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How to Attract Your Divine Life Partner: A Workshop for Queer Men

Join us for a fun and engaging workshop on “How to Attract Your Divine Life Partner.”

You will walk away with:

~The 3 essential (but overlooked) keys to to attracting your Divine Life Partner.
~The biggest mistake even the smartest single queer men make (and how to avoid it).
~How to find your perfect match (even if you don’t even think they exist).
~A simple strategy to radiate magnetism in any moment.
~And more!

This is for you if:

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Let Your Love Flow! (Update on Unlock the Block)

Did you check out my earlier post “Are You at a Crossroads?” in which I shared about my new Unlock the Block program? A lot of you have asked what kind of blocks am I referring to exactly and you’d like to know what will unfold as a result of moving through them. I’m really grateful for those of you who reached out like that. I was so excited to work with y’all in this new program that I wasn’t conscious that I was asking for a level of vulnerability that I haven’t really shared with you myself. I’d really like to do that, because I do believe we accomplish so much more when we share our experiences.

Here’s a vulnerable post that I shared on Facebook Live today (it relates to this post too):

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