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Shine Your Light! Heroic Tarot’s February Schedule

The Star - Cosmic Tribe Tarot

Inspiration! Peace! Healing! The Star shines above, connecting us to Source energy. It remind us of our dreams, leads us back to our highest vibrations. In Tarot, we celebrate the Star as a harbinger of inner calm and wholeness. It symbolizes power from within, a sense of grace. The Star relates astrologically to Aquarius, the sign of having the courage to be your self. The recent New Moon in Aquarius opened up new avenues of freedom so we may begin cycles of manifestation. What old habits or stories are you releasing? What fresh perspective has imbued your consciousness? What aspect of your Self needs new expression?

Tarot is a magically helpful practice to plant the seeds of potential with illuminated insight. Let Heroic Tarot assist with your journey and make an appointment today!

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Never Stop Learning


“I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” ~Albert Einstein

It has been over a year since I have been teaching one on one Tarot classes. I have found the experience to be incredibly gratifying and even more so when I get positive feedback like this from a current student:

I’ve been meaning to write a review for a long time now, but thought there were so many things I had to say that I would not know how to start. I guess I should start by saying that I’ve known Storm for over a year now. Back then, I was really looking for a tarot teacher and thought it would be better if I first looked for a reader, got a reading from them, and later figured out if I would have them as a teacher.

That’s what happened with Storm. I loved my first reading! He is one of the warmest people I know! And guess what? He is now my teacher. Yes! He is a tarot teacher as well! I bet you didn’t know that. He is super well-organized, he plans classes and lessons based on your needs and interests. He works FOR and WITH you.
I’m still his student and right now I can see we have grown a lot together, I’ve learnt soooo much from him! And it has always been about the subjects and things that I wanted to learn, read about, or find out.

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Have Cards, Will Travel

Ten of Pentacles

Hey San Francisco Folks! I am excited to now offer readings in the comfort and privacy of your own home! That’s right, Heroic Tarot now makes house calls! Readings are an hour and I accept all credit cards, PayPal and cash.

If you are outside of the city and would like a home reading, please contact me for details on travel expenses.

Bright Blessings!

~Storm Arcana (415)260-2903 /

Access Your Potential! Heroic Tarot’s January Schedule


“Every moment has infinite potential. Every new moment contains for you possibilities that you can’t possibly imagine. Every day is a blank page that you could fill with the most beautiful drawings.” ~John C. Parkin

It’s a new year in a New Moon and all slates are clean. You no longer have to cling to any old stories or identities attached to them. You are a being of unlimited potential and now is the perfect time to strive for your highest ideals! What journey are you on? What experiences do you wish to have in your life? Plant those seeds now and tend your garden with wisdom and compassion. Soon you will be yielding a new crop of achievements.

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Mastermind Fitness & Heroic Tarot Join Forces in “Super-Powered: Tools for Life”


Heroic Tarot and Mastermind Fitness invite you to join Tarot Reader Storm Arcana and Master Trainer Chris Resciniti for a Sunday afternoon meet up dedicated to total health! These San Francisco businesses were created to help you forge a new connection with your spirit. Heroic Tarot uses the cards, symbolism and numerology, unlocking intuition so you can rise to your challenges with panache! Mastermind Fitness was created to take fitness out of its pedestrian context and make it an experience of empowerment and rebellion. With our combined wizard and warrior powers we can help you awaken your sacred superhero!

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Center Your Self! Heroic Tarot’s December Schedule


In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.” ~Deepak Chopra 

‘Tis the season to navigate chaos. The mass market media holiday blitz can be a challenge on many levels in a variety of ways. However, it is vital now more than ever to remember to find safety amidst the ruckus. This is a perfect time to honor the practice of stillness.  For this reason, I chose to spotlight the second Tarot card of the Major Arcana, the High Priestess. In this Rider-Waite-Smith deck image we see a wise woman seated in a temple between two pillars. One is black and one is white, representing the polarities we encounter in life. We experience these opposites and sometimes define them as good or bad, right and wrong, positive and negative, limiting our connection to any true understanding of their roles in our lives.

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Creating Conscious Community-Based Culture


Slowly they’ve been creeping into your local drugstores, easing out the rows of half-priced Halloween candy and costume accessories. They’ve sidled up next to the turkey-themed tablecloths and cornucopia candles like vultures circling roadkill. They arrived in bright, gaudy copious amounts and there’s glittery, metallic, and blinking versions of them. You know of what I speak. The winter holiday decorations are here. And it’s not just them, it’s what they’ve brought in with them. 

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Broaden Your Horizons! Heroic Tarot’s November Schedule

8 of Pentacles

“Excellence is in the details. Give attention to the details and excellence will come.” ~Perry Paxton

I received The Housewives Tarot as a present for my birthday in September and I am consistently amazed at its humor and depth of insight. I pulled a card for the month of November and its message is quite inspirational:

When the Eight of Pentacles appears, a sudden stroke of genius may guide you to an enterprising new field. Put your talents and imagination to use.

The Eight of Pentacles also indicates a time of great diligence and focus. Are there projects that you have been putting off that require your diligence? Be sure to invest your time and energy in them and pay close attention to the details. This Eight relates to inner knowledge and finding ways to put that knowledge into use. The key to success is to believe in your result and give it your all. Extraordinary effort will yield extraordinary results!

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Plant New Seeds! Heroic Tarot’s October Schedule

Tea and Heroic Tarot.

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.” ~Nido Qubein

As of October 6th, Heroic Tarot returns to San Francisco! I am now taking appointments for individual readings starting as early as October 7th. 

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Heroic Tarot Returns to San Francisco!

San Francisco New Years Fireworks - Happy New Year 2012

“Every traveler has a home of his own, and he learns to appreciate it the more from his wandering.” ~Charles Dickens

Greetings and salutations on this lovely Harvest Full Moon! My spiritual sojourn in Santa Fe, New Mexico has come to a close and as of October 5th, Heroic Tarot returns to San Francisco! I am now taking appointments for individual readings starting as early as October 7th.  Make your appointment today! Having a Halloween party? Book Heroic Tarot for your event! Interested in learning Tarot one on one? Enroll in Heroic Tarot Academy! I look forward to seeing you all in person!

Bright Blessings!

~Storm Arcana (415)260-2903 /

The above amazing photo was taken by Darvin Atkeson.

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