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Comics Jam! Live Comic Drawing with Six Bay Area Comic Creators!

Six Bay Area Comic Artists! Six Pages With Six Panels! Six Wildly Unique Stories!

Come on down to Flax this Saturday, October 23rd from 3 – 5 pm as Flax hosts their first ever Comic Jam Event!
Watch as Bay Area comic creators Jamaica Dyer, Kane Lynch, Nicky Nargesian, Doctor Popular, STORM & Sophie Yanow collaborate on six different comics, rotating pages and panels every 15 minutes!

At the session’s conclusion, the resulting comics will be put on display for everyone to enjoy!

Be sure to stop by the Comics Jam merchandise booth, where each artist will have a sampling of their works on sale for the duration of the event!  There will definitely be copies of STORM’s Princess Witch Boy #2 on hand!

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to see live comic drawing and pick up a few great books by some of the Bay Area’s best indie creators!

Princess Witch Boy Press: APE 2010

Alternative Press Expo 2010 was great fun!  I saw great folks from years past and met lots of new people!  Many issues of Princess Witch Boy #2 were sold and many Heroic Tarot readings were given!  Writers Old Fashioned had all new banners this year, hosted a comics demo and had our first panel!

Speaking on the panel was a great experience!  Everyone spoke from the heart, sharing their perspectives and process on creating comics.  Justin Hall was a great moderator, briskly moving us along from one topic to another.  His questions were poignant and he gave us all an opportunity to talk about our individual comics.

In addition to being the first stop for JK Parkin (from Robot 6 at Comic Book Resources), he also penned a lovely writeup of the Writers Old Fashioned panel and shares artwork from our current and upcoming projects.  I am so happy that PWB2 made it into his take home pile of comics!

Princess Witch Boy #2 Debuts at Alternative Press Expo 2010!


Princess Witch Boy is a fantasy memoir, weaving together true tales of one boy’s story with the adventures of three different women from his imagination.  The second issue focuses on Replica, a shape-changing super-spy from a distant planet.  As Replica searches for clues pertaining to her identity, the young boy learns startling revelations about his family.  By pretending to be Replica, he finds the means to survive in less than ideal situations.  This story examines the places in which fantasy and reality intersect, creating new ways to think and to believe.  

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Return of the Solar God!

promethea 39

Today is my birthday!  I am so happy to ring in another year of comics, fashion and adventure!  Thanks to all of you folks who read this blog!  I especially appreciate those who leave their thoughts on the things that Ken Kneisel (that’s Mr. White Queen Wednesday to you!) and I post here.  I look forward to sharing much more with you in the future.
Isis_Cover3 It was just January of this year that I started Heroic Tarot, offering people my unique take on traditional tarot infused with superheroes.  It has been so fulfilling to assist so many wonderful people with manifesting their dreams through reflection.  I was surprised and thrilled when I received an SF Weekly Best of Award for my work.  Many thanks to all of my clients!  I love you, San Francisco!
HorusIt has been amazing working with local artists and designers as manager of Swankety Swank.  If you live in San Francisco and haven’t investigated all of the amazing art furniture, clothes and more that 289 Divisadero has to offer, I recommend you do so post haste.  When you shop local you invest in your community.  Wouldn’t you like to know the people behind the things that you buy?  Hard working artists deserve your support and The House of Swankety Swank has some great things coming up thanks to the visionary Yabette Alfaro!
Madame Xanadu #29As resident Glitterati at Isotope Comic Book Lounge, I get to sell comics to the most intellectual and adventurous readers on the planet!  I also get to work with the two of the most inspirational human beings in the multiverse:  Doctor Strange and Clea, er, I mean James Sime and Kirsten Baldock!   I look forward to every Wednesday with anticipation and am constantly amazed by the breadth of knowledge and overall geekery from our customers!  Thank you comic book aficionados for loving the medium with all your heart and then some!  You rock!

Speaking of comics, a big shout out to my comrades in creating comics, Writers Old Fashioned!  We will be quite visible at Alternative Press Expo this year, even having a panel of our very own!  Stay tuned!
PWB2_pg37Speaking of Alternative Press Expo, I am super excited about debuting the second issue of my memoir fantasy comic Princess Witch Boy!  A special print run of #2 already debuted at the Swankety Swank Team Valor event, but the new run will have four new pages of art, remastered lettering by the amazing Josh Richardson and a brand spanking new cover (without spanking, oddly enough–fans of that will have to wait until issue four).
I have so much love and gratitude for all of the amazing people in the world!  Thank you for following your bliss!  Know that you are appreciated and adored!  Blessings to you all!  ~STORM

Eye of STORM©

STORM Sunday: Snap Judgment’s Superheroes: Origin Stories

Last WonderCon, NPR Producer Stephanie Foo had one question on her mind:  What was the first superhero that you created?  She asked this question to many comic book artists and I was one of them.  I found it rather serendipitous that she wanted to know about the heroes I created as a kid as I am drawing them now as an adult for my self-published memoir fantasy comic Princess Witch Boy!  A week later, Stephanie wrote me, asking for images from my childhood of Replica, Velvet and Galaxy Runway and I was super psyched to share them with her and thereby the world!  Isn’t the internet still a marvel at which to be in awe?!

I found Stephanie’s project to be quite extraordinary and I was excited that the pop culture zeitgeist of comics had reached National Public Radio in such a way as to warrant its own segment, but I had no idea about the level of comic brilliance in which I would be included!   I have been a fan of David Mack ever since my first issue of Kabuki and the art of Paul Maybury is super inspirational (I’ve even blogged about him)! I adore Miriam Libicki and have much love for my fellow compatriot in Writers Old Fashioned Stephenny Godfrey!  In fact, all of the creators involved are amazing and everyone shares some great stories!   Listen to the interviews and watch the artist slideshow which compares the artists’ childhood drawings with their adult work.  Episode 107 of Snap Judgment has more stories tied to the theme of Superheroes: Origin Stories.

I thought it might be fun to show you the images that Snap Judgment shared paired with their modern day representations.

Galaxy Runway

This was the first image I ever drew of Galaxy Runway. Eagle-eyed comic readers (or longtime fans of this blog) might recognize Gigi’s pose from a certain Classic X-Men issue that I used to trace over many many times.  You see, dear reader, that my Arthur Adams obsession is intricately interwoven with my adolescence.  There’s just no escaping it.  Who would want to?

Galaxy Runway & Mishkiva by STORM

And here’s Galaxy Runway as she appears today, fresh from her adventures in the back pages of SwankSpeak!, the magazine of San Francisco boutique/gallery Swankety Swank.  Gigi (her first name) is joined by her travelling companion Mishkiva.  Expect to see more of her soon as a new issue of SwankSpeak! will be coming out at the end of September.  At the end of this year, I have plans to share the collected Galaxy Runway strips online.


This is the first drawing I made of Replica, shape-shifting super-spy of the Interstellar Data Coalition.  She was traced from a drawing of Susan Storm, the Invisible Woman of Marvel Comics’ Fantastic Four.  The image was from The Official Marvel Comics Try-Out  Book.

Princess Witch Boy #2 by STORM

This is Replica’s modern version as seen in Princess Witch Boy issue #2.  The cover above is from a Team Valor limited edition which has sold out.  A new run (with a new cover and more interior art) will be on sale at San Francisco’s Alternative Press Expo this October and available for purchase online after the convention.

SwankSpeak! Issue #2 Available Now!

PrintDear Reader, I am the Shop Manager of Swankety Swank, a boutique gallery located in San Francisco, California.  Swankety Swank  represents handcrafted items from over 20 local artists including furniture, accessories, and clothing.  We celebrate our artists and community with art walks, trunk sales and gallery openings.   We also have  SwankSpeak! a bi-monthly magazine!

The 24 page second issue of SwankSpeak! is created with sincerity, intelligence and love and three of the features are created by Yours Truly:

First, there’s “Creative Genius”, a column about inspiration & art with essays by Dean Haspiel (ACT-I-VATE), Kelly Lydick (Mastering the Dream) & Serena Valentino (Fairest of All)!

I have a two page comic strip of Galaxy Runway, my Princess Witch Boy spin-off!  It’s a great way to enjoy my art while I get crackin’ on issue #2 of PWB!

Every issue I interview one of Swankety Swank’s amazing artists and this issue I speak with DAS-OWL fashion house designers Deborah Sciales and Oliver Lowe!

There’s also a gorgeous photographic fashion story “Natural Magick” by superb photographer Eartha L. Goodwin featuring models Tiff RojasMary Van Note (Mary is also our “Muse of the Month”)!

Come visit us at 289 Divisadero (btw Haight & Page Sts.) in San Francisco for your own copy.  If you are not in San Francisco, you can order this issue or purchase a year’s subscription!

When you buy a subscription to SwankSpeak! you will receive 6 issues a year! That’s 4 issues of consumer consciousness and creativity coming from The House of Swankety Swank to Yours!

SwankSpeak! The Voice from The House of Swankety Swank!

Swankety Swank presents SwankSpeak! The Official Voice from the House of Swankety Swank! This ‘zine is chock-full of amazing goodness that speaks to the creative forces driving our conscious consumer commodities boutique/art gallery.  Inside you will find an interview with gibbous fashion house conducted by yours truly, my new column Creative Genius and a one page comic of Galaxy Runway: Supermodel Sorceress of the Cosmic Catwalk (spinning off from my Princess Witch Boy comic book!).  If you are in San Francisco, come on down and visit Swankety Swank for your free copy!  If you aren’t in the city, you can order your own copy of this premier issue or a year’s subscription!

Princess Witch Boy Receives A Faerie Blessing!


My first print run of Princess Witch Boy totaled 200 issues and I sold most of those copies at last year’s Alternative Press Expo.  Tonight I have finished adding the last touches on a second print run of 250.  One hundred and one of those 250 are a special variant batch.  I have used red staples and a cardstock cover on this new run, added spot color on a specific page, and decorated the covers with faerie dust (it’s not just glitter, keep reading).  The result is quite satisfying and I am looking forward to debuting them at the event at Wicked Grounds tomorrow (today, really, but who looks at the time?).
The House of Major Production (that’s me!).  This is how the magick gets done!
spotcolor I colored three panels in the middle of the story with Prismacolor pencils in all of the 101 variant issues.  Pink for the brain, magenta for the heart and yellow for the soul.  Don’t you just love things taken out of context?
Ken Kneisel shows off his stapling skills You gotta have friends.  The generous Mr. Ken Kneisel was kind enough to help me in the production of the second run and stapled all 250 issues for me! Thanks, Ken! (Doesn’t his new haircut by Heather from the Wak Shack look sharp?)
This is where the faerie dust comes in. See, glitter is great, but when combined with the ashes from 8 years of bonfires that took place at a Radical Faerie Sanctuary the energy is so much more potent!   This faerie dust is from the combined 8 batches that I made after attending gatherings with very magickal beings. I danced around all of those fires and I know the intention that went into those times.  This dust is very much a part of my magickal toolbox, like Dr. Strange’s Cloak of Levitation is to him.  It was with a lot of joy and love that I added this dust to my comics.  I want to the energy of those times at the sanctuary to make its way out into the world.  Any more information than that about the sanctuary and I’d be telling secrets. If you need to know more I suggest you do some research on the Radical Faeries.   Please don’t consider me snarky as I am simply being protective of a gentle counter culture.

If glitter is not your thing (I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be, but different strokes, etc)  there are 150 issues without the spot color and faerie dust blessing.   However, they do have cardstock covers and red staples!  I was so excited to find red staples!  How cool is that?

You can order your own copy of the special variant edition of Princess Witch Boy on my Etsy site!

Princess Witch Boy: Galaxy Runway Painting!


I recently took a break from penciling Princess Witch Boy #2 to create this 12 x 12 acrylic painting of Galaxy Runway, Supermodel Sorceress of the Spaceways (known as Gigi to her friends)!  Galaxy Runway is one of the three spirits whose adventures Princess Witch Boy channels.  It is awesome to reveal how Gigi looks in color to readers of the black and white Princess Witch Boy mini-comic !   Work on the next issue is coming along and I’ve been waking up at all hours of the night with ideas (which I promptly write down, natch!) If you don’t write your ideas down when you get them, you don’t deserve to keep them!

You can purchase this painting at my Etsy shop.

STORM Sunday: Princess Witch Boy Press!

Last week’s Alternative Press Expo was amazing!  Debuting my first mini-comic was a great experience.  I loved seeing a lot of people I talked to last year as well as meeting a horde of new folks this year!  Press has been very kind to me and my funny book endeavor and I am feeling so much gratitude that it is simply quite humbling, dear reader!

Princess Witch Boy made it into the take home pile of JK Parkin from Robot 6 of Comic Book Resources, Comicvine reporter Sara Lima interviewed me on the first day of APE in a heartfelt exchange of mutual admiration, and JK Parker quotes me in his article about “The Garage Band of Comic Cons.”

Sara Lima is the Lois Lane of our generation!  Her energy is infectious! You can really tell that she loves comics!  Check her articles out on Comicvine and chat her up in the comments section!  Start up a conversation with her about Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl or Namor the Submariner, but make sure you know what you’re talking about!  Not only is she smart like Lois Lane, but she is also tough like Wonder Woman!  To wit:
wonder sara

wonder sara 2I really wish I had met Sara at WonderCon when I was dressed as Black Widow! What fun we would have had!  There’s always next Con!

So, after you watch the video and read JK’s articles, check out two pages from Princess Witch Boy.  The meaning behind the pages may seem a bit esoteric, but please remember that they are taken out of context.  I wanted to share some of the work without giving it all away.   The image below depicts Princess Witch Boy drawing under the protective powers of an Egyptian Goddess.  (And yes, these pix have ginormous borders).

Princess Witch Boy Book One, Page 9
I had a hard time coming up with a three dimensional design for the Goddess, and by that I mean I wanted a more realistic approach to her without resorting to flat hieroglyphs.  For a few weeks I was really stuck.  Then on my birthday I went to the Tutankhamen exhibit here in San Francisco and I had a sign.  My Goddess was beautifully rendered at the head of a Queen’s sarcophagus and her sister was at the feet.  Yes, I’m being deliberately vague about the identity of the Goddess right now and I never call her by name in the pages of Princess Witch Boy.  However, I do draw her hieroglyph in the book.  So it’s not exactly a secret, but it’s also not important that I name the Goddess in Book One.  There’s already enough people to get to know in the beginning.  I will reveal more about this Goddess in Book Two.
Princess Witch Boy Book One, Page 12
Velvet is one of the three women that Princess Witch Boy turns into in his imagination.  Her story runs concurrently with his in Book Four.   Velvet is a magickal hybrid of human and djinn.  As such, she has untapped potential and power.  However, Vivian Van Ray, the daughter of billionaire tycoon Count Vincent Van Ray, would rather stay at home in her greenhouse studio and paint all day.  Then something happens that rips her from the safety of her father, her art and her home.  A betrayal of blood at first and the worst of all prisons in the end.

Velvet is a very important character for me because she was the first superhero that I traced off of a comic book to get the proportions right.   I used to trace all of the bodies for my female characters off of Storm from Classic X-Men #3 and the How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way image of Susan Storm.  The Reed Richards image from the book was used in conjunction with a Hal Jordan Green Lantern comic to trace the bodies of the male characters.  I’ve have drawn Velvet all of my life and she’s gone through many incarnations.  I love her most recent one the best and that is how it should be.  Looking forward to sharing her story with you, dear reader.

However, now I must show you some fun pictures from APE antics!  Indulge me! if you will, as I celebrate some fabulous folks!  What an amazing coincidence that I appear in every photogtraph!  Enjoy!

tristan storm pwb

My buddy the wizard wunderkind Tristan Leder shows his Princess Witch Boy pride by wearing the appropriate color for the launch!  Much love to Wuvable Oaf for bringing the pink in the first place!  Check out Tristan’s blog for some amazing King City art by Brandon Graham!

oafsMore Wuvable Oaf love brought to you by yours truly and the #1 White Queen fan in the multiverse Ken Kneisel!

writers old fashioned foursomeWriters Old Fashioned give good booth!  From left to right, yours truly, Emily Stackhouse, DangerBob and Steph Godfrey!

james n meAnd I leave you with one of my favorite images from the weekend.  At Isotope’s APE Aftermath party, James Sime relays very important information to me and I pay close attention.  Time has stopped and we are casting spells like the comic book sorcerers that we are!  Or maybe he’s telling me to go clean up all the empty cocktail cups off of the window ledge.  Yeah, that’s probably it.


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