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Read Heroic Tarot In Bold Italic!

STORM and Storm

It is with great happiness and humility that I get to share some awesome news with you, dear reader!  The above image was taken from a new article about Heroic Tarot in The Bold Italic!  I was was excellently interviewed by Tony DuShane and brilliantly caricaturized by Heather Tompkins.  I am so in love with how Tompkins chose to have me give my goddess Ororo Munroe a reading!  It simply uncanny!  Click here to see for yourself!

Storm Sunday: Michael Golden

Michael Golden - Storm

We conclude our recent Michael Golden appreciation with a look at Golden’s interpretation of the X-Men’s Storm!  Above, an inked sketch by the master himself.  Love the pose, the facial structure and the lighting on her costume.  Golden designs Ororo’s tiara much larger than it is usually depicted, but the proportions are great overall.  And like Dave Cockrum (Storm’s creator), Golden gives Storm a massive mane of hair!

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Super-Spotlight on Michael Golden!

Golden - marvel heroes

We continue our Michael Golden appreciation with more amazing artwork by the modern master!  Today we look at old school Marvel Comics images as well as convention sketches and commissions! Click below to marvel (pun intended) at Rogue (Michael Golden co-created her!) Doctor Strange, Clea, and more!  Above, 1980s Marvel heroes (and anti-heroes, we see you Punisher and Elektra) super-spar around a statue.

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Spotlight on Doctor Strange with Michael Golden & Frank Miller!

drstrange portfolio - golden 003

Michael Golden is one of the comic industry’s greats and his depiction of Doctor Strange (among many other characters) is seminal.  A master illustrator, he is often cited as one of Arthur Adams’ influences.  He is also the co-creator of the X-Men’s Rogue!  Today we celebrate a few of his Doctor Strange images from a portfolio he created in the early 1908s.  Above, we have a lovely image of the good Doctor with his disciple and lover Clea!  The detailed designs in this drawing are breathtaking and remind me of J.H.Williams III’s later work on Promethea!

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Black Bolt and Medusa by Cliff Chiang

Chiang Black Bolt and Medusa

In celebration of this week’s release of the all new first issue of Wonder Woman drawn by Cliff Chiang (and written by Brian Azzarello), today we feature this amazing sketch of Black Bolt and Medusa, King and Queen of the Inhumans!  Enjoy!


Cliff Chiang’s Fiery Females

Cliff Chiang Goblin Queen

We recently celebrated the art of Cliff Chiang this past Storm Sunday and today we feature his amazing sketches of some of Marvel’s fiercest “bad girls”!  Above Madelyne Pryor, Goblin Queen of the X-Men cross-over Inferno (and clone of Jean Grey), poses with her demonic cohort N’astirh.

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Here Comes The Sun!

Crook and Flail

Today is my Solar Return!  As has become stormantic custom, I like to take a moment to celebrate the highlights of the past year!  It has been a while since I have written an update and I am excited to share my happiness with you!

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Storm Sunday Extra Extra: Chris Samnee, Part II

storm - samnee

Chris Samnee (rhymes with “omni”) is one of my favorite contemporary artists.  I love this image for the movement implied by the whirlwind surrounding Storm.  Samnee also draws Storm’s tiara in the exact manner as it was created by Storm’s creator Dave Cockrum.

Check out a previous Storm Sunday Extra Extra by Samnee featuring an awesome image of Storm with a black panther.

Storm Sunday Extra: Cliff Chiang

storm by cliff chiang

Cliff Chiang is one of the most interesting artists working in comics these days!  Don’t believe me?  Check out his convention sketches on his blog for proof!  His sleek clean lines are gorgeous and there does not seem to be a character that the man cannot draw!  Above, a head shot of mohawk Storm begins our appreciation of Chiang.  But there’s Storm as Janet Jackson, a fastball special, Marvel Girl and more after the jump!

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Storm Sunday: Brent Anderson, Part II

Brent Anderson Storm

Greetings, dear reader!  Today we celebrate the artwork of Brent Anderson!  We have looked at this amazing artist’s work before, but once I discovered these original art pencils, I had to give him another spotlight!

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