When I’m assembling a collage painting, I like to create a story with the images. Each piece is an important part of the narrative. For Secret Operatives, I imagined two secret agents from different countries meeting and falling in love. Their love was so strong that it spanned multiple assignments and several continents.

The passport pages, money, and stamps symbolize their travel, while the vintage checkerboard paper stands in for the intrigue they endured. The postcard of the tree was a letter from him to her, a reminder of the growth and stability they offered one another. I used a limited palette for the paintings, choosing to draw with black and brown ink, and aged the images with Lipton and hibiscus tea. The pair of paintings are sealed with multiple layers of polycrylic, creating a vibrant sheen.

Now you know my process in creating these pieces. What stories do you see in them?

Secret Operatives, 2017. Mixed Media Diptych on wood. 13 3/4″ (height) x 22 3/4″ (width = 11″ + 11″ + 2 3/4 space between) – 1 5/8″ measurements (alone) and (together) $800.

If you have any further questions regarding the sale of this artwork, please contact me at stormantic@gmail.com~Storm