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Nightcrawler by Darick Robertson

nightc010_col_1This is one of my favorite covers because it features Nightcrawler and utilizes tarot iconography.  Darick Robertson drew this image for the tenth issue of the  Nightcrawler ongoing series that lasted 12 issues.  I love Nightcrawler with the Soulsword because this character is alternately known for his deep spirituality and his cavalier pirate-like gymnastics.  Having a mystical sword blends two distinctly different aspects of the character together in a profound way.  Kurt is able to use the Soulsword due to his strong moral compass and faith, and he is able to wield a sword effectively and with flair in combat (and fiery swords simply look cool).  Ultimately, the sword is Illyana Rasputin’s, but I’d love to see Kurt get his own.    

The fate of Magik, Nightcrawler and the Soulsword is currently being featured in the X-Men:  X-Infernus mini-series and Darick Robertson’s art can be seen monthly in The Boys.


I ♥ The New Mutants, Part III


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  1. Ingonyama

    Awesome picture, yes…

    …But I was always under the impression the Soulsword was a creation of [i]black[/i] magic…at least that’s the vibe I got whenever Illyana used it.

    I wouldn’t mind a faith-based version of it as appropriate to Kurt, but I’d be just as happy if he got a vibranium or adamantium cutlass…Kurt + sword = much fun had by all. ^_^

    Just discovered your blog and notice we share several interests, including everyone’s favorite Goddess-turned-leader-turned-Queen. Expect me to show up a lot more often. ^_^

    • stormantic

      Oh I do believe the soulsword is comprised of black magick. Kurt does have a background (socially not skillwise) in magick. Think of Margali, Amanda and the creepy way his brother turned out and you’ve got a pretty dark history. But yeah, he’s not a sorcerer so I was surprised when he became the keeper of the soulsword. However, if you choose to believe the Draco storyline, then being half-demon he most definitely could use it. I choose to ignore that story due to it’s ridiculousness and implausability. And Dave Cockrum, Kurt’s creator would not be down with as his origin.

    • stormantic

      Thanks so much for checking out stormantic and taking the time to comment! I appreciate it!

  2. Ingonyama

    Thanks. You can expect me to pop in and annoy you every now and again. ^_^

    My biggest problem with Kurt having the Soulsword is the “black magic” imagery being connected to that specific character. Despite looking like a demon and growing up in a family so steeped in mysticism and “the dark arts,” Nightcrawler is a man of immense faith and piety…not the kind of person you’d see break out a magic artifact in a fight.

    Plus, I agree with you (and the late, great Mr. Cockrum) that the Draco is a detestable storyline and deserves to be forgotten. Him having the Soulsword would only compound the “Nightcrawler-as-half-demon” problem. So my vote remains that Kurt get a different sword altogether. Perhaps the MU’s version of Gram/Balmung, or something similar? (since IIRC, Captain Britain’s got a monopoly on Excalibur)

  3. stormantic

    You totally had me googling Gram and Balmung! I enjoyed reading about Siegfried’s sword. Good stuff! Not sure that that is the sword I would pick for Kurt, but he is as noble a hero as Siegfried for sure. (BTW, your memory–for this post and others—is downright Uncanny) 😉

  4. Ted

    Mm, not quite ‘black magic’, but rather white, creative magic cast by a tainted soul, as an act of defiance against evil.

    Way back in the original Storm & Illyana Magik mini-series, Illyana’s soul had been corrupted by Belasco to create a bridge for his Elder Gods. Limbo-Storm then started training Illyana in white magic to counter Belasco’s corruption. Storm taught Illyana how to cast her Master Spell — an act of creation. Storm’s Master Spell had been creating her tree, beginning a sacred garden, free of Limbo’s corruption. Illyana tried to emulate Storm, creating her own tree, but failed. Eventually, Illyana decided to create a real weapon, not a metaphorical one, like Storm did. She drew energy from Storm’s tree, her own essence, and the energy around her to create a sword as an act of freedom and defiance against Belasco’s control.

    In later story lines, the sword started to have a corrupting influence on things it touched, but only as Magik saw herself becoming more corrupt, herself. Fundamentally, it is creative, innocent, rebellious, and demonic energies combined into a weapon to fight against evil magic and control.

    • stormantic

      Oh Ted, you are soooo right on track with this whole Soulsword thing! I loved that mini-series with Illyana and Storm! It really knocked me for a loop as I had never read anything like it before. All those alternate world characters, the themes of good and evil dealt with in such a complicated staggered my mind!

      I think you have it nailed down, though, all this talk about what the Soulsword represented and manifested. If it was fundamentally evil, why would it destroy magickal spells and constructs? Great comment! I really appreciate what you’ve brought to the discussion!

  5. Ingonyama

    Wow, and you called MY memory good. THAT’S uncanny.

    Knowing what Ted revealed about it makes it seem like a really appropriate weapon for Kurt again. As faithful as Kurt has always been shown to be, it could definitely suit him…he could purify the Sword of the corruption it’s suffered, and it could give him a distinct advantage if anyone decides to sic magical enemies on him again (though I prefer it as a physical AND spiritual weapon).

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