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Month: August 2008

San Diego Comic Con 2008 Spotlight: Colleen Doran

Colleen Doran is a Goddess! There, I said it.  I was stumbling through the crowded masses of San Diego Comic Con International on Friday and turned a corner and lo and behold there was a bright and shining light and the light was none other than the magnificent Colleen Doran!  I was in awe, dear reader, frozen in reverence and humility.  You see, Colleen has this amazing comic called A Distant Soil, a galaxy spanning saga that grabs you from the get go.  You can read the first issue for free at Image Comics’ website here!

Colleen was very kind in spite of my emotional outpouring about how her work positively affected my adolescence (Colleen’s characters were–and still are–far more complicated emotionally and sexually than many other characters one finds in comicdom.  They exist beyond a realm of straight, gay or bisexual, just as *gasp* “real” people do!).
So, that Friday I finished my praising of the luminous Colleen Doran and excused myself as best I could, grasping my copies of the free comic and postcard (pictured above) that she was giving to the multitude.  I walked away thinking about how amazing conventions are because you get to meet your heroes!    
After searching for a flower vendor close to the Con and failing, I returned to Colleen’s booth on Sunday.  She was sketching, flanked by her sister and mother (Who are just as beautiful and kind as she is) and she took a break to speak with me.  She sketched me a quick sketch (this post’s top picture), and signed a copy of Orbiter for me (cover pictured above), a graphic novel collaboration with Warren Ellis.  I had a great time chatting and laughing with these amazing women and am so glad I got to meet them.  

Thanks, Colleen for your gentle strength and gracious hospitality!  I hope you, dear reader, take a look at her work and become a collector of it!  Colleen has done work for many comics and companies and is well known among J. R. R. Tolkien fans for her Lord of the Rings artwork (as well as her Indiana Jones artwork, too!).  A checklist of her work can be found here!  Her blog is here!

San Diego Comic Con 2008 Spotlight: Arthur Adams

I’ve already written about how I fell in love with Storm and how the art of Arthur Adams (specifically the cover to Classic X-Men #3) turned me on to the X-Men in general.  I’ve often thought about how great it would be to meet the artist who had such an influence on my life, particularly my adolescence.  Well, thanks to the magic of San Diego Comic Con International, that dream came true.  I was hanging out at the Fat Naked Rave booth talking to the always amazing Wendy Williams (partner of the prolific J. H. Williams III) and suddenly realized that the amazing art next to Jim’s work was by none other than Art Adams himself!  I looked over and there was the man himself sketching a headshot of Hellboy for some lucky fan!  So, of course, I babbled a bit (Okay, a lot!) about what a fan of his work I am, from X-Men Annuals (Hello, X-Babies!) to Longshot (Nobody makes that mullet hot except Art!) to Jonni Future (From ABC Comics).  His art has only gotten better as evidenced by recent Avengers Classic covers.  Below are some pieces that I had to share from the Arthur Adams Sampler VI & VII.  Make sure you get a copy of them for yourself!  They are full of amazing artwork across the years of Art’s illustrious career!

Above is artwork from Classic X-Men #4.  Demons, demons, everywhere!

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San Diego Comic Con 2008 Spotlight: Todd Nauck

Todd Nauck is a super amazing artist who has worked on titles such as Young Justice, Teen Titans Go, and Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (among many many others).  His creator owned comic, WIldguard is a rollicking superhero title combined with reality television and is a fun read!  I stalked Todd’s both at Artist’s Alley at this year’s San Diego Comic Con International (it wasn’t hard to do since he was a booth over from my buddy Mark Brooks) and after oohing and ahhing at Todd’s portfolios, I asked him to draw my favorite creation of his, Jun-Go (or is that supposed to be “Jungo”?).  Little more than an adventurous Tarzan analog, Jungo captured my heart for his heroic deeds during an alien invasion and his penchant for wearing very little.  When Todd asked readers to vote online for their favorite character, I made sure to vote from three different computers for this guy.  What can I say?  I like the underdog, especially if said underdog is in a loincloth.  Of course, he didn’t win.  That distinction went to Freezerburn, a character whose arms can manipulate cold and heat, respectively.  My thanks go out to Todd for this beautiful sketch!

Check out Todd Nauck’s site, his Deviant Art site and his MySpace or for more information about the artist and his upcoming projects!

Storm Sunday (San Diego Comic Con 2008 Edition): Mark Brooks

I had the pleasure of meeting artist Mark Brooks at Wonder Con last year (He actually recognized me from my MySpace friend request and we got to talking;  I guess this shows that stalking folks you like on MySpace can result in positive results).  I spent some time chatting up Mark and his amazing wife Lisa at their Artist Alley booth at this year’s San Diego Comic Con International.  Both Mark and Lisa are super fun and friendly.  I had a great time talking and laughing with them and wish I could have done more.  My thanks go out to them for being such a big part of my first SDCC.  And to top it all off, Mark drew me this sketch of Storm from his favorite era of our weather goddess’ tenure as leader of the X-Men.  I love his rendition of Ororo.  She’s certainly giving off a no-nonsense ‘tude!

Check out Mark Brooks on MySpace (He has a lot of information about other ways to keep in touch with his projects and art on there) and pick up a copy of Ultimate X-Men by Marvel Comics to see his work!

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