Shining Souls of Society: Jackie Mostny, Dijon Bowden and Storm Arcana in Mission Dolores Park, San Francisco, CA.

Today I had the good fortune to spend some time with Dijon Bowden, Bay Area storyteller and creator of the street photography project Souls of Society. Dijon took my photo on Divisadero Street in 2011 when the project was in its nascent stage and going by the name Souls of San Francisco. I was on my way to read Tarot for an event and was dressed up in steampunk clothing complete with top hat and cloak. Dijon’s photograph remains a loving snapshot from another time, capturing a vulnerability and presence that still surprises and impresses me. You can see the photo here (It’s also the second image in the video below).

It’s a testament to Dijon’s skill at engaging people from a place of emotional authenticity and respect that Souls of Society has grown into something far reaching and powerful, and continues to grow even larger. For the last couple of months, a filmmaker has been shooting a documentary about Souls of Society and Dijon asked several participants to meet with him and the filmmaker to share their experience on camera. I was grateful to be included in this group. We met in Mission Dolores Park and it was wonderful to meet some of the lovely people behind the photographs. Souls of Society is building community one story at a time and I’m so grateful that I got to be a part of it!

Check out Souls of Society, and if you’d like to help support Dijon’s project, consider donating to his Patreon account.