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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Jill Thompson

wwMeeting Jill Thompson at this year’s WonderCon was a dream come true!  It was especially exciting to have the creator of Scary Godmother and Magic Trixie in person at the Isotope and meet with fans during the 100 Bullets party!  Jill was the artist on Wonder Woman from 1990-1991 and also on Sandman from 1991-1993.  The Little Endless Storybook is one of my favorite renditions of Neil Gaiman’s creations!  Jill’s spectacular pencils have also graced Black OrchidThe Invisibles and X-Men Unlimited (a Dazzler spotlight)!

I am so ecstatic that Jill graciously took the time to sketch Diana in my diary!  She looks positively enchanting with her full hair, pixie nose and floating stars.  Such a sweet and lithe interpretation of everyone’s favorite Amazon!

 Check out Jill’s website for a full list of her work and be sure to pick up a copy of Magic Trixie for yourself or the child in your life (both will thank you for it)!


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  1. Ken Kneisel

    Oh wow! What an amazing Wonder Woman sketch!

    But I’m surprised you didn’t ask for Lord Fanny. 😉

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