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Storm Sunday: Arthur Adams, Part VII


Art Adams is one of my favorite artists and he certainly shaped my opinions about how certain Marvel mutants ought to be represented on the page.  If you do a search for “Arthur Adams” on this blog you will come up with many posts celebrating his work.  The fact that we’re on part seven of a series of posts featuring him ought to let you know how much we love his work here at stormantic.  The above image of the poster he created featuring the 80s rosters of the X-Men and X-Factor is simply awe-inspiring.  Click on the link to see more original art by a modern master.

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Storm Sunday: Marc Silvestri, Part IV


This Storm Sunday we continue our look at the X-Men artwork of Marc Silvestri where everyone is a beautiful supermodel!  Above, Master Mold threatens to destroy Rogue while he holds Psylocke in his robotic clutches on this cover of The Uncanny X-Men #246!  I am a huge fan of Rogue’s opera gloves, bathing suit and thigh high boots over her black body stocking.  Never cared for Psylocke’s armored outfit with the cape, but I know it has its fans.  Today we’ve got sexy new wave Dazzler, butterfly effect Betsy, impetuous Havok, ‘roided Lorna, lovers Destiny and Mystique, and X-Men lineups from the Australian Outback X-Men and Messiah Complex.

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Storm Sunday: Marc Silvestri, Part III

SilvestriUncanny236 cropt

Today we continue our look at the supermodel/superhero artwork of Marc Silvestri!  I have fifteen original Uncanny X-Men art pages for us to appreciate today, many of them featuring Madelyne Pryor and the Inferno crossover!  

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White Queen Wednesday: Olivier Coipel

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel


Welcome to White Queen Wednesday, gentle reader. This week I turn the artist spotlight towards some truly stunning depictions of Emma Frost drawn by Olivier Coipel. He is without a doubt one of my favorite modern artists and his Emma is simply to die for. The head sketch above is perfection personified with a flawless face and fairly dripping with Emma’s trademark attitude.

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White Queen Wednesday Extra: New Writer, New Costume

An Emma Frost Update
by Ken Kneisel


Hello again, gentle reader. Marvel’s solicitations for April were recently released and they reveal some interesting indications for Emma Frost. Beginning in April’s Uncanny X-Men #534.1, the title will be getting a new regular writer, Kieron Gillen. Judging from these covers, Emma Frost has taken this creative change as an opportunity to get herself a new costume as well. Or perhaps new costumes, plural.

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White Queen Wednesday: Stephane Roux

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel


Welcome to White Queen Wednesday, gentle reader. On Sunday, STORM spotlighted some lovely Storm artwork drawn by Stephane Roux. I love the first few issues of Zatanna’s current ongoing series he drew. So I thought I would share with you some equally appealing Stephane Roux drawings of Emma Frost as well. In the above image, Emma is wearing her White Queen outfit from her time with the Hellfire Club, although not for long since she has dropped her cape and is in the process of unlacing her corset. Naughty Emma!

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Storm Sunday: Mongolia X-Men Stamps

Mongolia X-Men Stamps

Like many X-Men fans, I have fond memories of the 90s era X-Men cartoon back when Jim Lee was given free reign with the comics under then Marvel Comics editor Bob Harras.  Readers of Heroic Tarot Tuesday know that I am still using the characters and designs from that era in my Heroic Tarot readings.  I don’t know how I managed to miss out on these Mongolia X-Men stamps from 1995, but many thanks to C. B. Cebulski for bringing them to my attention.  Looking at the artwork, I think the most successful images are the ones of Bishop and Gambit, but they all have a certain something to celebrate.  The descriptions are kind of funny in a not on purpose kind of way, but they serve their function.  I find it interesting that the worth of each stamp increases from 30 Togrug or Tugrik (I am not making this up) to 250, with Bishop being the lowest and Wolverine eclipsing Professor X as the highest.  This sheet of eight is listed as Volume 1, but I am fairly certain there was never a Volume 2.  There was, however, a special edition sheet featuring Wolverine versus Magneto (below). 

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The Heroic Age: X-Men

Wolverine Heroic Age Profile

We’ve already looked at The Heroic Age: X-Men file cards of Storm and Emma Frost, and now we look at the rest of mutants who appear to be the official roster of the X-Men.  These mini-dossiers are “written” by former Captain America Steve Rogers as he assesses every super-powered individual on the planet.  Wolverine leads the pack.  I find Steve’s worries about Wolverine to be similarly expressed in his writeup about Storm and her loyalties to the X-Men and the Black Panther.  Hasn’t Steve been balancing his loyalties to S.H.I.E.L.D., the Avengers and his country all of these years?  Surely he knows people can belong to more than one organization and still fulfill their duties.  What I find rather hilarious (in a purely hypocritical way) is how the former Captain (and World War II veteran) professes to be against Wolverine’s killer ways (and acknowledges that having him on the Avengers is bad publicity) but he chooses to ignore it because he’s a “valuable resource.”  I suppose it would take a mind smarter than Steve’s to reconcile the paradox that is Wolverine. Wolvie is just one of the eighteen heroes (counting Storm and Emma)–who are considered active X-Men–looked at through the eyes of a super-soldier…

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Storm Sunday: Yildiray Cinar

storm by cinar

Today we celebrate the artwork of Yildiray Cinar, an artist from Istanbul, Turkey.  Although Cinar works for DC Comics (currently penciling The Legion of Super-Heroes), today we look at the art of many (and I mean many) Marvel characters he drew for Rittenhouse Archives.  Usually, Storm Sunday focuses solely on our weather maven (and she’s in here, I promise), but she’s going to share the spotlight with her Marvel Universe compatriots.  I will list the names of the characters for the uninitiated, but comments will be sparse as we let the art speak for itself!  If you have a favorite, let me know in the comments.  Let’s go!

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Storm Sunday: Pteranostorm

superdinos-7 storm

Dinosaurs and X-Men definitely have a history.  I have lost track of how many times our mutant heroes have traveled to the Savage Land and battled our ancient ancestors.  However, dinosaurs plus the X-Men?  Suddenly I am swamped with visions of the dinosaur version of Rachel Grey/Summers–known as R’chel–and I want to wash  my brain.  That character was certainly…ahem…memorable.  Luckily for us, the artist known as Legitimus Maximus understands that mutant dinosaurs should be dinosaurs first and mutants second.  His growing collection of superheroes as dinosaurs is humorous and celebratory.  I think you’ll want to check them out.

X-Fan will want to see his dinosaur versions of Nightcrawler, ColossusWolverine, Cyclops, and Gambit!

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