Are you ready to let go of your old struggles and negative patterns? Are there any habits that are no longer serving you or challenges you’d like to release? I invite you to write them all down in a letter. Be as specific as you’d like. Truly inventory what you no longer want. At the end of your letter, write a releasing intention like this one:

✨“Dear God/Goddess/Higher Self:
I now release all these patterns to you for healing, purification and transmutation. I am free. I am blessed. So it is.”✨

Safely burn the letter and surrender the ashes to the earth. Gift yourself some time to reflect or meditate on what feelings come up for you. If it feels good to do so, journal, make art, take a bath or some other form of self care. Thank yourself for making sacred space for what you want!

⚡️Blessed Be!⚡️