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Storm Sunday: “Let’s Go Shopping!”

A few readers were wondering about the context of the Marc Silvestri drawn panel from The Uncanny X-Men panels that I used last week.  So, I’m presenting three pages from that issue (#244) for your enjoyment.  This issue is entitled “Ladies’ Night” and is the first appearance of mallrat Jubilee!

Rogue throws a tantrum because she’s sick of having to share her body with Carol Danvers (who apparently has time to redecorate her room in between X-Men missions).  I love seeing spindly Rogue picking up furniture and tossing it around.  You gotta love that Australian Outback hideout where no one cares if you wreck the place.  That stuff wouldn’t fly at the X-Mansion.

Dazzler proposes that they all take a break and stimulate the economy.  Methinks Dazzler looks quite lovely all tan and sparkly. 

I’ve skipped ahead a couple of pages and yes, this page is dedicated to super-heroines trying on new outfits.  No super-menaces here, folks, unless you count high-heeled shoes.  It does seem odd that Elisabeth is questioning the point of wearing them since she used to be a model, but who really understands Psylocke anyway?  I kid, I kid, I used to love some Pyslocke once upon a time.    


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  1. Akeeko

    I absolutely love this issue–one of my favorites of the Aussie outback X-men (besides Inferno; classic story of a woman scorned with a twist)

    And you should never, ever question heels. period.

    Yes, it is strange that she would question that; but Miss Braddock has always been a contradiction.

    Great Sunday as always Storm!

  2. stormantic

    Thanks so much Akeeko! I love Inferno as well! It’s so interesting how that story took so many twists and turns behind the scenes before it became what we consider “canon” nowadays.

    Great point about Betsy, too! She is a walking contradiction!

    Thanks for your readership!

  3. Ken Kneisel

    This is also one of my absolute favorite issues of the Australian Outback era! How about the part where all the girls pushed Storm up on stage to dance with that male stripper? Do you think she hooked up with that guy? LOL

  4. stormantic

    OMGoddess, I totally forgot about the stripper! Yeah, Storm looks all demure with him, holding onto the hem of her dress, but I could see her going for a Chippendale, lol. I mean, she did date Slipstream for a hot second, right?

  5. Ken Kneisel

    LOL I was totally thinking about Slipstream too. I guess sometimes Storm just likes them young and dumb. After all, a Goddess must have her consorts. 😉

  6. Verrrry nice blog! I love the look and feel of this Storm blog, and it’s quite interesting to read! I can only hope that sometime in the near future my own blogs can look as good as yours!

  7. Ingonyama

    I have a possible explanation for Betsy’s seemingly nonsensical question:

    Fashions had a tendency to change from one day to the next in the ’80s. Psylocke had been a model some years before joining the X-Men, when the ‘in’ fashion was a great deal different than it was during the mall trip. And even then, it had been a cover identity for her job as a member of S.T.R.I.K.E, so we don’t know how much she really kept up with what was “in.”

    (For the record, a woman with purple hair should never, EVER wear orange tiger-stripes. That outfit would have gone over so much better in white.)

    High heels have different heights and styles; the heels that were popular in Britain during her modeling days were probably very different than what was worn in LA during her time as an X-Man. Anyway, her modeling career was shown for all of maybe two or three issues, and then forgotten about as she became more embroiled in Brian’s life as Captain Britain. I think Claremont trots out that history a few times when he’s trying to justify her purple hair, or when he wants people to remember that British Betsy was a beautiful woman too…and then forgets about it whenever other plots show up.

    Dazzler worked very well with a tan, and I like that the colorist at the time gave her green eyes, rather than the tired, stereotypical blue of every other blonde in comicdom. Outside of redheads (or greenheads like the lovely Lorna), you hardly ever see green-eyed characters in comics, and a blonde with green eyes who isn’t Sarah Michelle Gellar is practically unheard of. Of course every other colorist forgot about them as soon as they switched art styles, but it was there for a time, and helped her stand out.

    Rogue’s wrecking of the Australian hideout, or rather the nonchalant response to it, seems to be a product of both their transient nature at the time, and Ororo’s unique leadership style. To Xavier and Cyclops, the Institute is ‘home’…not just where they work, but also where they lived and grew up (it was Charles’ family home before he turned it into a school). Not to mention they have Shi’Ar-grade tech in the sub-basement that would be a mite hard to replace…especially now that Lilandra’s divorced Charley and Forge is AWOL/psychotic/possibly dead (again). So they take damage done to it a little personally. In the Outback, their hideout had no personal connection to them…it was just a place for them to live while they worked around the world. You notice that after they move back to Westchester, they never go back to Australia unless it’s on a mission.

    On the leadership front, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Storm was more worried about Rogue hurting someone than something. She’s always struck me as being more about the people on the team than about the team itself. To her, they’re Alison, Elisabeth, Rogue, Logan, and Peter, rather than Dazzler, Psylocke, Rogue (ok, not much difference there), Wolverine, and Colossus. The X-Men are her friends and family, not a military unit; though she can put on a set of drill sergeant boots when she has to, she’d rather lead the team through inspiration and example, not orders and procedure. That’s what makes her, IMHO, the best leader the X-Teams ever had.

    • I loooove that you wrote this comment. I am seriously humbled that you took the time to respond to most if not all of the comments I wrote in this post. You rock, Ingonyama!

  8. Aimee

    She was totally like a model for marks and Spencer or Topshop or something in the 80s. Modeling conservative and stuffy career coordinates.

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