If there’s one thing I love as much as reading Tarot, it’s teaching it! I’m so excited to share with you my newly expanded Arcana Academy, a mystery school in which I share my magical knowledge with you! There are three ways you can get involved!

Arcana Academy officially started a few years ago when a client asked me to teach them how to read the Tarot, resulting in a two-and-half year course of individual study. This led to me working with several students in a one-on-one capacity for different spans of time. I continue to take on students even now. Earlier this year, due to popular interest, I offered introductory Tarot classes to the public. They were a great success, leading me to create three tiers of classes honoring the different levels of interest and commitment people have expressed. There are three ways you can can interact with Arcana Academy:

  • Are you ready to delve into the mysteries that Tarot has to offer? Want to learn to read for yourself and others? Then you could be an Arcana Academic! I offer private one-on-one tutoring with classes developed specifically for your learning style and intention. Committed students meet two to five times a month. Discounts are available when you pay for ten classes ahead of time).
  • Are you interested in learning the Tarot in a more introductory fashion? Then you’re a prime candidate for an Awakening the Unconscious workshop! These special subjects classes are offered seasonally and include Introduction to Tarot, Meeting the Court Cards, and Exploring the Major Arcana.
  • Looking for magical community in a container of creative collaboration? Join the Readers of the Round Table, a weekly divination class. Think of it as a mystical think tank or laboratory. This is going to be fun!

I am filled with immense gratitude to be able to share my love of Tarot in these ways with you! Many thanks to my clients and students who make my magical life possible!

~Storm Arcana (415) 260-2903 / stormantic@gmail.com

Storm Arcana is an award-winning Tarot reader, artist and writer based in San Francisco. He provides individual readings by appointment in person or over the phone. Readings for couples and special events, classes, and gift certificates are also available.