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Here Comes The Sun!

Crook and Flail

Today is my Solar Return!  As has become stormantic custom, I like to take a moment to celebrate the highlights of the past year!  It has been a while since I have written an update and I am excited to share my happiness with you!

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STORM Presents: Princess Witch Boy #2

Princess Witch Boy is a fantasy memoir by STORM, weaving together true tales of one boy’s story with the adventures of three different women from his imagination.  The first issue debuted in November of 2009 at the Alternative Press Expo  in San Francisco.  The second issue debuted at Swankety Swank’s Team Valor event and features the shape-shifting super-spy Replica!  Enjoy! Click on images to make them larger in Flickr.  Feel free to leave your thoughts and reflections in the comments section!Princess Witch Boy #2 (Cover) by STORM

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All Pros, No Cons; Simply Wonder Full!

Holdin' Court

This past weekend I worked my stuff at the Writers Old Fashioned table, selling Princess Witch Boy comics and candles, and giving Heroic Tarot readings at WonderCon 2011!  The awesome science-fiction/pop culture blog io9 named my X-Men Tarot “Best of WonderCon Floor”!  That’s me sandwiched in between mainstream movies Green Lantern and Sucker Punch (scroll down for my super cheesy photo) in the title!

Many thanks to everyone who came out to the booth and made a purchase or just said hello!   I enjoyed seeing so many familiar faces and met a ton of new ones!  Here’s some highlights from my experience!

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It’s In The Cards! Heroic Tarot Update!


If you are looking for a Heroic Tarot reading this weekend, you will have to attend WonderCon!  I will be at the  Writers Old Fashioned table in Artists’ Alley (#AA-088) on Friday from 1-7pm, Saturday from 1-7pm and Sunday from 11-5pm.  Princess Witch Boy candles, original artwork, archival prints, and the last remaining copies of issue #2 will be available for purchase!  You can read Princess Witch Boy #1 for free here!

After WonderCon, I have openings on Friday the 8th (3, 4, 5, 6pm), Saturday the 9th (2, 3, 4, 5, 6pm) and Monday the 11th (2, 3, 4pm).  Call 415.932.6615 or email HeroicTarot(at)gmail(dot)com to make an appointment!

STORM Presents: Princess Witch Boy #1


Princess Witch Boy is a fantasy memoir, weaving together true tales of one boy’s story with the adventures of three different women from his imagination.  This first issue debuted in November of 2009 at the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco.  As of this writing, both printings of Princess Witch Boy #1 are out of print.  To celebrate, I have decided to share it with you!  Issue #2, featuring the shape-shifting super-spy Replica is still available and can be purchased here.

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The Gay League Reviews Princess Witch Boy!

Princess Witch Boy #2 (flowers) Cropped

The nice folks at the Gay League just posted a heartfelt review of Princess Witch Boy #1 and 2!  Check it out!  Here’s a snippet:

“I thought, perhaps from the juxtaposition of princess, witch, and boy that this was probably a cute and breezy, fairy tale like adventure. Well, breezy hardly, though it is a tale touching on the faerie world and as Storm refers to his work, a fantasy memoir.”

Sacred Superhero Candles

“Light is the first of the painters.  There is no object so foul, that intense light will not make it beautiful.”  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Princess Witch Boy candles

Let there be light!  STORM presents Sacred Superhero Candles!  Pictured above are five candles covered with original artwork from STORM’s independent memoir fantasy comic Princess Witch Boy. The latest issue–and archival prints–are available at Swankety Swank and on etsy!

Superhero Bookshelf by STORM (stormantic)

Princess Witch Boy candles are not the only lightbringers available at Swankety Swank this holiday season!  You can choose from many different kinds of Sacred Superhero Candles for yourself and your loved ones!  As befitting an X-Men Tarot card reader, many candles feature Marvel’s merry mutants (Wolverine, Storm and the 90s X-Men are especially prominent)!  There are also candles with Wonder Woman, Black Panther, the Flash and more!  Sacred Superhero Candles are made with the intention of helping you bring out your inner superhero.  They celebrate the courage, the tenacity and the visionary spirit that it takes to be your best self!

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Original Archival Art for Hearth & Heart!


Crouching atop a bookshelf of magical tomes, Replica, the shape-shifting super-spy of the planet Cerulan remains undetected from the destructive intentions of a powerful sorcerer!  This 13 x 19 Archival Pigment Print features original artwork from STORM’s memoir fantasy comic book Princess Witch Boy!  Only five of these prints were printed with archival ink on watercolor paper by the photographer Eartha L. Goodwin, so make sure to get yours today! Your print will be mailed flat to protect it properly.

You can also obtain your own copy of the comic in which Replica appears in stormantic’s etsy shop!

Heroic Tarot with STORM

This 13 x 19 Archival Pigment Print features Heroic Tarot reader STORM as he selects cards for the future!  STORM was awarded an SF Weekly Best Of Award 2010 for his unique brand of tarot readings with X-Men cards.  This stunning Art Nouveau image was designed by artist Matt Silady (creator of the Eisner-nominated graphic novel, The Homeless Channel).  Only five of these prints were printed with archival ink on watercolor paper by the photographer Eartha L. Goodwin, so make sure to get yours today! Your print will be mailed flat to protect it properly!

These prints make great gifts for your self or for someone you love!  Don’t let these collector’s pieces get away!

White Queen Wednesday: Going APE

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel

Welcome to White Queen Wednesday, gentle reader. Today I draw your attention to this sweet Emma Frost sketch by Lovekiller artist Jess K and talk a little bit about my experience at this year’s Alternative Press Expo here in San Francisco.

All of our favorite mutant ladies as rendered by Jess K reflect her own personal sense of style with their dramatically defined eyes and bountiful flowing locks, and Emma is no different. Although Emma has the added effect of her characteristic cold severity and pale platinum blonde tresses. I love that Emma is wearing her New X-Men era Frank Quitely designed daring X-cutout ensemble here, as simply indicated by her high necked pointed collarpiece. The cocked eyebrow really conveys that unmistakable Emma attitude.

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Heroic Tarot at Cartoon Art Museum’s Ghoultide Gathering!


Come visit the Cartoon Art Museum this Sunday October 24, 2010, from 1pm to 4pm for their 1st Annual Ghoultide Gathering!

The day is dedicated to comics, cartoons, haunted house memories and tarot readings!

Artists will be drawing all 22 cards of the Tarot. The drawings will be scanned on the spot and used for limited edition poster that shows all the cards and will be sold as a fundraiser for the museum.

WATCH: the Tarot Card Comic Art Jam -all day Watch as local artist draw the cards of the Tarot for a special fundraiser art print for the museum.LEARN: Try your hand at drawing creepy creatures at our in-gallery art table.

EXPERIENCE: STORM of “Heroic Tarot” doing X-Men Tarot readings all day. STORM was voted SF Weekly Best Of Award and is the author of the comic “Princess Witch Boy”.

MEET: Jeff Baham signing his book “An Unofficial History of Disney’s Haunted Mansion” Jeff is founder of Doombuggies.comand co-host of Mousetalgia podcast (

DELIGHT in Johnny Dismal’s cute and creepy creations he will be selling as prints and stuffies. (

WOW: There will be treats, tricks and prizes! Don’t miss this devilishly good time!

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