Storm shows up briefly in this past week’s X-Men Divided We Stand #1 in a short story about Nehzno (aka Gentle) from The New X-Men. Drawn beautifully by Sana Takeda, Storm has one line but it clearly shows her gracious and compassionate nature. This was my favorite of the four stories in this comic. I found Nehzno’s story to be emotionally engaging, the art really flowed and I hope we haven’t seen the last of this character. The other three stories (about Anole, Cannonball, and Scalphunter) were too brief for me to connect with any of the characters. I recommend the comic simply for the fab Storm appearance and Nehzno narrative.

However, the overall comic *spoilers* is a bit sad. It works for the Nehzno story (I just love typing that name) but the other three stories are also downers. Cannonball is angry. Anole is angry. Nightcrawler tells Scalphunter he was hunting him down to kill him. Really? Kurt would do that? I can’t say I really understand his character these days (especially after the whole Draco thing), but I was surprised that Nightcrawler just stalked the guy and then left. Maybe he ought to get blades too and join X-Force.

It seems to me that these days the X-books are mired in a lot of angst driven, nihilistic, self deprecating storylines. I used to read X-Men comics because they inspired me, because I needed to look up to heroes. They gave me hope. Here’s hoping they find their way back to believing in a future worth fighting for again.