Storm Arcana

Relationship Coach & Tarot Teacher.


Hello, Iā€™m Storm Arcana.

As a relationship coach and Tarot teacher for the last twelve years, I have mentored thousands of clients with my multiple award-winning Heroic Tarot business, guiding their transitions from heartache to heart connection. As a sacred storyteller with expertise in writing, art, and theater, I provide coaching programs that assist my clients in reframing and rewriting the stories of their lives, so they can attract relationships that nourish and support them. I also teach Tarot, numerology, astrology, and the Kabbalah through one-on-one Arcana Academy tutoring sessions, classes and workshops.

Are you ready to prioritize love in your life? Let’s get started!

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  1. Hey, love the art and the drawings! You’re a very talented writer. Also wanted to let you know about my X-Men Site,

  2. lukas

    Hi Storm,
    How are you?
    Do you remember the CSD afterparty in San Francisco?
    You didn’t told me about your drawings
    I’m a drawer too

    Lukas šŸ˜‰

  3. Dave

    Hi Storm, I really enjoy your blog. I am a big fan of Ororo and I like all the photos you have shared. Thanks!

  4. hey storm~
    this is petrina, aaron farmer’s friend. he says you were a smashing good tarot reader. and with all hallow’s eve creeping up up on us i start jonesing for a reading.
    is this something you do for ‘strangers’? if so, what do you charge or trade for readings?
    ps. i hope contacting you this way is ok. who knows when i would have ever met you in real life :]

  5. Hi,
    I see you liked the OHOTMU entrees.
    Let me know if you ebver want to commission ant art from it or like it for your work.
    Take care,
    Joe Rubinstein

  6. Hi Storm! I just discovered your blog and I love it! Storm is one of my favorite characters, and all-time favorite X-Man (especially in her classic look). I’m glad someone out there is voicing exactly what I think and feel about her. She is an icon.


  7. SeaMan

    Heya fellow Hero! Just wanted to say it was smashingly aqua fun to have you stay in my AquaCave last weekend. Fighting crime is better with friends!
    You Rock.
    Ride the lightning.

  8. STORM STORM STORM!!! HAWK just informed me of your world here…..LOVE IT!!!! i have had many cell phones in my time….all of which have crumbled under the wrath that is my pockets and fingers! Your number has inevitably left that contraption, so Ring me with any news of you being on the east side and we will work out life!!

  9. Mrs. Finney

    Hello, Storm! I’m a Storm fan too! Have you seen these Storm pics before?

    Thought you might wanna see them if you haven’t!^_^

  10. Tower

    Storm, not sure why, but this is my first time to your site. LOVE it! And I emphatically agree… IMAN should have played Ororo.

    Loving you,


  11. hey storm. this is james murray (stg & myspace friend). i just signed up for a blogspot AND wordpress, still deciding which one i like more. both are very foreign and confusing to me as far as picking a simple yet attractive layout that organizes everything accordingly. i dig the simplicity of your layout and just wanted to know which template you used (if any). any other tips will be helpful and most appreciated. my blog looks like a disaster right now. shoot me an email or message me on myspace of facebook.

  12. Love your White Queen Wednesday posts! May I repost at You can e-mail me if you’d like. Lemme know.

  13. Sorry I didn’t call you post-APE, someone packed up my Princess Witch Boy copy with your number in my box [which my roommates hauled back to San Diego] and it made me sad faced.

    Glad I got to talk to you and dance like a fucking fooool at the Isotope party. You’re absolutely lovely and I REALLY liked PWB – excellent read.

    <3 Jess

  14. Aimee

    I agree with the Iman comment. With a bleached version of Tina Turner’s wig from Mad Max Beyone Thunderdome.

    Halle Berry = not fierce and independent as Storm at all. She’s like a little sex kitten. Halle Berry would have made a better Rogue.

    Grace Jones might have made a better Morlock-leader firece leather clad killing machine storm, though, but if the timeline is pre Yukio, and post growing out the mohawk, Iman would be it.

  15. I couldn’t agree more. Iman would have made a perfect Storm.

  16. Shar

    What an awesome webite! You are a force of nature and I love it all! Your work is inspiring and fiercely original. Who you are and your life is as colorful as your beautiful tarot decks. You are the renaissance, Storm! So glad we met and became friends šŸ™‚ Cosmic Love to you, Shar

  17. Dave Abbott

    Hey Storm;Rreally enjoy your site.
    I’m also an avid X-MEN & huge Storm fan.
    Also an artist, Love to draw comic heroes.
    Any guess on who my favorite to draw is? šŸ™‚
    I have a gallery on & on facebook

  18. Nice to see and hear from you my brother. I celebrated my 70th birthday 3 weeks ago.
    See us bodyecologylifesciencesattunementcenter

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