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First Look: Princess Witch Boy, a fantasy memoir


Three Spirits.

Two Faeries.

One Boy.



Princess Witch Boy

a fantasy memoir


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  1. cool.. you got a nice marvel blog here… i had just started.. and im still thinking what to put on it.. do you change links?

  2. Ken Kneisel

    OMG Please tell me this is something I can buy at WonderCon! I LOVE IT!

  3. stormantic

    Thanks, Ken. I will be handing out postcards to promote this project at WonderCon and am working on a mini-comic for Stumptown!

  4. Ken Kneisel

    Well it looks amazing and I am really looking forward to it! There’s a lot going on in that image and it’s really intriguing.

  5. Nice teaser. It’s working because I want more.

    • stormantic

      Thanks, Jon! I appreciate the positive vibes!

    • stormantic

      I just checked out your sketch blog, Jon! Great stuff! It looks really cool and the characters are so tender!

  6. CGeezy

    looks intriguing!!

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