DC Comics is currently showcasing a bevy of villains in their “Faces of Evil” campaign. This week, Jericho possesses Titans, Merlyn targets Green Arrow and Black Canary, Kryb captures Green Lantern Corps, Ra’s Al Ghul overshadows Nightwing, Enemy Ace shoots down Booster Gold, Lex Luthor takes over Action Comics and Prometheus receives his very own one-shot!

Now, in honor of this diabolical theme, I present to you the “Faces of Evil” cover that DC forgot.
facesofevilI’m not sure when ‘ole W. became a nemesis of the Flash, but I’m proud of our speedster for taking him on.  It’s certainly not hard for even regular folks to run circles around Junior, but let’s hope that the Fastest Man Alive doesn’t “misunderestimate” him!

Thanks to James Sime for crafting a truly top notch Variant Cover!  In my not so humble opinion, it’s even cooler than the Obama Spider-Man cover.  I thnk it’s even rarer than the Isotope Variants of that issue!