isotope university

Today I took a Mastering Crowdfunding class by comic creator and Kickstarter wizard Alex Woolfson. The event was part of The Isotope Comic Book Lounge’s Isotope University, which offers curriculum that “focuses on practical, real world comics industry knowledge to equip students for success in creating and selling comics. Today’s guest instructor was the author of the yaoi science fiction graphic novel Artifice and the queer superhero series The Young Protectors.

Both projects were funded by extremely successful Kickstarter and Patreon campaigns and Woolfson talked at length about his process and experience. The class was intimate in size and Woolfson’s delivery was informal yet candid. Due to the enthusiasm of the teacher and his students, the presentation went well over the allotted hour and a half and Woolfson still took question for at least thirty minutes. All class attendees were given a printout of his popular essay, “How to Succeed at Kickstarter, from Someone Who Did.”

That essay contains the essence of the talk, and yet I found that there were still notes to take about crowdfunding, like connecting with your audience, calculating your budget, and creating social proof through reviews and posts, among many other topics. I left the talk feeling invigorated about comics in general and excited about the prospects Woolfson outlined in his presentation. It’s great to see someone realizing their comic book dreams and then sharing the process with others! When one person succeeds, we all benefit! There’s room for everyone to follow their dreams to fruition! A big THANK YOU to James Sime of Isotope Comics and to Alex Woolfson for creating the space for such inspiration and learning!

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