Heroic Tarot just received a new 5 Star Review this week and I wanted to share it with you. It’s an honest and personal testimonial, containing a lot of details about my process:

I have been going to Storm for years now, coming from a place of skepticism at first; now my boyfriend and mom even go to him! I didn’t think it was possible, but through the use of numbers and cards, Storm was able to make such a connection to me, my past, my strengths, and my core that I was fighting back tears! I felt awkward and out of place, crying before a stranger, but with laser-like precision what I needed to work on was singled out. When I left, he gave me homework, which I put off for a bit… but when I stopped ignoring it and starting working on the things we talked about, I’ve reestablished a connection with myself that I hadn’t had since childhood. He’s a midwife to inner greatness, and I’ve made it a point to get at least a yearly check up ever since!

His honesty and integrity are what set him apart…When you make an appointment with him, it’s between you and him. There’s no spying on your lover, that he flatly rejects, but that gets turned around to why I felt like I needed to spy in the first place… there’s no promises of fortune and specialness: what he says is honest, and genuine. Because of his readings, now I made myself free from a toxic relationship from working with his insights. Storm is truly gifted in the art, and I’ve made such internal progress after years of stagnation. No neon-lights, no telling you what you want to hear, no gypsy curses, no stifling incense or mumbo-jumob; just a straight-forward human being that I could relate to.

Storm, I cannot thank you enough for the years of making me work on myself, and bringing light to places I had given up on!

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