Hello, Everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and you’re starting off this new week with a spring in your step! I have some fantastic news I want to share with you!

This May I am taking a leap into the unknown and embarking on a journey the likes of which I have never experienced before.

I’m travelling to Peru to participate in ayahuasca ceremony. I’ll be visiting a retreat center in Iquitos and imbibing the sacred plant/vine under the supervision of several Shipibo shamans. I will be undergoing six ceremonies within ten days.

I have been dreaming of such an experience for quite some time, and when I decided to ask the Universe to show me how I might have such an experience, I received an email in my inbox inviting me to a Peruvian retreat center the next day. As I am a firm believer in synchronicity, I decided to take the leap of faith and respond.

As I wrote in my application, I am going to Peru for the transformation of my emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual health. I seek a higher connection to the divine within and without. I wish to expand my perspective of my life’s purpose. Since I was a teenager, I have been seeking connection to spirit through the Tarot, awakening my unconsciousness on an ever unfolding path. Now that path has led me here.

I depart San Francisco for Peru on May 15th and I return June 2nd, and I am taking as many clients as I can before I leave. Please consider coming in for a reading for yourself, with a loved one (couples readings are a great way to bond, no matter what your relationship), or give a reading as a gift to a friend. I provide readings in person and over the phone. I enjoy working events and am available to bring my talents to home or office parties as well.

I also teach Tarot to individuals and groups; I’d be more than happy to schedule a workshop with a group of your friends. I am also accepting donations via PayPal (stormantic@gmail.com) and Venmo (@Storm-Arcana). If you have a low-income situation, are a student or in the military, let me know and we can make arrangements for you. 

I plan to journal every night of my stay in Iquitos and will be sharing my writings on my site when I return. I have no knowledge about how this experience will change me, yet I am excited to undergo the journey. Thank you for reading and for supporting me! Do you have any information about this adventure that you would like to share with me? Feel free to leave a comment below!

Bright Blessings,

~Storm Arcana