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Cobra: Making Deals & Doing Laundry

In a bold move, Cobra Commander and Darth Vader have joined forces in an alliance that has many nervous. Attempts to contact G.I.Joe headquarters and a galaxy far, far away have been unsuccessful. Duke and Luke Skywalker have no comment.
Baroness also had no comment.

Marvel Select Phoenix: Custom Painted Action Figure by stormantic

This is a Marvel Select Phoenix action figure as based on designs of Marc Silvestri’s art for Grant Morrison’s run on New X-Men. I really liked this figure for it’s clear orange plastic and overall fiery divaliciousness, but hated it for the white plastic square you can see in the inside (it’s a two sided puzzle piece to keep the wings on).
So, I glued the wings in place and repainted the entire bird, starting in the middle. I used red paint to cover up the white square area and then used different reds, oranges, yellow and even gold to accent the fire areas. I tried to keep some of the see through plastic intact. I painted Phoenix’s hair the same as the bird and applied lipstick and black eyeliner (natch!). I also gave the face a gold wash. What do you think?

Super Shelves: Oil Painting Collage by stormantic

This is a bookshelf of mine that I collaged and painted a few years back. It’s one of my favorite pieces. So much so, that I brought it with me cross country from North Carolina to California when I moved to San Francisco in Fall of 2005. The images are soaked in water, blotted and then applied with matte medium to the wooden bookshelf. Many coats of matte medium are brushed over the images and any air bubbles are smoothed out. Then, oil paint is applied on and around the images. On this piece I wanted to leave the images intact. There’s a lot of my favorite characters on here besides Storm; Can you spot Umar, Shaman, or Polaris? I wish I’d painted over the Jubilee stuff more, but those images are from the storybooks based on the old cartoon and at the time she was pretty cool. Not so much to me nowadays. This bookshelf holds my favorite writings and is my main altar of intention.

Storm Sunday: Mike Mayhew

Some amazing artwork by Mike Mayhew for the STORM limited series which tried to shoehorn Ororo and T’Challa’s relationship together for their super-hyped wedding. The art is beautiful! Mayhew really knows how to depict an adolescent girl in a grounded, realistic fashion and still conveys a sense of wonder to Ororo’s powers. This is the majesty of Storm in her youth.

James Murray on Women

So, my fellow Shiny Toy Guns friend James Murray is at it again, spreading his gospel via MySpace blog posts. This time he shares his version of a very old story, perhaps in an attempt at flattering women. Does he succeed?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

the origin of women.

alright, so i was talking to a friend of mine the other day, and shocker, we started to talk about women. i know you’re thinking this was some strange perverted objectifying conversation; but that was actually the conversation before that.

i’m not trying to offend any christians here, but i decided a long time ago that the creation story in the Bible has a flaw or two. wait wait, hear me out before you start going all John the Baptist on me, but it just couldn’t be that way. here’s what i’m thinking happened.

so God was hanging out making this, building that, and he thought, “i’m tired of just hanging out with angels, i mean… they’re okay but i may have made them a little too two dimensional. i need someone to hang out with who gets me!” and then he thought, “hey… i’m God! i’ll just make someone.” of course the whole time thinking, “yep i still got it.” then cracks his knuckles in satisfaction.

so he grabs a little clay (or some form of amino acid based protein globule stuff in the fridge), and packs this little guy together, breathes a little life into him (oxygen, nitrogen, helium, hydrogen, just some stuff he had laying around) and voila.

little guy says, “hey dude, what’s up and who am i?”

God’s already thinking, “what’s with all the questions?”

You can read the whole article here.

Fun read, yes? Well, he certainly starts off pretty strong with some sharp wit and sassy irreverence, and I enjoyed most of what he probably considers his ode to the fairer sex, but I was really hoping James would do some actual deconstructing of the Bible as he alluded to in the beginning. I’d really love to hear his thoughts on what he considers its “flaws.” I’ve heard the “girls are circles and boys are squares” thing before. Hell, that was one of my epiphanies when I was eleven tracing Green Lantern and Wonder Woman comics. There’s truth to it. But there’s more than just squares and circles in the world, and I personally like those shapes with a bit more complexity to them, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I want to say thank you to James for the entertainment. Keep writing those crazy blog posts, man!

Leslie and the Ly’s

If you don’t know about Leslie Hall, you’re missing out! On what, exactly, you ask? Well, watching this Iowa rapper (via Boston) is like watching a trainwreck of gem sweaters, rapping, bright makeup and beanie babies. You just have to watch her videos to believe what your eyes and ears are telling you. It’s that hypnotizing and disturbing (I recommend multiple viewings to get the real gist of the new reality you’re being exposed to). Thing is, it’s all quite familiar. Who hasn’t seen one of those gem sweaters and gone, ohmigod, get it away from me! But Leslie has turned that repugnant fashion statement into gold. Lamé, that is.

Watch this video and be amazed!

The woman has to be on to something. She got Elvira to work with her on a remake of “Zombie Killers.”

Leslie is going to be in San Francisco this Saturday and nothing could keep me away from seeing her in all her pantsuit glory! For ya’ll in the Bay, come to the Rickshaw Stop (155 Fell Street) and celebrate the anniversary of Cockblock @ 9 pm ! Show’s only 10 dollars. Afterwards, DJ Nuxx and friends spin.

Michael Chabon & Super Drag

“Superheroism is a kind of transvestism; our superdrag serves at once to obscure the exterior self that no longer defines us while betraying, with half-unconscious panache, the truth of the story we carry in our hearts, the story of our transformation, of our story’s recommencement, of our rebirth into the world of adventure, of story itself.”

Read the whole essay, “Secret Skin,” in the online New Yorker, here.

Star Wars Meets Guitar Hero

I wanted to cleanse my mental palette after posting that atrocious SkrullStorm piece (see post before this if you are brave and bold), and what do I find but this wonderful depiction of the classic Star Wars crew as Rock Stars! I love it (although having Darth Vader in the middle is a bit distracting; everything else makes sense to me, but maybe he’s the puppet master making them all play Metallica covers at his whim)! Poor Leia’s face got a bit smooshed in above her nose, and somebody took a few yards off her dress, but I guess the boots and tights make up for a lot of that. Also, Luke’s wearing stacks. Yeah, right, like that whiny brat could work tall shoes. Chewbacca on drums, though? That’s genius.
If anyone knows the artist, please drop me a line and I will credit them. I found out about it on Twitter through some random url. I’m looking at the crowd and I’m betting the artist painted in their friends in the crowd. Love the guy in the glasses. Represent!

Marvel’s Secret Invasion Promo: Storm as Skrull?

So, Marvel’s gearing up the hype machine for its latest on the way crossover world shattering event Secret Invasion where Mark Millar apparently hid skrulls in the Marvel Universe to pose as any character whose, er, character he wanted to assassinate. You can see a good number of the teases here. Among the possible heroes whose place may have been taken by shapechanging aliens are: Luke Cage (in full Power Man regalia), Spider-Woman, Wolverine, Hawkeye and Dark Phoenix (yeahbuwha?). Now they’ve thrown Storm into the mess. Try to avert your eyes if you can, dear reader, but I’m afraid there’s no escaping it.Smart Newsarama reader have already noted that it should read, “WHOM do you trust?” but that’s so beyond helpful at this point. Poor Marvel. Hell, I’m almost wishing Ororo was a skrull so they could redo the whole marriage thing and actually court for two years instead of shoving her and T’Challa together in a sales stunt. *Sigh* Well, there’s still something uglier than Skrull-Storm, and that’s M.O.D.O.K. Storm, courtesy of Marvel Adventures Avengers (which is a damn good read, even if it’s suffered a bit in the humor department since the departure of Jeff Parker).

WonderCon 2008: Writers Old Fashioned

Folks, I’ve been remiss and haven’t given you the skinny on Writers Old Fashioned, an amazing group of comic writers (and artists) who I get to pal around with on the occasional Sunday. Fate is kind!

Writers Old Fashioned is full of fine folks with amazing talent and drive and we were out in fine fashion this WonderCon! Maybe you saw our booth in Artist’s Alley? Maybe you checked out the wares of Matt Silady, Kirsten Baldock, and Jason McNamara? Well, never fear if you were unable to grace us with your presence! Fate (i.e. the internet) has been kind in promoting what Writers Old Fashioned has been up to. Hint: We were busy busy bees!

David Brothers covers WonderCon Day 1 & Day 2:

Matt Silady reveals his “triple threat” plans for 2008:

Newsarama shows us some love:

Newsarama writes about the Isotope party for Darwyn Cooke (check out our very own Danger Bob working a Writers Old Fashion-able t-shirt):
Pictures from the Isotope party honoring Ben Templesmith & Antony Johnston :
Pictures from the Isotope party honoring Darwyn Cooke:

You can visit the Writers Old Fashioned website here. Check out everyone’s bios and see what they’ve got cooking! And check back on the website often as we update!! I’ll do my best to cross post over here as well! Jason McNamara and I ham it up at the Writers Old Fashioned booth. This man is a caution! His wit will astound you. Think you’re beyond blushing? Think you’ve heard it all? Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you! Be sure to check out his new comic The Martian Confederacy, drawn by Paige Braddock! It will be out in July 2008!

On the other hand, Emily Stackhouse is the epitome of etiquette. In this photo, she shows off her inimitable fashion sense while my head disappears into fluorescent lighting! Yippee! Ms. Stackhouse is working on a mini-comic called Brazilianoir! Be sure to keep an eye out for it!

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