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Storm Sunday: Michael Golden

Michael Golden - Storm

We conclude our recent Michael Golden appreciation with a look at Golden’s interpretation of the X-Men’s Storm!  Above, an inked sketch by the master himself.  Love the pose, the facial structure and the lighting on her costume.  Golden designs Ororo’s tiara much larger than it is usually depicted, but the proportions are great overall.  And like Dave Cockrum (Storm’s creator), Golden gives Storm a massive mane of hair!

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Storm Sunday Extra Extra: Chris Samnee, Part II

storm - samnee

Chris Samnee (rhymes with “omni”) is one of my favorite contemporary artists.  I love this image for the movement implied by the whirlwind surrounding Storm.  Samnee also draws Storm’s tiara in the exact manner as it was created by Storm’s creator Dave Cockrum.

Check out a previous Storm Sunday Extra Extra by Samnee featuring an awesome image of Storm with a black panther.

Storm Sunday Extra: Cliff Chiang

storm by cliff chiang

Cliff Chiang is one of the most interesting artists working in comics these days!  Don’t believe me?  Check out his convention sketches on his blog for proof!  His sleek clean lines are gorgeous and there does not seem to be a character that the man cannot draw!  Above, a head shot of mohawk Storm begins our appreciation of Chiang.  But there’s Storm as Janet Jackson, a fastball special, Marvel Girl and more after the jump!

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Storm Sunday: Brent Anderson, Part II

Brent Anderson Storm

Greetings, dear reader!  Today we celebrate the artwork of Brent Anderson!  We have looked at this amazing artist’s work before, but once I discovered these original art pencils, I had to give him another spotlight!

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Storm Sunday: Diego Gómez

Elvira Vs Storm by Diego Gomez

Diego Gómez is a San Francisco-based illustrator, designer and performer with a style as unique as the city from which he hails.   As the above image of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark versus Ororo, Mistress of the Elements, attests, his art is glamourous and humorous!  I have been wanting to shift the focus of Storm Sundays to more edgy independent artists for some time now, and it is a pleasure to finally showcase a few images of Diego’s awesome art!  Diego’s fluid linework graces many pages of the tongue-in-cheek transexual superheroine comic Glamazonia, written and created by Justin Hall.  He also shares my love/obssession for the X-Men’s weather goddess and I always get a thrill when he tags me in one of his images of Ororo. I really appreciate his queer artistic sensibilities.  Let’s shine the spotlight on Diego Gómez!

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Storm Sunday: “I Must Be Free–And I Shall Be Free!”

x96 storm destroy cairn

Storm’s freedom is very important to her.  She cannot abide being confined and will not tolerate any sort of mental domination.  Where did this character trait come from?  How did Storm become so spiritually strong?  From where did her fears come?  Like most traumas, it starts with family.

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Storm Sunday: Arthur Adams, Part VIII

Storm by Arthur Adams

Once again, I am on an Art Adams kick and I hope you enjoy looking a the art of one of my favorite artists, dear reader!  Above, we have a rather top heavy rendition of Storm in her classic Dave Cockrum costume, and below we have seven more amazing illustrations from the mutant master!

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Storm Sunday: Arthur Adams, Part VII


Art Adams is one of my favorite artists and he certainly shaped my opinions about how certain Marvel mutants ought to be represented on the page.  If you do a search for “Arthur Adams” on this blog you will come up with many posts celebrating his work.  The fact that we’re on part seven of a series of posts featuring him ought to let you know how much we love his work here at stormantic.  The above image of the poster he created featuring the 80s rosters of the X-Men and X-Factor is simply awe-inspiring.  Click on the link to see more original art by a modern master.

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Storm Sunday: Christian Tomas

Welcome to Wakanda by Christian Tomas

This amazing artwork, titled “Welcome to Wakanda,” was created by Christian Tomas as a going away present for Yours Truly. I was checking my Facebook account after WonderCon ended and saw this on my “wall” and was so moved. Receiving this gift was the best way to wrap up an already powerfully uplifting weekend. Thank you, Tomas for your creation! I love it very much!

Christian got the tiara perfectly, didn’t forget the ruby and gave the cape a fantastic billowing quality.  His rendition of her hair is unique and we can see one of her lightning earrings within the whiteness.  I also enjoy his use of light and shadow.  This is a stellar piece of artwork and I am very grateful for such a creative gift!

Storm Sunday: Xenogenesis Ororo


This gorgeous Xenogenesis version of Storm was created by the DeviantArt creator 89g as inspired by the designs of Kaare Andrews.  Ororo looks quite gaunt as if she were a supermodel punk rocker.  This look hearkens back to Storm’s mohawk days in which she was a bit more unpredictable in behavior and attitude as a weather manipulator ought to be, in my humble opinion.  I love the feather earrings and the hot pink background.  I think 89g’s rendition does justice to Andrews’ Storm.  Comics Alliance has a great article about the artwork of Andrews on Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis in which writer David Brothers appreciates Storm’s new look.

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