Today’s Storm Sunday features art by Steve McNiven, but it’s not of our lovely weather goddess.  Instead, feast your eyes (who originated that mixed metaphor anyway?) on this beautiful rendering of Susan Storm Richards of the Fantastic Four.  I loved Steve’s version of Sue ever since I saw his art for Marvel Comics’ Civil War mini-series (Also, if you click on herwikipedia link, Susan’s main picture is also by Steve).  Sue has always looked better with long hair (Do any of you remember John Byrne’s cringe-inducing short cut he gave her during his run on FF?  How about the mullet she sported for a while?).  I like how Steve draws is long and flowing, but still tucks it behind her ears.  She looks smart and capable without losing her sex appeal.  Which is how a wife, sister, friend and mother of two who just happens to be the most powerful member of her super-hero team ought to look!

I don’t have a scan of it, but Steve drew Ororo in a panel of Civil War and I think that was it.  As far as I know, he hasn’t drawn her since or before.  If you know differently, let me know.  I’d love to be able to see his rendition of her and share with you all!  So, sorry to trick on this Storm Sunday, but I think the Invisible Woman is a great hero, too and certainly worthy of celebration!  Thanks Steve, for breathing new life into a great character!