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Super Bowl Super-Heroes

Super Bowl

My first Super Bowl Tarot reading combined X-Men and Rider-Waite cards to look at two key players in this year’s game. I intuitively created the layout as I went along.

Let’s be clear; I don’t follow football. And I’ve never done a reading for a public figure before. However, when I was contacted last week by Tim Didion, Special Projects Manager at ABC News, to provide a reading about two football players competing in the upcoming Super Bowl, I decided to go for it!

Mr. Didion said he knew my readings focused on experiences rather than outcomes, and he was not interested in prognosticating winners of the game. Instead, he wanted me to look at the strengths and overall careers of these two players, and investigate what kind of aspects they had in common, what set them apart, or anything else that came up.

For the reading, I was inspired to combine a Rider-Waite deck with my award-winning X-Men cards. The traditional deck served to ground the reading, and I investigated the larger than life celebrity status of the sports figures through the superhero archetypes. The layout happened organically once I shuffled the cards.

The picture you see at the top of this post is the spread I came up with while Mr. Didion asked me questions. The first card I pulled was for Cam Newton and it is The Eight of Clubs, as depicted by Apocalypse. In the comics (and the upcoming movie), this character is a powerful and mutable individual, with a strong desire to winnow out the weak. Traditionally speaking, this card is one of action! This is someone who knows how to channel fear and frustration to fuel a desire to get things moving now!

Then I pulled The Joker card, as depicted by The Toad, for Peyton Manning. Joker cards roughly correspond to The Fool in the Tarot, representing infinite possibility and new beginnings. The Toad adds an element of bondage, like someone trying to live up to something larger than them. However, he’s not to be underestimated as he is highly adaptable and keen-witted. This is someone who does the unexpected, a literal “wild card.”

I found it interesting that both men were represented by super-villains, characters I refer to as “shadow guides” in my X-Men system. Shadow guides are spirit teachers that activate our fears in order for us to face and transcend them. I’d wager that’s just another day in the life of a professional athlete.

All of the left hand cards are Cam’s: The Eight of Clubs (Wands), The Nine of Pentacles, The King of Hearts (Cups). They show us someone empowered and ready for action, luxuriating in his physical world, and maintaining control of his emotions. There is a single-mindedness of focus and a need to break through restrictions. There’s also a message here about durability and longevity, as well as personal power shining brightly.

All of the cards on the right side are Peyton’s: The Joker, The Ace of Wands, The Ten of Clubs (Wands). These depict someone flexible in their approach, radiating intensity, while also doing their best to live up to their responsibility. There’s a lot to be said for legacy on this side of the reading; being a part of something larger than one’s self, but also maintaining personal identity. There’s a lot of ingenuity here in regards to cycles ending and beginning. New ideas come up and are immediately seized.

The middle cards are what these two men have in common: The Eight, The Ten, and The Six of Swords. All of these cards relate to mental acuity. The Eight depicts mental bondage or outside “shoulds” and “oughts” fencing them in. I’m sure these men have had to endure a lot of people telling them what to do or how to think. This card speaks, along with The Ten, of how to release those outside voices and any inner specter of defeat. Both cards help us examine martyrdom and victimized thinking in order to rise to our true potential. This is, of course, whatever we deem it to be. We must always be true to ourselves. The Six takes us into a new situation, which is a change for the better. No matter the outcome, we are heading in a positive direction.

The two cards on the lower left and lower right are indicative of the player’s respective teams. The Eight of Pentacles (featuring Sabretooth) speaks to a period of hard work and a need to think about the long term for the Panthers. Prioritization is key. The Seven of Wands (featuring The Beast) is a card of facing one’s fears and using them to your advantage for the Broncos. Being clear about one’s goals and going for them. It’s interesting to compare and contrast these cards to the narrative we have for the individual players. I’m excited for football fans as this game looks to be quite the match!

Thank you for taking the time to read about my process for my first celebrity sports reading. This experience took me outside of my comfort zone and gave me an opportunity to hone my intuitive skills in a brand new way. I will share the link to the ABC News article when it goes live later this week.

UPDATE: Here’s the ABC News coverage of the reading.

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