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Storm Sunday: Diego Gómez

Elvira Vs Storm by Diego Gomez

Diego Gómez is a San Francisco-based illustrator, designer and performer with a style as unique as the city from which he hails.   As the above image of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark versus Ororo, Mistress of the Elements, attests, his art is glamourous and humorous!  I have been wanting to shift the focus of Storm Sundays to more edgy independent artists for some time now, and it is a pleasure to finally showcase a few images of Diego’s awesome art!  Diego’s fluid linework graces many pages of the tongue-in-cheek transexual superheroine comic Glamazonia, written and created by Justin Hall.  He also shares my love/obssession for the X-Men’s weather goddess and I always get a thrill when he tags me in one of his images of Ororo. I really appreciate his queer artistic sensibilities.  Let’s shine the spotlight on Diego Gómez!

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Transmetropolitan: All Around The World, Part II (The Girl)

Transmet girl

Yesterday I shared one of my two pieces of artwork from the new art book Transmetropolitan: All Around the World, celebrating the acclaimed comic by Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson! We looked at the two boy prostitutes Matt and Luke from Transmetropolitan #40.  The above image was based on the young girl sex worked that was friends with the boys.  She is never named in the comic and as such has an air of mystery around her.  The above image was drawn and by Yours Truly and colored by the fantastic Allen Passalaqua!  Below I share my original inks, some reference from the Transmet issue and my preliminary sketches for the piece.

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Transmetropolitan: All Around The World, Part I (The Boys)


Transmet boysTransmetropolitan, the irreverent Vertigo comic series by Warren Ellis and artist Darick Robertson is one of my all time favorite titles (Check out the first issue for free here).  The book takes place in the not-so-distant future and follows the investigations and eventual breakdown of caustic and brilliant journalist Spider Jerusalem.  No topic is considered untouchable by Ellis and the grimy, warts-and-all renderings by Robertson give the world of Transmet a  filthy feel also found in The Boys (another notable series by Robertson).  There has been an art book that focused on images of Spider by a notable who’s who of the industry’s finest artists, but last year the call was sent out again for a new book.  This compilation was to focus on the other characters who populate the strange environment of Transmet.

I was so honored when I was invited by Susan Auger and Darick Robertson to participate!  Thank you, Susan and Darick!  I also have to thank the amazing Allen Passalaqua who added his top notch coloring talents to my inks. This project was the first time I have had my work colored by a professional.  Thank you, Allen!  (Make sure you check out Battle Pug!) The fundraising for the Kickstarter Transmetropolitan Art Book was successful and the book was shipped out last week to those fine folks who preordered.  Proceeds went to The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and The Hero Initiative! Congratulations to CHUNK KELLY and Sam Harris and the rest of the awesome folks at Pirates Press who made one hell of a gorgeous book!  Read the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s post here.

Above is one of my pieces in the Transmetropolitan: All Around the World featuring two young characters in issue #40 who are child prostitutes.  This image was drawn and inked by me and colored by Allen Passalaqua.  I thought it would be fun to share some of my process with you, dear reader, so click on the link to see the uncolored version, images from the comic that inspired me, and my preliminary sketches!

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Eye of the STORM: Havok, Heroic Tarot & Holding Hands

jim lee 270

That’s Alex Summers, aka Havok, exploding with energy on the cover to The Uncanny X-Men #270.  He’s holding onto a ponytailed Storm who was de-aged to tween status at the time (Ah, comics).  Havok’s powers are energy based and he has to be incrediby careful with how he uses them.  When they first manifested, a special suit was constructed to help him metabolize the plasma bursts.  He’s the youger brother of Scott Summers, known better as Cyclops, with whom he has a rather prickly relationship.  Havok’s personal narrative has primarily revolved around making a name for himself out from under his brother’s shadow.  Havok never wanted to be a superhero.  He and longtime girlfriend Lorna Dane, aka Polaris, aka Magneto’s Daughter, just wanted to live their lives as archeologists.  Alas, that was not their destiny.  Perhaps in a parallel universe, readers can thrill to the pages of Marvel’s X-Cavators, featuring the archeological exploits of Alex Summers and Lorna Dane! 

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Clea and Doctor Strange by Arthur Adams

clea & doctor strange

Clea and Doctor Strange are out of this world (literally) in this illustration by Arthur Adams.  Love Clea’s tights and the use of stars.  And who else draws stalagmites this cool? Or, rather, who actually draws stalagmites at all?  Pretty cool.

Medusa by Art Adams

medusa by arthur adams

Medusa of the Inhumans is held aloft by her tensile tresses in this portrait by Arthur Adams.  What I wouldn’t do for a pair of those shoes in my size!

Big Barda by Arthur Adams

Big Barda by Arthur Adams

Art Adams captures a rare moment of zen for Big Barda and her draconic friend in this awesome drawing.

Storm Sunday: Arthur Adams, Part VIII

Storm by Arthur Adams

Once again, I am on an Art Adams kick and I hope you enjoy looking a the art of one of my favorite artists, dear reader!  Above, we have a rather top heavy rendition of Storm in her classic Dave Cockrum costume, and below we have seven more amazing illustrations from the mutant master!

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Wolverine by John Bolton

John Bolton 86

John Bolton draws an amazing Wolverine!  This image is from 1986 and is reminiscent of Bolton’s style used in the Classic X-Men backup stories written by Chris Claremont.  I like the liberties Bolton takes with Logan’s strange mask.  The use of shadow is also strong, making the short in stature mutant look even more imposing.

Emma Frost by Arthur Adams

Emma Frost the White Queen by Arthur Adams

Some time ago, White Queen Wednesday writer Ken Kneisel bemoaned the lack of Arthur Adams drawn images of his favorite mutant telepath in this post and this one.  I have been saving this image as a special treat for him and you, dear reader, ever since I stumbled upon it in one of Adams’ recent Art Samplers.  I am interested in what he and you will have to say about this particular rendition of Emma from Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s New X-Men run.  Personally, I love the stacks and the long hair, especially with half of it covering her face.   Adams’ Frost is appropriately icy and reserved on one hand, and steaming and sultry on the other.  Feel free to leave your comments below! Cheers!

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