Those of you already immersed in the world of four color funnies already know that there are strong men who dress in brown knickers and drive big trucks to comic book stores all over the country on Wednesday to bring boxes of COMICS to specialty comic stores! But do you know about the COOLEST Comic Book Store that’s also a great place to hang out?

Well, let me introduce to you the Isotope! It’s a swanky comic book lounge stocked with the latest floppies, trade paperbacks, graphic novels, mini comics and staffed by fun folks who LOVE comics!

Seriously, it doesn’t matter to James Sime, Kirsten Baldock, Josh Richardson or Matt Silady whether you’re a Marvel Zombie, Vertigo Vixen, or Dark Horse Devotee! You can have your Hulk and Courtney Crumrin, your Fables and Suicide Squad, or your Persepolis and Madman!

So, if you live in San Francisco, get thee to Gough & Fell and tell ’em I sent you! And if you don’t happen to live here, then check out their site (especially the Comic Rockstars Toilet Seat Museum) to feel the love, baby.

See you there on Wednesday!