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STORM Sunday: WonderCon 2009, Part III

I must admit until WonderCon weekend, I’d never been in a Tiki Bar, much less attended a Tiki Tour!  I had, of course, heard about the legendary Isotope Tiki Tours, and was quite amped about participating, especially since artist Darick Robertson was hosting the evening! You may be familiar with Darick’s art from Transmetropolitan or The Boys, but I also really loved his run on Nightcrawler’s eponymous series. I was nervous to meet Darick, but my fears dissipated when we shook hands. Darick is quite easy to talk with and he made a great host for the Tour of approximately 150 fun folks!  What’s more, Ben Templesmith and Joe Casey were also in attendance!


That’s me and Darick Robertson!  And yes, I’m wearing a very special lei given to me by the lovely Kirsten Baldock.  She honestly didn’t know of it’s medicinal properties (Not for real, silly!  It’s plastic!) when she gave it to me.  She simply said, “I just say that it’s leaves were long and slender.  They reminded me of you.”  Touche, Kirsten.


The ever effervescent Ryan Haupt of Going Train and the fantastic Mike Romo.


Sam Harris, looking a bit like a young Spock, raises a suspicious eyebrow as ridiculously long straws are utilized for an umbrella bedecked drink.  Kinda like a hookah but with liquid instead of smoke.


I don’t remember what Ben Templesmith was pontificating about when I took this photo, but he looks positively charismatic, doesn’t he?   It’s like he matched his suit to the decor!  The Tonga Room is one of the coolest bars I’ve ever been in.  The band performs on a pool in the middle of the bar and every hour it rains inside the bar!  There’s ridiculously cheesy music and people dancing and you get the distinct impression that you are crashing someone’s post wedding celebration.  It’s amazing.  I recommend you go see it soon because there are rumors it may be going away forever!


Darick Robertson, CHUNK, & James Sime.  I think Darick is either a little tipsy or he’s winking.  Maybe both.


Jon Sung and Kirsten Baldock brandish their tropical drinks!


Conor Kilpatrick of iFanboy and G.A. show off their pearly whites.  Such lovely smiles.  Conor is iFanboy’s go to guy for DC Comics’ knowledge and G.A. brings fabulocity wherever she goes.  Seriously.  Everywhere she goes.


Ron Richards of iFanboy holds court with Conor, G.A., CHUNK, Ryan and many more in attendance.  Ron’s love for the X-Men rivals my own (perhaps even surpasses?!?), but he gets points off for being such an unabashed Cyclops fan.  What’s that about?


Kirsten Baldock looks simply divine as she shows off this wooden carving of a Tiki god.  Fashionistas will, of course, take note of her lovely dress print embellished with the flower in her hair!  Delightful!


I’m all smiles in this picture with the witty Joe Casey and the irrepressible Ben Templesmith, who went all “Where’s Waldo” in this pic.  I suppose he couldn’t handle not being in another picture.  Ah, Ben, you’re the funniest.


So CHUNK and I were sitting at a table minding our own business while some folks played pool nearby.  We both had glasses of 7UP.  Then Josh Richardson showed up and I got up to greet him.  At the same exact time that I was walking around the table, a pool player made the cue ball jump off the table.  The cue ball flew through the air, past my head and into my drink which instantly exploded.  Shards of glass flew everywhere, but mostly on CHUNK.  This picture shows CHUNK holding the remnants of my glass that would surely have injured me if Josh hadn’t made his timely entrance.  After CHUNK collected the pieces, he walked over to the pool player and held out the shards in his hand.  The pool player looked at the glass in CHUNK’s hand, at CHUNK and then he ran out of the bar, never to be seen again that night.  CHUNK threw out the glass pieces, but one piece remained stuck in his finger which he promptly plucked out with his teeth and swallowed.  This is how I learned that CHUNK was part goat.


This pretty girl was the last friend I made at the Tiki Tour.  We had a long lovely chat about eyebrows and the folks who shape them for us.  A great way to end the evening.

To be continued in STORM Sunday: WonderCon 2009, Part IV!


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STORM Sunday: WonderCon 2009, Part IV


  1. GA

    great article, storm! it brings me right back to the debauchery… and reminds me that it is time once again to debauch again.

  2. compresadeadamantium

    Ooooooooh what great envy!!!! I love Darick, “Transmetropolitan” is my favourite comic-book and actually i´m enjoying “The Boys” very much. Greetings from Spain! 😀

    • stormantic

      Thanks for the shout out! So glad to have you as a reader of my blog! Did you read “Herogasm”? That was certainly “The Boys” dialed up a notch!

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