In this week’s class, students chose one card to answer, ” What do I most need to look at in my life?”

Readers of the Round Table held its second class last night! The meeting began with a short presentation on how to give an interactive and empowering Tarot reading. Highlights of the discussion included the five characteristics required for an effective reading, the importance of empathy in a reader, and the overall benefits of receiving a reading. Students were then asked to shuffle the deck they brought with them and pull three cards while considering this question:

What do I most need to look at in my life?

After interpreting each of the cards (from instinctual understanding; no textbook definitions were used), students chose one of the three cards to focus on in next week’s class. Then three more cards were pulled while considering the question:

Who am I?

After those three cards were interpreted , students then took turns drawing cards for one another asking the question:


Who are you?

It was through this round robin reading–and subsequent group discussion–that new perspectives were gained, specifically new meanings from old associations to the cards and their application.  Students walked away with new understanding about the cards and themselves. I’m eager to see what new insights are gleaned next week! Join us, won’t you?

Readers of the Round Table is a weekly Tarot laboratory class with a focus on building magical community. Subjects and activities vary from week to week, and are co-created from the interests of the instructor and the participants.  More information about Arcana Academy, including this class, Tarot workshops and private one-on-one tutoring can be found here.


Three spreads from three students relating to the question, “Who am I?”