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Science fiction author, comic book writer and divination expert Rachel Pollack is one of my favorite sources of Tarot wisdom (she ranks in my top three Tarot scholars). I found Rachel’s writing many years after I began working with the Tarot and was joyfully surprised to find that her words reflected much of my own experience with the cards. Her description of what a Tarot reading is and how it can be of benefit is especially informative and it is with great zeal that I share an excerpt (from her seminal book Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom) with you today:

Tarot readings require –and therefore create– a balance between subjective and objective, intuitive and rational, immediate impressions and established knowledge, right and left side of the brain. We cannot create such a balance simply by wanting it. We have to let it grow. Tarot readings can help this happen.

Tarot readings act as a kind of psychic exercise program which strengthens the perceptive muscles…Because the cards are not neutral in their attitude to life, because they embody certain approaches and beliefs, and renounce others, they change us. We begin over time–always over time–to see the balance of things, the steady harmony within the constant shift and flow of life. We become aware of the Strangeness always waiting beyond our ordinary experience, we learn to recognize the gifts we receive from existence, and our own responsibility to understand and use them. Most of all, we begin to grasp the truth the Tarot always urges upon us–that the whole universe lives. And what we can know of ourselves we can know of everything.

Here’s to finding balance, creating harmony, and knowing more about ourselves in 2016!  Contact me to make an appointment for your reading today!

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