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Storm Sunday: Action! (Random Musings of the Various Portrayals of Storm in Comics This Month)

Dear Reader, today’s Storm Sunday is composed of random images combined with a stream of consciousness narrative about Storm’s appearances in this month’s comics.   You’ve been warned.  Otherwise, enjoy!

I remember Wizard Magazine having some poll on their website about which Marvel Legends action figure should be made first.  This one of classic Storm was in the running.  Anyone have any idea if this one won or at least placed high in the end results?  Has Hasbro created this figure yet?  I know, I could look it up, but frankly, I’m not ordering any more toys these days, even if they are of my namesake.  The days of my collecting every little licensed oddity of Marvel’s mutants are over.  However, if they were to remake the female figure molds without those ridiculous under the ribs piece I might think about it.  Besides, the cape doesn’t look so great like this and I’m not really into the face sculpt.  It’s rather generic.  And the worst aspect of these figures, IMHO, is the neck joint and it’s suspiciously hidden in this photo.  Good luck, Toyfare.  Hope it all works out for ya. 

So in last week’s X-Men: The Times and Life of Lucas Bishop, we learn that Storm is most likely Bishop’s grandmother.  I say most likely because there seems to be some room for interpretation due to the way the story is told through Bishop’s eyes and due to Larry Stroman’s art.  I know mutants are a special breed of human but a lot of time has passed here.  There’s an interesting discussion about Grandma Storm here and here.  I have to say I’m not too keen on the idea because I don’t want to know the future of Storm’s bloodline.  I want it to be a surprise.  I don’t want to jump ahead to the future and then wait years for regular continuity to fill in the blanks for me.  That takes away a lot of the excitement of what will happen next for Storm.  And, frankly, I don’t see why we have to create a direct correlation to the only African-American X-Men.  We don’t have enough as it is to make them all related like the convoluted Summers clan.  I like Bishop’s powers and I liked him as a mutant cop, but this whole baby-hunting obsession he suddenly has is really off-putting (not to mention so confusing thanks to that damned Summers family–I’m looking at you Cable).  This mini-series has the unenviable tasks of not only making Bishop’s story make some kind of linear sense, but also try to redeem him from his villainous role in Messiah CompleX.  Best of luck to Dwayne Swierczynski on that.  

What I’m really hating is the cover image of grandma Storm.  It seems like ever since Storm married Black Panther, there’s been this push to make her more maternal.  Are Ororo and T’Challa going to have children?  Do they need to have an heir for the Wakandan throne?  I dunno, but I don’t want to see ancient wizened Storm looking like that.  What, did Ariel Olivetti not have any reference of Nichelle Nichols?  IMHO, Uhura would’ve have been the obvious choice for a gracefully aged Ororo.   

bpan32Am I the only one that thinks that Storm and the Black Panther’s tenure as members of the Fantastic Four was too short-lived?  I loved Dwayne McDuffie’s writing for the title and would’ve have loved more adventures with Ororo, T’Challa, Ben and Johnny.  Above image by Billy Tan.

So, X-Men: Worlds Apart ended last week.  It was perhaps the best written Storm I’ve read in the last ten to fifteen years (I’m totally guestimating here, don’t hold me to that).  Why?  Because Storm was all of the things that she’s supposed to be, regardless of their seeming contradictions.  She used her powers in amazing ways, she was still a great fighter despite her reservations and doubts, and she demonstrated her strong independent spirit and boundless compassion.  I loved Nezhno as her sidekick and vote that we see more of their interaction in the future.  I’ll try to do a more further review at a later date, perhaps when it’s collected in trade.  If you can find the single issues now, go for it, it’s an amazing story that totally does service to the character.  It’s a shame Marvel didn’t have the cajones to put Storm’s name on the cover like it was solicited. 

civwarbdr0010011The image is from some Civil War or Marvel Universe Handbook something or other.  The lower “snapshot” represents Wakanda.  It’s like T’Challa said, “Hey guys, everyone who’s got an animal totem, let’s meet in front of the Panther God statue!  Or if you have a pimp suit, that’s okay too.”  Oh yeah, my wife’s gonna be there and I’m dressing her in something ridiculous!  Good times all around!”  *rolls eyes*  I guess it’s better than the above “photo” of the British folks gathered around for tea and pretending to read stuff.  

Are you reading Astonishing X-Men?  Storm and Emma Frost’s interactions are what I’m enjoying the most out of the book.  There’s something grand and beautiful building here.  I hope to see more interactions with the rest of the team.  I’d really like to see some exploration of Storm and Cyclop’s approaches to team-building.  Simone Bianchi is still drawing lovely images and Ellis seems to be having fun with the book.

fc3aRemember when Storm used to wear clothes? The 90s had Storm covered up from neck to toe. The above image is some old Marvel Universe trading card. I dunno who drew it.

Black Panther #1 came out last week, too.  There’s a really ridiculous, forget that, there’s a really STUPID scene where T’Challa’s jet is crashing and Storm says that she’s not quick enough to summon a wind to help the ship land.  What?  Really?  Storm can manifest her powers with a thought.  If she has the time to utter that line, then she has time to attempt to cushion the ship’s landing.  Instead, Reggie Hudlin has her written as just standing there talking about why she can’t do it.  Doesn’t make any sense to me.  Especially after Chris Yost has her using her powers in amazing ways in X-Men Worlds Apart.  It just doesn’t wash.  And it messes up the whole setup for the new Black Panther.  I don’t believe that Mr. Has A Contingency For Everything would go out like that.  I know the story isn’t told yet (we’re still flashbacking to what happens before the crash, and that’s another reason I hated this issue–can we have the whole set up now please?) but I could not bring myself to lift my disbelief to enjoy the story (what little there is of it).  The identity of the new Black Panther is not revealed and may not be for a few issues if Marvel’s solicitations are to be believed.  I still don’t think it’s Storm.  But if Hudlin can’t write her using her powers properly than maybe he’s looking forward to having her reduced to a hand to hand combatant’s power set. Will still read this, but it’s already a train wreck.
uncanny488Another sewer, another useless Morlocks story.  The current trend is for Storm to show as much skin as possible as seen in this cover by Salvador Larocca.  One of my friends swears she’s had upper body work done.  Oh yeah, those knives that Warpath is holding? Those are made of vibranium! Storm gave them to him as a present! Ooooooh! That’s about the only thing Storm has done of any consequence as Queen of Wakanda. So, next time you’re reading X-Force and Warpath is cutting swaths through the bad guys, you can thank Storm for her contribution. *removes tongue from cheek*
panini_house_of_m03_erlangen1House of M brought us a stuck up fashion model Storm (was she channeling Wasp?).  I love Olivier Coipel’s version of Storm, but don’t have any scans to back it up.  Do you?  If anyone has a copy of this issue, I’d love to get my hands on one.  

storm562More Olivier Coipel.  His Storm is sexy and fierce.  Would love to see more.  Also, hunter/killer Storm rocks.  She and Wolverine are more like kindred souls than most folks know.  It’s too bad Nightcrawler will be leaving the X-Men soon, I miss him and Storm interacting.  Who does Storm confide in these days?


Storm Sunday: Classic Cockrum Covers


Valkyrie by Walter Simonson


  1. Akeeko

    about black panther, yeah i knew i wasn’t the only one going; ‘ok, now where’s the rest of the story?’

    Also, you are dead on about her not being able to stop the plane from crashing. In worlds apart she took down Cyclops from half way around the world, a ship that’s about to crash should be cake.

    • stormantic

      That’s exactly the feat I was thinking about when i read that Black Panther issue. Thanks for referencing it!

  2. Ken Kneisel

    “Who does Storm confide in these days?”

    That’s a good question. Logan maybe? Or perhaps someday it could be Emma, if their previously chilly relationship continues to thaw in Astonishing X-Men. The more I think of it, the more I really enjoy the idea of them being gal pals.

    Speaking of those three, one of our conversations got me thinking that I’d kind of like to see Storm, Emma and Wolverine form the foundation for a new team of X-Men if Scott’s dirty little X-Force secret comes out and blows up in his face and they all reject him for it the way they did Xavier for all his previously unrevealed dirty little secrets (Danger, Deadly Genesis) not too long ago.

    I can’t believe they established that Storm and Bishop are related! There was an issue of X-Treme X-Men that hinted Bishop was related to Gateway too. And I suppose they’re all related to Tike “Anarchist” Alicar. Because, you know, all black mutants must be related to each other.

    I was also wondering about Warpath’s knives recently and what Storm would think of what he does with them in X-Force.

    I love Olivier Coipel’s artwork. It’s funny though, that French(?) House of M cover actually features artwork from the two issues of Chris Claremont’s Uncanny X-Men he drew, not from House of M itself.

    That trading card looks like it was drawn by Lee Weeks.

    Oh and speaking of Storm and Emma, I just bought some old appearances of Emma Frost off eBay to beef up my Emma collection, including the issue where she and Storm have traded minds and outfits and are totally scissoring on the cover! LOL I’ve actually never read that one before so I’m sure we’ll have plenty more to talk about after I do. 🙂

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