Due to my being super worn out after a phenomenal performative evening at Supper Club’s Suppervision III yesterday, today’s Storm Sunday is short and sweet.  Enjoy the quick blast to the past and feast your eyes on these classic Dave Cockrum X-Men covers!

xmenthunderbirddiesStorm sweeps across this cover with the most amazing windswept hair and her most unique cape (I love how it changes shapes depending on what she is doing–Those unstable molecules are amazing that way).

allnewStorm’s hair merges with the atmosphere in this homage to X-Men #1.  As much I adore Cockrum’s art, I have to say that I think the way John Byrne changed Storm’s tiara in later issues (He curved it more, shaping it to her face) is a definite improvement on her original depiction.

That’s it for this week!  Cheers!