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Month: June 2008

Storm Sunday: Alan Davis, Part II

This week I chose to highlight an artist who definitely tops my top ten list of favorite artists of all time (Now, that’s a great idea for a post, huh?).  The majestic sketch of Storm above is by none other than living legend Alan Davis (I previously posted a cover image of this month’s Black Panther here)!  Whoever Raul is, he’s earned my jealousy for having this sketch!  Davis has a way of making his women serene and strong.  I love how immaterial he chose to draw Ororo’s hair here.  It looks like wisps of clouds.  The pursed lips, the arched eyebrows, the high cheekbones, it all adds up to a lovely portrait of our Wind Rider. I got this image off of Alan’s website and had to post it because it really showcases Storm’s fierceness as well as her emotional reserve.  I believe Alan designed this outfit and I like most of it except for the sash belt (althought the lightning bolts on each side of it are a nice touch).  Storm looks grounded in her commune with the natural elements at her command.  I love her African features, the solidity of the tiara’s shape and the foreshortening of her arms.  Her hair mirrors the slant of the rain as well!  Perfect!
Another image I obtained from Alan’s site features Storm in her 90’s costume with Colossus and Wolverine.  Alan somehow makes the baggy sleeves and shoulder pads  (not to mention those huge X medallions) into something smooth and beautiful.  I think he and Jim Lee (who I believe created this costume) are the only artists that consistently draw this costume well.  Look at how the sleeves twist and turn like Storm’s hair and body.  Alan knows how to make each characters’ lines reveal who they are.  For instance, Storm literally looks like she is the wind.  She is twisting like a tornado.  Colossus is a shiny hunk of metal, both top heavy and kinetic and Wolverine’s pointy elbows and taut neck muscles reinforce his sharp claws.  Together, their body posture literally breathes action and movement.  Amazing! I had to include this amusing piece of cover art because in the midst of all of the possible future X-Men selves is Storm as an elemental, literally composed of the wind and water she commands.  It’s a tiny moment, but it’s worth it to think about what Storm’s future might hold.  She’s so powerful and the possibilities are endless.  Do you see old man Gambit and bald Beast in this picture?  How about Iceman?  Alan Davis draws amazing aliens and here he just let out all the stops.  Make sure you check out Alan’s other work on his site for more amazing artistic storytelling!

Performance: Making Love 2008

I am so excited about performing in The National Queer Arts Festival! I adapted a memoir piece for the stage specifically for this project!. If you are in San Francisco, I hope you can make it!

Mama Calizo’s Voice Factory & The National Queer Arts Festival present:

The Hazardous Waste Project: Making Love 2008
SUNDAY JUNE 15 @ 4pm Sharp!  Doors Open @ 3:30 pm

Witness Five Fierce Performers Explore the Topic of MAKING LOVE!
Be Amazed & Transformed by Their Bold Stories!

One Show Only!  Don’t Miss It!

Starring:  STORM, Blue Buddha, Peter Griggs, Stephen Henry & Ramona Webb!

Directed By:  Dwayne Calizo

The Hazardous Waste Project is focused on presenting authentic voices of marginalized communities of Queers in our society, specifically Queers of Color, Transgendered & HIV+.
Please join us as we weave together five unique experiences on what it means to MAKE LOVE.

SUNDAY JUNE 15 @ 4pm Sharp!  Doors Open @ 3:30 pm
Mama Calizo’s Voice Factory
1519 Mission Street (@11th St.) San Francisco
$10-$20 Siding Scale or online at Brown Paper Ticket
Or Call 415.690.9410 for Reservations
No Person Turned Away For Lack of Funds

Storm Sunday: Arthur Adams, Part II

This Sunday, our featured artist is Arthur Adams!   Some of you dear readers may remember that I have shone the spotlight on Adams once before.  So, why revisit him so soon, especially since I’ve hardly scratched the surface on artists who have drawn Storm?

It’s rather simple.  He’s popular.  You folks have made my Arthur Adams post the highest rated post on my blog (by a considerably large margin, too!).  And when I found another piece of his artwork featuring Storm, I simply had to share it.
This cover of Classic X-Men #4 from 1986 depicts Storm fighting off the extradimensional N’Garai demons.  I spent many hours tracing this cover over and over again.  I’d trace Storm’s form to get a feel for female anatomy (I used a Green Lantern comic for male heroes) and then fill it in with my own character creations.

Notice how Adams chose to drawn Storm here.  He’s got the focus on Storm’s bewilderment with the demons.  Lots of signature Adams details like the demon claw hooked in Storm’s boot and another pulling her hair.  Storm’s body is pretty typical for a female superheroine.  She’s thin and tall.  But now compare her depiction with this artwork from 2004:
There’s a bit of a difference, yes?  Storm’s certainly more sexualized in the second drawing, even though her skimpy outfit is ripped in the first.  We get a double shot of boobs and butt here and boy, are they enhanced.  I think we’re meant to think that we’ve caught Storm turning her waist in mid-air, but there’s some severe curvature of the spine going on here.  I can’t deny its beauty, however, especially how Adams renders her cape and boots.  Also, Adams is one of the best artists to consistently get Ororo’s tiara drawn correctly.  He’s also given her wider lips and nose and larger eyes.  And that hair!  It goes on and on and on.  Love it!

Arthur Adams brings the full mohawk!  This rendition of Storm is from The Asgardian Wars storyline in which Loki convinces the then-powerless Ororo to take Thor‘s place as Goddess of Thunder.  You have got to read it!  It is one of Arthur Adams’ best and well-loved work featuring the X-Men and the New Mutants.

I love Storm in this costume as it combines some rather busy elements with a basic color scheme.  You’ve gotta love those giant wings on her headdress!

After you’ve read The Asgardian Wars, check out Jonni Future by Adams and Steve Moore from America’s Best Comics for some gorgeous artwork featuring a sexy and smart woman in some adventures reminiscent of pulp era adventures.

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