Even though I’ve helped thousands of people nurture their intuition and develop confidence in their decision-making abilities for over a decade, I know what it’s like to struggle with doubt and be paralyzed by fear.

Quite some time ago, I had a longing in my life for meaning. I craved spiritual harmony. I yearned for a divine truth.

It was so painful because I felt alienated from the religious structures in which I was raised. The traditional rituals and observances that I inherited did not serve me. In fact, they specifically stated that they did not belong to me. I was not welcome.

The absence of significant ceremony in my life left me feeling confused, detached, and outcast. I grew disenchanted and disengaged from the rest of the world. I felt there was no spiritual safety net to support me.

I remember being alone in my college dorm freshman year, having been given special permission to be on campus when everyone else was with their families over winter break. I had been kicked out of my home before the semester started for refusing to lie about my sexuality. I knew I was gay and not going back in the closet. So there I was, alone in a stark white room on an empty campus for Thanksgiving, wondering if I’d ever belong anywhere. I couldn’t concentrate on much of anything because I alternated between feeling numb and deeply sad. I cried myself to sleep the first night.

But then I had a beautiful epiphany within that darkness. I got out of bed, grabbed my Tarot deck, and started pulling cards. And the story that I read in them helped me realize that the power and resources I deemed to be outside of me in other people could be reclaimed. I could choose to find meaning in my life experiences. I could find value in the struggles. And that Thanksgiving I created my own ritual of gratitude and it shifted my entire existence. Today I still create my own sacred observances as I did then. By making them up according to my intentions.

My life improved.

The ceremonies I created to honor my experiences helped me develop a deep confidence in my abilities. My creativity and courage skyrocketed, and I took chances I’d never taken before.
I ran for top leadership positions in students government and clubs and won. I earned leading roles in theater productions, edited the school yearbook and newspaper, and published cartoons, poems, and short stories. I established mentorships with faculty advisers and teachers who shared their wisdom with me. Their coaching influenced me to take the path I’m on today. I’m so grateful for their guidance.

Today I have a rockin’ life! I have friends and clients all over the world, and my chosen families support and nourish me. I get to work with high-powered, high-performance people who are making a big impact in the world. And the best part is the peace and forgiveness I’ve found with my birth family, a gift I wouldn’t have deemed possible all those years ago. I want this kind of life for everyone!

And that’s why I’ve dedicated myself to helping people who feel alienated from the beliefs they grew up with. I love helping people tell better stories and then live them! Because I understand how painful it can be to struggle with meaning while craving spiritual connection. Everyone deserves their own psychic support system!

I’m on a mission to help people transform their perceptions, perspectives, experiences, and in the process, their reality. And even though my schedule is pretty booked with regular clients, I have created space for a limited number of appointments for anyone who wants their own epiphany! If you, or anyone you know, struggles with claiming a connection to the divine, or simply wants clarity at their crossroads, please message me. I’m offering a limited number of “Reclaim & Reframe!” Coaching and Reading Breakthrough Sessions at half of my regular rate for only a few weeks. I’d be honored to support you.

Here is the link.  

Any questions, I’m here for you.

~Storm Arcana