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Storm Sunday: Yildiray Cinar

storm by cinar

Today we celebrate the artwork of Yildiray Cinar, an artist from Istanbul, Turkey.  Although Cinar works for DC Comics (currently penciling The Legion of Super-Heroes), today we look at the art of many (and I mean many) Marvel characters he drew for Rittenhouse Archives.  Usually, Storm Sunday focuses solely on our weather maven (and she’s in here, I promise), but she’s going to share the spotlight with her Marvel Universe compatriots.  I will list the names of the characters for the uninitiated, but comments will be sparse as we let the art speak for itself!  If you have a favorite, let me know in the comments.  Let’s go!

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Storm Sunday: Pteranostorm

superdinos-7 storm

Dinosaurs and X-Men definitely have a history.  I have lost track of how many times our mutant heroes have traveled to the Savage Land and battled our ancient ancestors.  However, dinosaurs plus the X-Men?  Suddenly I am swamped with visions of the dinosaur version of Rachel Grey/Summers–known as R’chel–and I want to wash  my brain.  That character was certainly…ahem…memorable.  Luckily for us, the artist known as Legitimus Maximus understands that mutant dinosaurs should be dinosaurs first and mutants second.  His growing collection of superheroes as dinosaurs is humorous and celebratory.  I think you’ll want to check them out.

X-Fan will want to see his dinosaur versions of Nightcrawler, ColossusWolverine, Cyclops, and Gambit!

Storm Sunday: Olivier Coipel

coipel x-men 1

I was a bit surprised to realize that I have not dedicated a Storm Sunday to the amazing linework of Olivier Coipel, an omission that will be corrected today!  You’ve seen this variant cover of X-Men #1 (Volume 2)in all of its colored glory, now feast your eyes on the original pencils featuring Storm, Pixie, Wolverine, Emma Frost, Jubilee and Cyclops.  Coipel never fails to make Storm look like a supermodel!

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Storm Sunday: David Yardin, Part II

giant size x-men 1 recreation by David Yardin

We’ve spotlighted the amazing talents of artist David Yardin once before, but Yardin recently posted some new artwork on the Ororo Munroe/Storm Appreciation Thread on Comic Book Resources in which he recreates the cover of Giant Size X-Men #1 and the pages from when Professor X recruited Storm for the X-Men!  Compare Yardin’s recreation with the inks from the original page below (drawn by Dave Cockrum and inked by Gil Kane).

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Storm Sunday: “No, Scott, I Am Terrified! But I Shall Cope.”


“That’s the spirit.”


Once upon a time, Marvel and DC Comics used to play well together (or at least well enough to produce some amazing comics).  One of the comics they made together showcased the X-Men and the Teen Titans in a crossover that made history!  The Uncanny X-Men and the New Teen Titans was written by X-scribe Chris Claremont, drawn by Walt Simonson (a page of his excellent linework is above) and inked by Terry Austin.  Both titles were in their prime, being very popular at the time due to their excellent scripting and artwork.  The parallels between the two teams was amazing!  Both teams had cool level-headed leaders (Cyclops and Robin), larger than life women with big hair (Storm and Starfire) and young naive members (Kitty Pryde and Changeling).  The story combined the best that both comic companies had to offer and the stakes were high for both teams.

The plot consisted of Darkseid resurrecting Dark Phoenix for his own nefarioys power-hungry purposes and the team-up between comicdom’s most popular heroes (well, at least at the time) is a milestone for the ages.  I love the panel between Storm and Cyclops in which Scott asks about Ororo’s claustrophobia.  I loved it so much I made it today’s subject heading.  The line speaks to me because I am seeing many people around me right now looking truly terrified (myself included) and yet, I see them working with their challenges as best as they can.  This is a time to anticipate challenge rather than avoid it.  It is a time for heroes and the universe is asking for nothing less than our best.  This page celebrates the nature of Storm being able to move ahead in a strenuous time and rise above her fears.  We can do no less.

Today we look at the original artwork of many artists, including Rick Leonardi, Leinil Francis Yu, Chris Bachalo, Salvador Larroca, Phil Jimenez, Sal Buscema and more!

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Storm Sunday Extra: Felipe Massafera

x-men by felipe massafera

Artist Felipe Massafera created this wonderful painting which features many classic X-Men heroes and villains.  Sharing center stage are Storm and Dark (!) Phoenix and just look at all of that hair!  I’m a bit baffled as to why Storm is wearing her classic costume while folks like Psylocke and Bishop are in their 90s era costumes.  And then there’s Phoenix in her red costume (which means she’s evil) instead of her green one (which means she’s good) just floating in the midst of the good guys.  It’s a bit jarring but every time I start to continuity nitpick, the sheer beauty of this artwork shuts me up my inner critic.

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Storm Sunday: Clever, Classy & Cute

Age of X

What’s coming up for Marvel’s mutants?  Something called the “Age of X.”  Writer Mike Carey spoke with Comic Book Resources a little bit about the roster and what the crossover (running through X-Men: Legacy and New Mutants) might or might not be.  Details were hard to come by, and the creators were especially coy, but this information is interesting:

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Storm Sunday: Alan Davis, Part IV

alan davis x-men annual part 2

Today we look at a great selection of  X-Men artwork by the legendary Alan Davis.  Previously we have looked at his work here, here and here.

I recall finding Uncanny X-Men Annual #11 at a book trader (when it was new on the stands) and jumping up in glee at the image.  Alan Davis was already a favorite illustrator of mine and seeing Wolverine, Storm and Psylocke featured so prominently made me squeal.  I had a similar reaction a week ago when I discovered that the art for this Annual actually had separate pieces!  So cool to find this out years later.  Above, we witness our heroes fighting Horde, an alien warlord who made the X-Men travel to the Citadel of Light and Shadow where they had to fight against their hearts’ desires. However, this is not the complete cover.  The background artwork was drawn separately and is featured below.

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Remembering Mike Wieringo, Part III


The amazing Mike Wieringo passed away in 2007, but his artistic legacy lives on!  I’ve written about how Wieringo’s death affected me, and how much I miss his individual take on comics, but I still think about him from time to time and think about how much poorer the industry is without him.

Check out this amazing sketch of X-Men from days gone by.  I’ve included the above image because it contains a fresh take on Storm.  I’ve never seen an artist cross her hands like this before to represent her controlling the weather.  It is a bit reminiscent of Doctor Strange casting spells to me.  I love his take on Colossus and Nightcrawler, but I think all of the characters benefit from his interpretation.  I mean, who would have thought anyone could make Marrow look interesting?  Here’s two more images from Wieringo, displaying his unique brand of adventure and whimsy.

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Storm Sunday: Simone Bianchi, Part III

Astonishing X-Men 29 (pencil)

We have looked at the artwork of Simone Bianchi once after his first issue of Astonishing X-Men hit the stands and again when he did a stint on Wolverine (and we looked at some of his older sketches and artwork).  Today we look at more work from Bianchi’s time on Astonishing X-Men, spotlighting Storm, of course.  Of the sixteen images (!) in this post, Storm is in all of them.  Enjoy!

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