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Storm Sunday: “No, Scott, I Am Terrified! But I Shall Cope.”


“That’s the spirit.”


Once upon a time, Marvel and DC Comics used to play well together (or at least well enough to produce some amazing comics).  One of the comics they made together showcased the X-Men and the Teen Titans in a crossover that made history!  The Uncanny X-Men and the New Teen Titans was written by X-scribe Chris Claremont, drawn by Walt Simonson (a page of his excellent linework is above) and inked by Terry Austin.  Both titles were in their prime, being very popular at the time due to their excellent scripting and artwork.  The parallels between the two teams was amazing!  Both teams had cool level-headed leaders (Cyclops and Robin), larger than life women with big hair (Storm and Starfire) and young naive members (Kitty Pryde and Changeling).  The story combined the best that both comic companies had to offer and the stakes were high for both teams.

The plot consisted of Darkseid resurrecting Dark Phoenix for his own nefarioys power-hungry purposes and the team-up between comicdom’s most popular heroes (well, at least at the time) is a milestone for the ages.  I love the panel between Storm and Cyclops in which Scott asks about Ororo’s claustrophobia.  I loved it so much I made it today’s subject heading.  The line speaks to me because I am seeing many people around me right now looking truly terrified (myself included) and yet, I see them working with their challenges as best as they can.  This is a time to anticipate challenge rather than avoid it.  It is a time for heroes and the universe is asking for nothing less than our best.  This page celebrates the nature of Storm being able to move ahead in a strenuous time and rise above her fears.  We can do no less.

Today we look at the original artwork of many artists, including Rick Leonardi, Leinil Francis Yu, Chris Bachalo, Salvador Larroca, Phil Jimenez, Sal Buscema and more!

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Storm Sunday Extra: Felipe Massafera

x-men by felipe massafera

Artist Felipe Massafera created this wonderful painting which features many classic X-Men heroes and villains.  Sharing center stage are Storm and Dark (!) Phoenix and just look at all of that hair!  I’m a bit baffled as to why Storm is wearing her classic costume while folks like Psylocke and Bishop are in their 90s era costumes.  And then there’s Phoenix in her red costume (which means she’s evil) instead of her green one (which means she’s good) just floating in the midst of the good guys.  It’s a bit jarring but every time I start to continuity nitpick, the sheer beauty of this artwork shuts me up my inner critic.

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Storm Sunday: Clever, Classy & Cute

Age of X

What’s coming up for Marvel’s mutants?  Something called the “Age of X.”  Writer Mike Carey spoke with Comic Book Resources a little bit about the roster and what the crossover (running through X-Men: Legacy and New Mutants) might or might not be.  Details were hard to come by, and the creators were especially coy, but this information is interesting:

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Storm Sunday: Alan Davis, Part IV

alan davis x-men annual part 2

Today we look at a great selection of  X-Men artwork by the legendary Alan Davis.  Previously we have looked at his work here, here and here.

I recall finding Uncanny X-Men Annual #11 at a book trader (when it was new on the stands) and jumping up in glee at the image.  Alan Davis was already a favorite illustrator of mine and seeing Wolverine, Storm and Psylocke featured so prominently made me squeal.  I had a similar reaction a week ago when I discovered that the art for this Annual actually had separate pieces!  So cool to find this out years later.  Above, we witness our heroes fighting Horde, an alien warlord who made the X-Men travel to the Citadel of Light and Shadow where they had to fight against their hearts’ desires. However, this is not the complete cover.  The background artwork was drawn separately and is featured below.

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White Queen Wednesday: Psylocke, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel

Salutations, gentle reader. In the first hard-hitting issue of the all-new all-different Uncanny X-Force, Psylocke has seemingly borrowed Emma Frost’s brutal take no prisoners tactics and appears deadset on reclaiming her crown as mutantdom’s reigning sexy telepath. But I have bad news for Psylocke, Emma is not ready to relinquish that crown just yet. There are several striking similarities between the two lady telepaths. But while I dearly love Psylocke, Emma is still better. Let me count the ways.

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Storm Sunday: Jim Lee, Part VI

xmen270pag18 copy

Uncanny X-Men #270, page 18

I miss Jean Grey.  I miss her a lot.  There is no doubt in my mind that Ororo does too.  It would be great to see a word balloon here or there that reminds the reader that Jean was the first real friend that Storm had outside of her celebrated goddess role in Kenya.  Jean represents serenity to me.  Since the onset of her telepathic powers, she’s had to find her center and keep it so as not to go crazy from the thoughts of everyone else.  Beginner’s mind?  She’s got it.  And I’m not just saying that because she’s had to rebuild her life countless times from death, clones and cosmic entities.  Jean understands that in order to find peace with the world, one has to have it first within one’s self.  Jean also represents compassion to me.  She does not judge, she is kind.  Jean is ethically and morally forthright and her inner compass guides and inspires those around her.  That’s why half the male X-Men from the First Class to the All-New, All-Different team have fallen for her.  When I read Heroic Tarot with my X-Men deck, I see Jean Grey as embodying the Empress.  She simply is love.

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Storm Sunday Extra: Scott Pilgrim Poster X by Bryan Lee O’Malley


A little while back, we shared a White Queen sketch by Bryan Lee O’Malley, but it seems that that was just a warm up for the talented Scott Pilgrim creator.  Check out this amazing mashup of the Scott Pilgrim universe with the X-Men!!!

Robot 6 reported on this variant “of a new Scott Pilgrim poster from the upcoming SP box set.  Drawn by Bryan Lee O’Malley and colored by Rico Renzi (who came up with the idea of this particular version), it popped up on the Tumblr of Oni’s Douglas E. Sherwood the other day.”

Here’s a list of the Scott Pilgrim characters and their respective X-Men matches:

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Storm Sunday: Jim Lee, Part V


Uncanny X-Men #276, page 22

Jim Lee may be Co-Publisher of DC Comics now, but his work on Marvel’s mutants in the 90s propelled him to prominence in the industry.  In the first panel above, Deathbird, Storm and Banshee listen to Forge (second panel) as he questions the death and destruction on a world the X-Men had hoped to save.  One might say that Forge has always possessed a pessimistic outlook.  His attitudes resulted in his recent madness and subsequent demise in Astonishing X-Men #30.  Many of Jim Lee’s X-Men redesigns are among my favorites, especially the short hairstyle he gave Storm.  I like how the cut frames Ororo’s eyes and gives her a new wave/punk look.  It’s a shame it didn’t last very long.

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Storm Sunday: Coipel, McLeod & Djurdjević

Storm by Olivier Coipel

This Storm Sunday we look at three awesome images by three awesome artists!  First up, we have Olivier Coipel (who also drew an amazing gatefold image for the House of M series).  This commission from this year’s Toronto convention is simply stunning!  Storm does look a lot younger than I am accustomed to seeing her portrayed and she is supermodel runway thin, but I think it all works.  Love the white highlights depicting lighting (lightning?).  I looked for a definitive website for this superstar artist, but didn’t come across anything substantial (even his Wikipedia entry needs massive updating).  I enjoyed his early work on Legion Lost and his most recent run on Thor.

Storm McLeod

Bob McLeod is no stranger to comics, having worked on a number of projects since the early 1970s.  I learned about him from his work on the New Mutants graphic novel and first three issues of the ongoing series.  His version of Storm (above) is classic curvy Ororo (a la John Byrne).


Marko Djurdjević has been creating covers for Marvel for years after gaining recognition and notoriety for his redesigns of the X-Men.  Now he is known for creating definitive X-Men images like the giant poster above  (click on it for a much larger view).

In 2009, he published a book detailing his Marvel art.  Comic Should Be Good has some great examples of Djurdjević’s pencils and painted work.  Djurdjević has drawing videos on YouTube and his art DVD, Character Ideation, is now available as a download.  I love his Warlock redesign.

Storm Sunday: George Pérez, Part II

Perez X-Men Specialty Piece

X-Men drawn by George Pérez?  Yes, please!  This piece is an amazing assortment of mutants, most of which are in their Jim Lee era costumes.  Storm, however, is sporting her 70s look which at first was a bit disconcerting for me.  Was that a specific request of the person who commissioned this piece or is it just George’s favorite look for our weather maven?  Regardless, I love the way George draws her.  She’s totally dominating the upper half of the composition with the power of her presence.

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