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Stars Shine on Readers of the Round Table


In this week’s class, students learned the Star Spread and used another deck to supplement the reading.

Last night Arcana Academy held its first Readers of the Round Table class! Students were taught the Star Spread and then supplemented their reading with another
deck. The picture above shows the traditional Rider Waite-Smith deck paired with The Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot. We took turns interpreting the cards for one another and had a lively discussion about how to implement the messages that were given. I found the readings quite insightful and I’m looking forward to next week’s conversations!

Readers of the Round Table is a weekly Tarot laboratory class with a focus on building magical community. Subjects and activities vary based on the interests of the instructor and the participants.  More information about Arcana Academy, including this class, Tarot workshops and private one-on-one tutoring can be found hereimg_4267


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  1. Daniela

    I absolutely LOVED the first Readers of The Round Table class!! I got the opportunity to go back to my decks, work with new spreads, and rediscover my intuition.
    My favorite part of it was the crossed-interpretation of cards! Being able to share different experiences among readers and discuss our curiosities and concerns with one another made my tarot studies way richer in content.
    Can’t wait to share another amazing class with my magical colleagues! <3

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