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What I’m Reading Right Now: Faraway Places

It’s no secret that I really enjoyed Tom Spanbauer‘s novel The Man Who Fell in Love with the Moon. It was such a great read, I was anxious for more work by the same author. A friend of mine offered to lend me Faraway Places. How could I say no? My only reticence came from wondering how another book by the same author could match the life-changing, mind-altering, spirit-feeding experience I had after reading The Man Who Fell in Love with the Moon. Well, I needn’t have worried.

Faraway Places takes place in Idaho in the 1950s and is told in the first person by a young man who’s on the verge of growing up. The staccato rhythm of the narrative voice is almost brutal in its simplicity. There’s no escaping the emotional urgency of the story. Faraway Places drops you into its world immediately and doesn’t let you out until its finished. It’s 124 pages of concise, robust plot, realistic scenes and characters, and skillfully woven themes.

You can read a more plot spoilerish summary here.


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  1. May I suggest another exciting novel that also uses plots in an interesting way.This novel, an extraordinary affair, is filled with plots and adventure on several continents.

  2. stormantic

    Thanks for the recommendation, Baba! I hope you sell many many copies of your book!

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