The Wild Unknown 3“In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration.” ~Ansel Adams

Having a Tarot reading is entering into the unknown, asking questions as you journey into creative darkness. It’s an act of trust. It’s awakening your unconscious, and you never know what questions the Tarot will ask in return. You can be assured, however, that what you are going through will be reflected in the narrative of the cards. And afterward, you will continue onward with your goals and desires with more clarity and awareness. You will be as free and untamed as you were before you contacted the divine. And you will be free to do so again and again. The wild unknown is always there waiting for you.

The Wild Unknown is the title of a new Tarot deck designed and illustrated by Kim Krans. I was recently gifted it by a dear friend and have come to enjoy its deft use of animal guides and elemental symbols. There’s a striking starkness to the black and white artwork, enhanced by a selective use of rainbow colors. You won’t find any humans in this deck; the court cards are represented by deer, swans, snakes and horses. The Major Arcana are depicted by animals or other aspects of the natural world. For example, the Hermit is depicted as a turtle with a candle on his shell, the Empress is a tree under a crescent moon, and the Hierophant has been transformed into a raven with a key. These animal guides deepen the meaning of the traditional cards, inviting the querent to provide the human element among the illustrated natural world.

I’m proud to add The Wild Unknown to the Tarot decks I use in my Heroic Tarot practice to explore the mysteries of life. It joins my family of divination tools which include the traditional Rider-Waite deck (my favorite deck to read and teach with), the Faerie Oracle, the Druid Animal Oracle, the X-Men and Batman decks, and my set of amethyst Runes. You are welcome to ask for any of these decks when you come in for your individual Heroic Tarot reading!

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Heroic Tarot is based in San Francisco, provides individual readings by appointment in person or over the phone. Readings for couples, special events, and gift certificates are also available. I welcome your inquiry!

The Wild Unknown 6

Photos by Storm Arcana, featuring The Wild Unknown, created and illustrated by Kim Krans.