workshop at Swankety Swank!  Now you can learn how to modify Barbie dolls like the ones I sell on etsy!  You can choose to take one class or all four!  Here’s the syllabus!

Building a Better Doll: Doll Shaman 101

Ready to modify your Barbie? In this class I will teach you how to transform your doll into your own One Of A Kind creation! You will learn how to properly repaint your doll’s face, modify her arms and curl her hair with each of the classes. We are focusing on completing one doll for this workshop but you will need to bring at least three Barbie dolls. Your Barbie dolls need to have long straight hair and plastic arms that are not jointed at the elbows.

A New Face: Removing the factory paint and repainting your Barbie’s face!  Sunday, November 15 3-5pm

Body Sculpting: Learn how to shape your Barbie doll’s arms and hands!  Sunday, November 22 3-5pm

Curls, Curls, Curls: It’s time for a permanent wave!  Sunday, November 29 3-5pm

Getting Dressed: Hand sewing an outfit for your doll!  Sunday, December 6 3-5pm

I’m super excited about this class!  Here are some dolls from my modified doll collection!

Oyanara is looking particularly fierce with her face paint and faux fur sheath dress!


Mother Gatekeeper and her Runechildren pose for a heartwarming family portrait!


Maricopa wears her distressed hair and faux fur outfit proudly as she walks down Divisadero Corridor to go shopping at Swankety Swank!  Be sure to check out all of the classes offered!

Stormwatch: “Th-This Ain’t Metal, This Iz Adamantium!”

I am totally off my rocker for this amazing artwork by Corey Lewis for Strange Tales #3 from Marvel Comics!   Many thanks to Robot 6 at Comic Book Resources for featuring this preview!
The X-Men as a band is a great concept and I am loving who Corey picked. Of course the amazing thing about this story is that it features Longshot searching for Dazzler! It’s exciting to see such a great talent taking one of my favorite eras of the X-Men and making it so contemporary and fresh! Let’s just say that this mohawk Storm has a very special place in my heart already!

STORM Sunday: Princess Witch Boy Press!

Last week’s Alternative Press Expo was amazing!  Debuting my first mini-comic was a great experience.  I loved seeing a lot of people I talked to last year as well as meeting a horde of new folks this year!  Press has been very kind to me and my funny book endeavor and I am feeling so much gratitude that it is simply quite humbling, dear reader!

Princess Witch Boy made it into the take home pile of JK Parkin from Robot 6 of Comic Book Resources, Comicvine reporter Sara Lima interviewed me on the first day of APE in a heartfelt exchange of mutual admiration, and JK Parker quotes me in his article about “The Garage Band of Comic Cons.”

Sara Lima is the Lois Lane of our generation!  Her energy is infectious! You can really tell that she loves comics!  Check her articles out on Comicvine and chat her up in the comments section!  Start up a conversation with her about Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl or Namor the Submariner, but make sure you know what you’re talking about!  Not only is she smart like Lois Lane, but she is also tough like Wonder Woman!  To wit:
wonder sara

wonder sara 2I really wish I had met Sara at WonderCon when I was dressed as Black Widow! What fun we would have had!  There’s always next Con!

So, after you watch the video and read JK’s articles, check out two pages from Princess Witch Boy.  The meaning behind the pages may seem a bit esoteric, but please remember that they are taken out of context.  I wanted to share some of the work without giving it all away.   The image below depicts Princess Witch Boy drawing under the protective powers of an Egyptian Goddess.  (And yes, these pix have ginormous borders).

Princess Witch Boy Book One, Page 9
I had a hard time coming up with a three dimensional design for the Goddess, and by that I mean I wanted a more realistic approach to her without resorting to flat hieroglyphs.  For a few weeks I was really stuck.  Then on my birthday I went to the Tutankhamen exhibit here in San Francisco and I had a sign.  My Goddess was beautifully rendered at the head of a Queen’s sarcophagus and her sister was at the feet.  Yes, I’m being deliberately vague about the identity of the Goddess right now and I never call her by name in the pages of Princess Witch Boy.  However, I do draw her hieroglyph in the book.  So it’s not exactly a secret, but it’s also not important that I name the Goddess in Book One.  There’s already enough people to get to know in the beginning.  I will reveal more about this Goddess in Book Two.
Princess Witch Boy Book One, Page 12
Velvet is one of the three women that Princess Witch Boy turns into in his imagination.  Her story runs concurrently with his in Book Four.   Velvet is a magickal hybrid of human and djinn.  As such, she has untapped potential and power.  However, Vivian Van Ray, the daughter of billionaire tycoon Count Vincent Van Ray, would rather stay at home in her greenhouse studio and paint all day.  Then something happens that rips her from the safety of her father, her art and her home.  A betrayal of blood at first and the worst of all prisons in the end.

Velvet is a very important character for me because she was the first superhero that I traced off of a comic book to get the proportions right.   I used to trace all of the bodies for my female characters off of Storm from Classic X-Men #3 and the How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way image of Susan Storm.  The Reed Richards image from the book was used in conjunction with a Hal Jordan Green Lantern comic to trace the bodies of the male characters.  I’ve have drawn Velvet all of my life and she’s gone through many incarnations.  I love her most recent one the best and that is how it should be.  Looking forward to sharing her story with you, dear reader.

However, now I must show you some fun pictures from APE antics!  Indulge me! if you will, as I celebrate some fabulous folks!  What an amazing coincidence that I appear in every photogtraph!  Enjoy!

tristan storm pwb

My buddy the wizard wunderkind Tristan Leder shows his Princess Witch Boy pride by wearing the appropriate color for the launch!  Much love to Wuvable Oaf for bringing the pink in the first place!  Check out Tristan’s blog for some amazing King City art by Brandon Graham!

oafsMore Wuvable Oaf love brought to you by yours truly and the #1 White Queen fan in the multiverse Ken Kneisel!

writers old fashioned foursomeWriters Old Fashioned give good booth!  From left to right, yours truly, Emily Stackhouse, DangerBob and Steph Godfrey!

james n meAnd I leave you with one of my favorite images from the weekend.  At Isotope’s APE Aftermath party, James Sime relays very important information to me and I pay close attention.  Time has stopped and we are casting spells like the comic book sorcerers that we are!  Or maybe he’s telling me to go clean up all the empty cocktail cups off of the window ledge.  Yeah, that’s probably it.


Living the Lyrics: “Endless” by IRIS


Lately when I go outside
The skies cry that the worst is over
Is this the place we are supposed to be?
Something is reaching out to me
Should I be walking back or forward?
Is the wait enough to make you go down on your knees?

Maybe, we’ll be alright
In a long run that seems like heaven
Like hearing silence far away
And lifting high
I know the pressure is on
In a race for the life of endless love
If it seems too much
All these things are endless

Midnight has been calling me
With a feeling that could be deadly
I can love the fall ’cause that’s a part of me
Drifting in several different worlds
With the stars colliding all around you
I can feel the distance to a past that’s on its way.

STORM Sunday: Princess Witch Boy Debuts!

Today was most probably the best day of my existence!  I launched my first self-published comic, my memoir fantasy PRINCESS WITCH BOY at the Alternative Press Expo here in San Francisco!  So much to share about APE, Isotope, Dean Haspiel, The Mini Comic Award of Excellence, Prism, Writers Old Fashioned and so much more, but right now I’d like to send out a big ol’ shout to everyone who came out to APE, and/or attended the signing for Dean Haspiel or the APE Aftermath party at Isotope, and/or bought my comic!  You know what?  Today was the best day ever!  (Creating) Art = (Creating) Community = Joy!

4003249093_3f3ce3d285_bThis is the cover of Princess Witch Boy, Book One:  Gateway.  Out titular hero looks at the reader as the spirits of three women float above him.  They represent the triple aspects ( shapechanger, supermodel sorceress and djinn) that the boy channels in times of crisis.  From left to right we have Galaxy Runway, Velvet and Replica)

signingHere I am working the Writers Old Fashioned booth while hawking my wares.  That’s the lovely Ms. Emily Stackhouse (Brazilianoir) in the background.  Photo by Zan!

signing birdseyeSigning personalized copies of Princess Witch boy at the Writers Old Fashioned booth.  Photo by Zan.


Posing with Ken Kneisel with our Wuvable Oaf tees on! We’re like twins!  Wuvable Oaf is the genius comic by Ed Luce!  Yes, you heard me.  I said genius.  I meant every syllable!  And since I’m choosing to spend this Sunday on me instead of Ororo, here’s some random images of the best character I’ve ever named myself after! *laughs*
Image by John Byrne
StormBigHair2 Olivier Coipel drew this fierce as all get out Storm image!
TheUncannyX-Men147-29 Doctor Doom has the hots for Storm and uh, Storm might like him, too? Huh?

And just in case you forgot:
storm fly in the face
Don’t try to fly in the face of facts alone or with friends. Or at all, really. If a mutant goddess can’t do it, what chance do you have?  So, instead of wasting time flying in the face of facts, try looking up some facts about the following people, places and things since I don’t have time to create links to all their names.  That’s right, dear reader, Google some information on Isotope Comic Book Lounge, Writers Old Fashioned, Alternative Press Expo, Dean Haspiel, Prism, and mini-comics.  Stay tuned to and I will let you know how you can order your very own copy of PRINCESS WITCH BOY! Mwah!


Wonder Woman Wednesday: Lightning & Leather

Wonder Woman #39 by Aaron Lopresti Wonder Woman is positively electrifying in this amazing cover by Aaron Lopresti (#39). If you’ve been reading Wonder Woman lately you know how Gail Simone has been putting Diana through her paces in a big way! If you haven’t been reading, you can might consider jumping on now! Big things are in store for everyone’s amazing Amazon!
Wonder Woman #37 by Aaron LoprestiAchilles holds Diana in a headlock while she is menaced by her–mother!?!  This cover of issue #37 is another beautiful piece of art by regular Wonder Woman artist Aaron Lopresti!
Wonder WomanThis lifelike Wonder Woman design originated from the creative powers behind Fan Art Exhibit!  There are also images of this suit battle damaged and a gorgeous rendition of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons!  I encourage you to check out the other wonderful photo manipulations on this site!

Marvel Fanfare Monday: Steve Leialoha, Mike Mignola, Charles Vess & Bill Sienkievicz

Marvel Fanfare Monday was supposed to only run during the month of September, but I simply cannot keep some of these pinups to myself!  Therefore, dear reader, here are four more amazing drawings from Marvel Fanfare!  Enjoy!  As always, click on the images to view them larger.

Clea by Leialoha Marvel Fanfare 45

Clea, lover and disciple of Doctor Strange, as drawn by Steve Leialoha in Marvel Fanfare #45.  Looking a bit bemused or perhaps concerned, Clea flies through the dimensions with grace and beauty (She definitely spends more time on her hair than the rest of us).  I have always loved the circles on her Steve Ditko designed tights.  Her costume is pure geometric perfection and Leialoha has certainly showcased it well in this image.  However, as much as I lam loving Clea, my eye is more drawn to the alligator-like creature floating above her.  That detail, the costume and the hair keep me coming back to this piece again and again.

Nightmare by Mignola Nightmare, ancient enemy of Doctor Strange, by Mike Mignola.  This is the perfect Marvel character match for the creator of Hellboy and B.P.R.D.  Nightmare is serving diabolical times ten with his shadow sunken face, evil grin, and skull collection.  His dilapidated mount only adds to the creepy factor.
Black Bolt & Medusa by Charles Vess Marvel Fanfare #45 Charles Vess paints a lovely portrait of Medusa and Black Bolt, Queen and King respectively, of the Inhumans.  This image is taken from Marvel Fanfare #45, long before the recents calamitous events of the War of Kings event.  Here are happier times, indeed.  Medusa’s billowing hair whipping at the clouds is an amazing design element and I like where Vess chose to place the sun because I see it as illuminating the heart chakras of the characters.  The sun is highlighting their solar plexuses.Magik by Bill Sienkievicz Marvel Fanfare #45 I saved my favorite for last.  This is Magik, little sister to Colossus and member of the New Mutants team (Kinda like Junior X-Men, but lately really stepping up).  Magik is a sorceress in charge of a demon realm which is the nexus of her teleportion powers.  Teleporting is her mutant power.  This image is by the critically acclaimed Bill Sienkievicz from Marvel Fanfare #45.  Go read Elektra: Assassin right now.

Storm Sunday: Jimenez, Cruz & Dodson

Storm by Phil Jimenez

Astonishing X-Men #31 hit last week and it is made of awesome! You can tell by the art of Phil Jimenez that he is a huge Storm fan! He’s simplified the Simone Bianchi costume while still honoring it.  I’m not sure that I really like Storm in white.  I think it washes her out since her hair is the same color as her costume but I can handle it since those awful black lines at her crotch are gone.  I’m also not missing those clunky double boots.  It’s great to see her back in her original thigh boots.  Warren Ellis writes a commanding and capable Storm and gets her into the action right off the bat!  I continue to enjoy his characterization of everyone else in this book as well.  Hands down, this is currently my favorite X-Title!  However, X-Babies #1 was also an immensely enjoyable read and definitely worth checking out!  And I would be remiss if I didn’t reference the amazing spot on characterization in Jeff Parker’s  X-Men Vs. Agents of Atlas #1.  That mini is superheroes done right!  Too bad it is only two issues!
Uncanny X-Men: First Class #5

Upcoming artwork from Uncanny X-Men: First Class #5 by Roger Cruz.  Old school fun with today’s flair.  I wish this wasn’t a mini-series.  I totally miss Banshee in current continuity.  Jean too. 


This page is from an issue of Wizard magazine.  I thought it would be fun to share since it has some tidbits about Storm’s behind the scenes origin.  The legacy of Dave Cockrum lives on!


Lush lines by Terry Dodson from Uncanny X-Men #505.  The interaction between Ororo and Emma is one of the most interesting aspects of the X-Men franchise these days and we don’t get nearly enough of it  I chose three pages to illustrate my fascination with these two queens.  


Terry Dodson’s versions of Storm and Emma are among my all time favorites.  He gives both women a solid sense of strength and elegance. 


All of those White Queen costumes are to die for.  And for some reason, this page has me recanting my earlier opinion about Storm dressing in white.  I’m totally loving it here.  

Wolverine Wednesday: Bolton, Battle & Baby Bub!

I was gathering images for my most recent Stormwatch post and kept coming across great artwork of that Canuck scene-stealer Wolverine! It seems to me that ‘ol Logan deservs his own mini-post to highlight some three gems! So here we go!

Cover to X-Men Vignettes Volume 2 by John Bolton Wolverine by John Bolton for the cover of X-Men Vignettes Volume 2.  This is Wolverine at his most dangerous.  his costume is all ripped up from a fight, but his healing factor has taken care of any injuries he sustained.  I love the expression on his face in this image.  He looks like he’s ready to go for round 2!

X-Men Vs. Agents of Atlas #1 Ed McGuinness draws the battle between Wolverine and Gorilla Man for the variant cover of  the upcoming X-Men Vs. Agents of Atlas written by Jeff Parker!  This Wolverine is more of an adventurer as well as scrapper, matching Gorilla Man for animal intensity!
X-Babies #3 X-Baby Wolverine looks a bit upset about having to deal with any even younger version of himself in this fun cover to X-Babies #3 by Skottie Young!  I don’t know why there are two ‘lil Wolvies, but I’m itchin’ to find out in this mini-series!

Marvel Fanfare Monday: Terry Austin, Sandy Plunkett, Mike Zeck & Rick Leonardi

Marvel Fanfare Monday was only supposed to last through September, but I simply cannot pass up the chance to share some more pinup gems with you from that short-lived series!  As always, click on an image to see it larger!Cloak & Dagger by Terry Austin Marvel Fanfare #18 Terry Austin gives us a serious take on Cloak and Dagger (not that they were really ever happy go lucky) with this image from Marvel Fanfare #18. I like how he uses the white of Dagger’s outfit as a design element that contrasts with the darkness of Cloak’s hand.   This is simplicity and elegance in one amazing portrait.

Punisher by Zeck Marvel Fanfare #45This Punisher pinup by Mike Zeck from Marvel Fanfare #45 spotlights Frank Castle posing in front of a wall of graffiti.  Zeck is often remembered fondly for his work on Punisher as well as “Kraven’s Last Hunt,” and Secret Wars (he and Rick Leonardi designed the black Spider-Man suit).  I loved his work on G.I. Joe as well!

Scarlet Witch by Sandy Plunkett Marvel Fanfare Sandy Plunkett‘s rendition of Scarlet Witch is beyond fierce!  Surrounded by animals in the wild, she is a force with whom to be reckoned!  This image is from Marvel Fanfare #45, the all pinup issue!

Colossus by Rick Leonardi Marvel Fanfare #45Colossus is bursting through Russian words in this image by Rick Leonardi (also from Marvel Fanfare #45).  There’s an amazing gallery of his art here.  I especially love Leonardi’s work on The Uncanny X-Men, New Mutants and Cloak and Dagger!

Check back next Monday for more pinups from four different Marvel Fanfare artists!

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