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X-Men by Bill Sienkiewicz


Now I am not usually one to celebrate the celluloid versions of Marvel’s mutants, yet I had to share this portrait by Bill Sienkiewicz with you, dear reader.  The painterly style of Sienkiewicz really brings out the dynamic appeal of Jean Grey, Wolverine, Storm and Cyclops.  I am loving the lightning overhead and the chiaroscuro effect it adds.  Simply breathtaking.

Wolverine by Brent Anderson

Wolverine by Brent Anderson

Wolverine is the best there is at what he does, and what he does is kill people. This image by Brent Anderson from an old issue of Marvel Fanfare (I am not sure of the number, sorry) portrays Wolverine as a harbinger of death, with his trademark claws cross-hatching his face. I love the shadowy specter behind Logan and I am partial to seeing our ‘ol Canuck in his brown and orange costume (designed by John Byrne). Simply splendid splash page.

Storm Sunday: Arthur Adams, Part VII


Art Adams is one of my favorite artists and he certainly shaped my opinions about how certain Marvel mutants ought to be represented on the page.  If you do a search for “Arthur Adams” on this blog you will come up with many posts celebrating his work.  The fact that we’re on part seven of a series of posts featuring him ought to let you know how much we love his work here at stormantic.  The above image of the poster he created featuring the 80s rosters of the X-Men and X-Factor is simply awe-inspiring.  Click on the link to see more original art by a modern master.

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Marvel Presents “X-Men Evolutions” Variant Covers!

The Evolution of STORM

Marvel recently sent out an Official Press Release about some pretty cool variant covers they have planned to celebrate their newest X-Men event:

Just in time for X-Men: First To Last, the next big X-epic from Chris Yost, Paco Medina & Dalibor Talajic, Marvel is proud to unveil new X-Men Evolutions variants! Brought to you by some of the best artists in the industry, get ready for a unique look at your favorite mutants and their iconic costume designs from every era! No fan can miss out on these great covers spotlighting the rich history of the X-Men while X-Men: First To Last gives fans a chance to relive the exciting action of Xavier’s first class and experience the thrill of Cyclops’ current team!

The amazing image of Storm through the years is by the underrated David Yardin! I am so glad that Marvel hired him to do this variant cover for The Mighty Thor #2. Now if they could get him to draw a Storm ongoing series, that would be a step in the right direction.  I love the versions of Storm that Yardin chose to highlight.  One subtlety I enjoy is how Ororo’s hands are channeling lightning in every version except for her mohawk self which represents her powerless period (though she started out with her powers when she debuted the ‘hawk).  Storm’s is the best of the crop, in my not so humble opinion, but there were definitely some others that I enjoyed.

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The Wonder Of Cosplay

flash ww

WonderCon is almost upon us and I am so excited!  I will be with my Writers Old Fashioned compadres in Artists’ Alley at booth #AA-088 with Princess Witch Boy candles, original artwork, archival prints, and the last remaining copies of issue #2 (You can read issue #1 here)!  I will also be giving Heroic Tarot readings, so if you have never experienced my award-winning X-Men readings, now is the time!  I will be at the Writers Old Fashioned booth on Friday from 1-7pm, Saturday from 1-7pm and Sunday from 11-5pm.  I look forward to seeing you there!

I really enjoy giving readings at conventions, especially when they are in my hometown!  One of my favorite aspects of the show will be the brave individuals who run around dressed as their favorite characters!  I love to dress up myself whenever I can, but this year I will be living vicariously through other cosplayers.  I dug out some fun images of costumed folks that I had been saving to share with you, dear reader.  I hope you enjoy them and will attend this year’s WonderCon to see me and all of the fantastic imaginauts!  Above, a Flash and Wonder Woman cosplay couple get cozy at the MUNI station.

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Storm Sunday: Trading Cards

Storm Trading Card

I love to collect trading cards of my favorite super-heroes.  They don’t take up as much room as comics and it’s interesting to see what kind of statistics are used each time.  I enjoy seeing different takes on the characters by my favorite artists.  The cards I am featuring today are from my personal collection and you can see the wear and tear I have put them through.  I do believe that some things should be kept in pristine condition, but toys and trading cards are not among those things in my humble opinion.  Join me today as I take a look at some of my favorite Storm-related cards from the early 90s.

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Storm Sunday: Marc Silvestri, Part IV


This Storm Sunday we continue our look at the X-Men artwork of Marc Silvestri where everyone is a beautiful supermodel!  Above, Master Mold threatens to destroy Rogue while he holds Psylocke in his robotic clutches on this cover of The Uncanny X-Men #246!  I am a huge fan of Rogue’s opera gloves, bathing suit and thigh high boots over her black body stocking.  Never cared for Psylocke’s armored outfit with the cape, but I know it has its fans.  Today we’ve got sexy new wave Dazzler, butterfly effect Betsy, impetuous Havok, ‘roided Lorna, lovers Destiny and Mystique, and X-Men lineups from the Australian Outback X-Men and Messiah Complex.

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Storm Sunday: Marc Silvestri, Part III

SilvestriUncanny236 cropt

Today we continue our look at the supermodel/superhero artwork of Marc Silvestri!  I have fifteen original Uncanny X-Men art pages for us to appreciate today, many of them featuring Madelyne Pryor and the Inferno crossover!  

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White Queen Wednesday: Olivier Coipel

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel


Welcome to White Queen Wednesday, gentle reader. This week I turn the artist spotlight towards some truly stunning depictions of Emma Frost drawn by Olivier Coipel. He is without a doubt one of my favorite modern artists and his Emma is simply to die for. The head sketch above is perfection personified with a flawless face and fairly dripping with Emma’s trademark attitude.

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Storm Sunday: Marc Silvestri, Part II

Silvestri_Swim suit Marvel X-Women

The art of Marc Silvestri was a huge influence on me as a young man.  I fell in love with his leggy supermodel heroines and glamour infused narrative style.  His mohawk Storm, tanned Dazzler and corrupt Madelyne Pryor are forever burned into my brain.  He has a way of making everyone, men and women, so pretty.  So, it’s a bit strange that I haven’t had a spotlight on him since this post in 2008!  Let’s rectify that omission by looking at a lot of original artwork!  Above, we see the X-Women take some time to relax in a tropical paradise.  From left to right, Storm, Jean Grey, Rogue, Psylocke, Rachel (above), Meggan, Kitty Pryde and Lockheed.  That’s a bevy of bathing beauties!

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