This year I’ll be attending my first comic book convention–WonderCon! No really, all this encyclopedia information about super-folk filling up my brain and I’ve never been to one. I’m really amped about it, especially since I’m writing a mini comic to debut at the con.

The mini came about as a challenge for all of the members of this amazing group of comic book creators known as Writers Old-Fashioned (website to debut soon). I am so happy that I get to be a part of such a dynamic group of people passionate about comics! Did I mention that they’re smart and sexy, too?

So, I’m currently writing the script and it’s been really challenging and fun. It’s quite a different beast from writing prose or screenplay and I’ve even been drawing little thumbnails before I plot/script each page (thumbnails rule!).

I bet you’re wondering who will be drawing this comic, right? Well, the artist is none other than the amazing Aaron Farmer, of B-Minus Comiks, whose considerable talents already illustrate the adventures of the Queen of Trash. He rocks! We’re gonna knock this one outta the park, baby!